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December 28, 2005 - THE ROAD FROM ROME

      It has been barely a month since the Israeli government apparently agreed to cede some real estate on Jerusalem's Mount Zion to the Vatican and barely two weeks since I reported on the deep background to the affair. Since that time, a great deal of mail has arrived rounding out the picture.  As grateful as I am for the new information, another event surpassed it. At a recent dinner party, the hostess informed me that she had sold her book collection but had kept one volume back. She agreed to lend it to me.
       The book is called All Roads Lead To Rome? (Dorchester House Publications). It is a detailed study of how the ecumenical movement is razing the foundations of the Anglican church in England, and replacing it with the ceremonies and beliefs of the Roman Catholic church. The author, Michael de Semlyen, is a leader of a British Evangelist group and this is going to cause difficulties with my Jewish readers who are tired of looking over their shoulders waiting for another Evangelist trying to "save them from Hell."
       To these readers, I can only assure you that this book is vital to the understanding you need to protect yourself from mortal danger. I am well aware that given the choice of who is more threatening to the Jews, the Evangelist movement or the Vatican, American Jews would choose the former because of their conversion practises. But they are very wrong. These practises are patronizing and insulting, but they are a mere inconvenience compared to the past and present mass murder of the Jews secretly organized by the papacy.
       The Jews should be deeply grateful for Protestantism. As soon as any nation replaced Catholicism with a new Protestant state religion, the slaughter and torture of the Catholic inquisition stopped and decency took over. The Protestant nations of Europe and the British Commonwealth offered their Jews a secure shelter they had never known in any Catholic country. By fighting to protect Protestantism worldwide, de Semlyen, is fighting to protect the safety of Jews worldwide.
      Which leads to an issue that should bother all Jews. Why is it that only Christian writers are exposing the depths of venality that has seen the Jews massacred by the Vatican through the millennia? Where are the Jewish voices investigating the papacy and its current manipulations against the Jewish state? Why, in this time of desperate intellectual need, are Jewish writers so lame?
       But that is the fact and those of us seeking the deep truth about Israel's current disastrous decline must turn to Christian writers like de Semlyen to get to the bottom of matters...At least until our own writers stop with their conventional claptrap and start investigating for themselves. 
       De Semlyen finished his book in 1991, and some of his findings are more than merely interesting in light of historical events which followed them, and needless to say, he could have known nothing about. Let us look at what his research tells us about the current Pope Benedict XVI.                            
pp. 162-3  -  The Rehabilitation of the Inquisition of old is something of an article of faith for the Vatican; for the Inquisition is alive and well and, within the restrictive limits placed on it by democratic freedoms, as powerful as ever. Roman Catholic author and former priest, Peter de Rosa, in his 1988 book Vicars Of Christ, The Dark Side Of The Papacy, writes about the modern Inquisition: ' Located at Casa Santa, the pope's house is known locally as the Palace of the Inquisition. In recent years, having had a bad press, the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Inquisition, like the Soviet secret police, has been renamed more than once. In 1908, this oldest of Rome's Sacred Congregations became The Holy Office. From 1967, it changed to the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith. The present secretary and Chief Executive. the Grand Inquisitor Of Old, is the Bavarian Cardinal Ratzinger'...According to the Catholic Herald, ' Austere Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is dubbed in Italy as the latter day inquisitor for his Doctrinaire Guidance as prefect of the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith.'

        What do you know? The pope was, until his investiture, the Grand Inquisitor of the church, the same post which saw millions of Jews, tortured, mutilated, or if they were lucky, merely forced to flee or hide their faith.
        De Semlyen also provides surprising background on Princess Diana, written years before her assassination.

pp. 149, 162-3  -  When Newman became Britain's most famous convert to Rome in 1845, his confession prior to his confirmation was heard by George Spencer, known as Father Ignatius Spencer of St. Paul, who also acted as his sponsor. Great great great uncle to Princess Diana, as well as great uncle to Sir Winston Churchill and convert to Rome in 1930, just before the start of the Oxford Movement, Fr Spencer is now in line for 'Sainthood.'...
       The Parker-Bowles family is Catholic. Princess Diana, much influenced by her spiritual rapport with Mother Teresa and her favorite clairvoyant, Irish Roman Catholic psychic Betty Palko, is 'taking instruction from a Dominican priest to convert to the Roman Catholic faith, at a secret Oxford address,' reported the tabloid newspapers, Today and The People.
        If these reports are true, the princess, once converted, may well ask the Pope for an annulment to her marriage, based on the infidelity of Prince Charles. This would create a constitutional crisis that would very likely assist the ambitions of Rome.

