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American Babylon
-Rise and Fall-



Part 1: The Economic Challenge

Part 2: America at a Crossroads

Part 3: America's Imperial Achievements

Part 4: A One World Vision, New York City, and the CFR

Part 5: The Triumph of the Merchants

Part 6: Globalization and the American New World Order

Part 7: New York City and the Apocalypse


    This study is a comprehensive historical/political analysis of the United States of America, and of the powers that have controlled her since the early twentieth century. Our nation was born in a struggle against Empire, and we existed for over a century as an example and leader around the world against the oppression that Empire represented. However, a change took place. We were seduced and then intoxicated by the lure of luxury and riches, and we became an agent for Empire, and then an Empire ourselves.
    The Introduction of this study simply puts forth the fact that the world has undergone a massive change, and that a New World Order has already arrived. It is a New World Order that is dominated by the merchants and financiers who, from their power base in New York City, continue to erode sovereign nations around the world in their blind pursuit for profit. Christians must address this present New World Order, and American Christians, many of whom have been duped into supporting it, must take a step back and reevaluate their basic values and their deeply held political prejudices.
    Part One explains the wickedness behind the global financial system that now dominates. It is based on greed, period. However, Americans can be encouraged by the fact that traditional American ideals used to be much more clear and pure. We used to champion an economic system based on human development and progress, and we saw through the false and destructive lure of Empire. We can take pride in the past, and we deserve to and should, because we were once the world's greatest expression of liberty. If only America would recognize those ideals we still might realize our potential to lead the world in a positive direction.
    Part Two explains where things went wrong, but it also brings forth an unlikely hero, at least from the usual Conservative viewpoint, in the fight against Empire. Many will question my perspective on the career of FDR, but it must be conceded that he played an instrumental role in dismantling the British Empire, offering oppressed people around the world at least a brief chance to realize freedom. In this he was a true American. However, when FDR died things went wrong, and the profit-minded Establishment that surrounded him was able to dominate Truman and chart a course once again for Empire.
    Part Three explains some of the events that took place as America consolidated its Empire. The Cold War was, for all intents and purposes, a sham, a charade, a smokescreen, that allowed the American merchant and banking Establishment to expand their influence and pad their profits. As this study covers American involvement in the Third World we will introduce various members of the so-called "American Establishment." Men like Allen and John Foster Dulles, John J. McCloy, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and George Bush. Their connection to the international bankers and merchants will be explained and their roles in sponsoring oppression and destroying Democracy will be highlighted. We'll also take a good look at an aberration, the brief respite the world felt while JFK led the nation. The longer he remained in power the more Wall Street became frustrated. And so they killed him.
    Part Four examines the history of the Anglo-American goal of a single world government, and it examines the Council on Foreign Relations as a branch of the faction dedicated to that goal. The CFR is revealed as one of the most effective institutions pursuing the Anglo-American objective of "gradually absorbing the wealth of the world," and its role as a promoter of the international merchants and of free market economics against the sovereignty of nations is highlighted.
    Part Five is perhaps the most important section of this study and should be read by all Conservatives who believe that only Capitalism and the "free market" can save us from tyranny. The opposite is true. The future totalitarian one world government is being built on the back of unrestricted Capitalism, which has been the stated goal of some of the most revered "free market" economists of the twentieth century. This section will also reveal that "conservative economics" is only ultra-liberalism in disguise, and has been from the beginning. Its champions have always viewed the Judeo-Christian ethic of brotherly love and moral restraint as their greatest enemy.
    Part Six demonstrates why the Establishment has pushed "Conservative" economics as the system of choice, and will show that in the past few decades this system, working hand in hand with the IMF, World Bank, and World Trade Organization, has succeeded in bringing about the greatest theft of real wealth, from the poor into the hands of the super-rich, that this world has ever seen.
    Part Seven organizes and analyzes all of the preceding facts and matches them up with the seventeenth and eighteenth chapters of the Book of Revelation. New York City, the home of the international merchants that have seduced and corrupted the kings of the earth, causing them to betray their own people in return for riches and material luxury, is our American Babylon. New York City is that great city that will be judged by God and then hated by the Antichrist.


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