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The Giza Discovery
Volume 1

    By Peter Goodgame


1. The Search for the Hidden Tomb
        The Hallway of Osiris
        The French Initiative
        The Hawass Initiative
        The Giza Wall

2. The Myth and Religion of Osiris the God
        Egyptian Religion
        The Myth of Osiris
        The Symbols of Osiris
        The Pyramid Texts
        Giza and the Cult of Osiris
        The Mysteries of Osiris

3. The Saviors of the Ancient World
        The Real Debate
        Ugaritic Baal
        Melqart of Tyre
        Adonis of Byblos
        Eshmun of Sidon
        Dumuzi of Sumeria
        Osiris of Egypt
        The Osiris Agenda

4. Egypt's Forgotten Origins
        Flinders Petrie
        The Dynastic Race
        The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of a Theory
        Data: The Nakada Artifacts
        Data: Writing
        Data: Architecture
        The Square Boat Invasion
        The Great Migration

5. The Spirit World and Civilization
        The Sumerian Perspective
        The Creation of Man
        The Great Flood
        The Transfer of Divine Authority
        The Hebrew Perspective
        The Creation of Man
        The Crime and Banishment of Cain
        Eridu: the Place of Descent
        The Great Flood
        The Tower of Babel
        Enmerkar and the Shrine of the Abzu
        Evidence for Eridu's Tower
        The Egyptian Connection
        The Historical Osiris

6. Domination by Deception
        Israel's God and the Gods of Sumer
        Enki Unmasked
        History is Written by the Victor
        The Biblical Response
        God Against the Gods
        God's Nation
        The Kosmokrators and the Occult
        The Kabbalah
        The Kosmokrators, Egypt and Freemasonry
        The End of the "World Powers"

7. The Second Coming of ...
        The Beast
        The Seven Kings of Satan
        The First Seal of the Apocalypse
        Seven Kings Summary
        The Division of the Nations
        The Myth of Dionysus
        Messiahs of Life or Death
        The Two Messiahs in the Old Testament
        The Kabiric Mysteries
        The Hero With A Thousand Faces
        The Hermetic Tradition
        Edgar Cayce and the Second Coming
        "The Dying God Shall Rise Again!"
        The Stargate Conspiracy

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