        However, what interests us most, is the Vatican's push to create a one world religion with its capital in Jerusalem.

pp. 17 - In May 1989, a group of 100 Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders representing 30 nations, met to pray for a Decade of Evangelism in Jerusalem's ecumenical Notre Dame Centre.

pp. 19  -  Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury and an enthusiastic ecumenist, told BBC Radio Three; "It is entirely possible that the Anglican Church could disappear to make way for a united world church."

pp. 56  -  A remarkable revelation from a 1990 book, The Keys Of This Blood, written by a former Jesuit, Malachi Martin, is that Pope John Paul II is convinced he will be called in the 1990s to be the moral and spiritual leader of a world government.

pp.  73 - Roman Catholic writer, Piers Compton, in his book, The Broken Cross, recounts in considerable detail, the initiation of Angelo Roncalli, late Pope John XXIII, into the society of the Rose-Croix, or Rosicrucians, in 1935. He also lists eleven cardinals and 75 prelates of the Church, together with their code names and dates of initiation into secret societies.
             Masonry encourages all religions. 'The Great Architect of the Universe,' it is argued, can be approached through many mediators including Buddah, Muhammed, Krishna or Christ. Freemasonry offers little or no resistance to ecumenical unity and thus freemasonry and Catholicism, freed from the difficulties of the past, can share a common goal in overseeing a one world faith.

pp. 75  - The world's statesmen and rulers continue to seek audiences to consult the pope on global strategy. George Schultz, America's Secretary of State, consulted the pope before major discussions, stopping off at the Vatican on the way to Middle East peace conferences. Yasser Arafat, after the American acceptance of the December 1988 PLO peace initiative at the United Nations, also stopped at the Vatican on Dec 24, presumably for more than a Christmas blessing. Arafat has met with the pope more than once...
              The Reformer Magazine sounded a warning: "It is not without significance that Mikhail Gorbachev went to see the Pope in this time of crisis. This stirs fear in many hearts. The reunion of Germany under a Vatican-dominated party gives cause for concern. Will history be repeated? Will there be a pro-Vatican bloc in Europe again, this time allied to Russia with Poland, Hungary, Romania and Czechoslovakia in tow? Will this be a repeat on a wider scale of the Vatican's support of the central powers leading up to the First World War and the Fascist powers in the Second World War? These are pertinent questions. The Vatican has never lost its objective of world dominion." 

pp 83  -  Interviewed on Denver's KLTT Radio, Dr. Malachi Matin spoke of three forces battling for total domination of the planet, as the world races towards annihilation. The contenders were John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev and the capitalist West. As the world's spiritual and moral leader, he would lead a world government with absolute authority to decide all basic issues of human survival and human prosperity.

pp 85  -  Many believe, and not only Christians, that Europe is destined to be the center of a final world empire, as the Holy Roman Empire restored. The European newspaper reported that, "The Christian Democratic leaders from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands backed far-reaching plans for the transfer of national sovereignty and the establishment of a federal government, with sole control over monetary, foreign and defence policy."

pp 87  -  Dutch Prime Minister, Rund Lubbers, a devout Catholic who attended a Jesuit College, was the architect of the Maastricht Treaty on Political Union. Lubbers worked closely with Jacques Delors, also Jesuit-educated, in furthering the Maastricht agenda, undeterred by the mounting distrust of the treaty by the European people.

pp 100-01  -  Author Roy Livesey is convinced that much of what we see is an elaborately devised smokescreen for the deception fashioned by the Jesuit Order and the Church of Rome...Another professor of history, Norman Cohn, writing about ' the myth of the Jewish World conspiracy,' states in his book Warrant For Genocide that it can be traced back to a French Jesuit, Abbe Barruel, who instigated the myth on which the infamous Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion were based...
              Like the Vatican, the New Age has close links with powerful organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, the World Council of Churches, the Bilderberg Group and the Freemasons. Other organizations and movements with a political agenda, such as the many various peace and disarmament groups, also act as a veil behind which one-world government and one-world religion are taking shape.

pp 128  -  The order of the Society of Jesus was founded by Ignatius Loyola to secretly accomplish two major goals for the Roman Catholic Institution. The first was to obtain universal political power; the second, to establish the universal church.

pp 133  -  Dr. J.H. Lehmann points out in his book Behind The Dictators that the Jesuit Father Staempfle wrote Mein Kampf for Hitler.

