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The New Exodus: A New Framework for Understanding the End Times

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 Read or download the free e-book by John Dunn that explains how the story of the Exodus is God's template for the message of the Gospel.



For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.

1 Cor. 5:7





May 15 - Through the Wilderness: Prophetic descriptions of The Way of salvation

May 26 - Rulers of Babylon: An end time study from the New Exodus perspective





    Jesus and the Law of Moses

Part One: Does Paul teach that followers of Christ remain under the authority of the Law of Moses?

Part Two: The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Part Three: The Sanctity of Marriage




Articles Concerning the Antichrist



Isaiah 9:10 and the Tower of Babel


The imagery of Babylon as the great enemy of God and persecutor of God's people runs from Genesis to Revelation. It begins with the building of the Tower of Babel, and continues with the Babylonian captivity of Judah before coming to fruition at the end of Revelation. Jonathan Cahn's research focuses on the modern translation of the Masoretic Hebrew text of Isaiah 9:10, and he shows us that God has been speaking to our nation through the related signs and events since 9-11. However, when I first read Cahn's book I had just written four chapters for my own book focusing on Isaiah 9-14 in which I referred often to the Septuagint (LXX) translation of these texts, which were written several hundred years before the Masoretic translations were compiled... (continue reading)


Osiris: Dying and Rising God of Egypt... and Freemasonry


Stories of a "Dying and Rising God" can be found throughout the myths and legends of the ancient world. This is a very controversial statement and many heated debates have taken place over the years either promoting or protesting it. The central question, of course, is where the story of Jesus Christ fits in relation to all of these (alleged) earlier myths... (continue reading)



New Research Confirms Dating of History's First Superpower


A year ago, in the Summer of 2012, my latest book was published by Tom Horn and Defender Publishing entitled, The Second Coming of the Antichrist. Based on several years of intense research it brought forward a whole new paradigm through which to view the end-times career of the biblical Antichrist. Central to this new view was the idea that the Antichrist has been here before, and that he was once a powerful king who ruled over the world's very first superpower. The fall of that superpower was dated to circa 3100 BCE, directly connected to the Tower of Babel event of Genesis 11 and the breakup of the great Empire of Uruků (continue reading)







Five thousand years ago the world fell victim to the rise of history's first great superpower: a massive empire based on the expansion of trade backed by overwhelming military might, under the leadership of a legendary figure who was feared and worshiped as a god. Indeed, this ancient king's legacy left a lasting imprint upon history, mythology, and religion, eclipsed only by the appearance of Jesus Christ three thousand years later. The Antichrist is dead, but his story is not over. Through an extensive analysis of archaeological evidence, ancient mythological accounts, and biblical and occult predictions...
The Second Coming of the Antichrist reveals that story.