Red Moon Rising

Due to his changing views on Bible prophecy Peter Goodgame has
removed this book from publication.

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Red Moon Rising
The Rapture and the Timeline of the Apocalypse

Peter D. Goodgame

Red Moon RisingHow does the Apocalypse actually begin? What will cause the Creator of the universe to intervene in the affairs of humanity, affecting mankind globally, decisively, and unmistakably?

For the secular world today, the possibility of divine intervention is either ignored or mocked, yet the book of Revelation predicts that a global cataclysm will occur. It will take the form of a catastrophic shaking of the entire earth, and when it happens, all of mankind will know that God was responsible.

Red Moon Rising offers a challenge both to prophecy skeptics outside the Church and to prophecy scholars within the Church with its systematic and sensible chronological model of prophetic events, from the birth pangs of the Apocalypse, to the brief triumph of the Antichrist, to the final destruction of the Beast’s kingdom and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Groundbreaking new insights within Red Moon Rising include:

“The sun will be turned to darkness and the
moon to blood before the coming of the great
and dreadful day of the Lord.” - Joel 2:31

Published by Xulon Press, 2005

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Table of Contents


Chapter One:
        The Foundation of Bible Prophecy

Chapter Two:
        Israel and the End Times

Chapter Three:
        The Timeline of the Apocalypse

Chapter Four:
        The Benchmark of Revelation

Chapter Five:
        The Day of the Lord

Chapter Six:
        The Magog Invasion of Israel

Chapter Seven:
        The Red Moon Rapture

Chapter Eight:
        The Two Witnesses Identified

Chapter Nine:
        The Four Horsemen

Chapter Ten:
        Prelude to the Apocalypse


Appendix I:
        A Study of the Seventy Weeks

Appendix II:
        A Critique of Popular Prophetic Models

Peter D. Goodgame