         The infiltration of the Vatican's symbology on the Israeli psyche is far deeper than Israelis can fathom. Let one example suffice for now. When the new shekel coin was introduced just over a decade ago, the imprint on one side didn't seem Jewish. It wasn't a symbol of Judaism like the date palm, menorah or even the Medieval star of David, it was a three petaled lily. Beneath it on the left side are three other symbols which may have a perfectly good explanation, but it's not known to the public whatever it may be. From top to bottom they appear to be a gallows, a yardarm with a = sign, and a Z with a - sign. Who knows what the shekel is trying to tell us, but two of my correspondents have come to similar conclusions:

Have you looked at a Shekel lately? "Joan of Arc carried a white banner that showed G-d blessing the French royal emblem, the fleur-de-lis, when she led French troops to victory over the English in support of the Dauphin, Charles VII, in his quest for the French throne. The Roman Catholic Church ascribed the lily as the special emblem of the Virgin Mary. Due to its three "petals," the fleur-de-lis has also been used to represent the Holy Trinity."
Not even the Shekel has escaped the disintegratio


A picture that I have seen from a Cabbalistic source showed the
triple crown tiara on a flame-breathing dragon for the Solar deity
worship shows exactly what these people intend to do: worship the
ancient deities of the sun, moon and stars. The Jewish leaders can't
get close enough to him. He is wearing the same outfits as the
apostate Herodian temple high priests of 1900 years ago, wearing the
same kingly tiara of three crowns...The secret societies that want to
put him in place believe he is the most qualified. One of the books
that I recently viewed showed that the ancient Herodian temple of
1900 years ago had the same exact Vatican snake pillars inside. The
apostates will continue to congregate with their fellows. The
solution is to listen to what the legends have told our people.

On Ecumenism,001100010012.htm

On Benedict XVI
Papal Homily on 40th Anniversary of Close of Vatican II

She is the offshoot from which grew the tree of redemption and of the redeemed. God has not failed, as it might have seemed formerly at the beginning of history with Adam and Eve or during the period of the Babylonian Exile, and as it seemed anew in Mary's time when Israel had become a people with no importance in an occupied region and with very few recognizable signs of its holiness.

God did not fail. In the humility of the house in Nazareth lived holy Israel, the pure remnant. God saved and saves his people. From the felled tree trunk Israel's history shone out anew, becoming a living force that guides and pervades the world. Mary is holy Israel: She says "yes" to the Lord, she puts herself totally at his disposal and thus becomes the living temple of God.
Pope Benedict, in his first Christmas address, has urged humanity to unite against terrorism, poverty and environmental blight.
He called for a "new world order" to correct economic imbalances.


On December 18, I gave a lecture to the Root And Branch Association in Jerusalem called: ZION FIRST - THE VATICAN'S NEW CRUSADE FOR JERUSALEM 

I had intended to give a one hour presentation explaining the government's decision to hand over a piece of Mount Zion to the Vatican, but audience enthusiasm turned it into a two hour show. The lecture was professionally filmed with two cameras and I'm thinking of turning it into a product. Please let me know if you'd like to see the lecture and if you'd prefer to view it as a DVD, video or CD-Rom.

This is more complicated than you might realize. DVDs and videos have separate standards for America and most of the rest of the world, and graphic art for the cover is an expense. If there is a good response, I'll prepare the product. It will be a good one if I do.



Just a few weeks ago, the following was the issue of the day in Israel:

Report: Israel to hand control of Jerusalem holy site
to Vatican
Haaretz November 6, 2005
By Amiram Barkat
Israel is to give the Vatican control over one of the
most sacred Christian sites in Jerusalem, several
European newspapers have reported recently. According
to the reports, Israel will give the Holy See
possession of the Coenaculum, or the Room of the Last
Supper (also known as the Upper Room or the Cenacle),
on Mount Zion.

        In response to the news, I wrote an article which proved the handover of the Old City of Jerusalem was a done deal. In fact, it was one of the secret clauses of the first Oslo "peace" accord signed by the Israeli government.
        A week after, I received a phone call from a rabbi of the Diaspora Yeshiva. He explained that the Tourism Minister was visiting their school the next day and he was trying to fill the study hall to prove to the government that their yeshiva was too valuable to be given away.
        I replied that I would not partake in such a spectacle. I might come if the students forcibly barred the Minister or any government official from entering the property. Hadn't he learned anything from Gush Katif? The government of Israel couldn't care less about him and could care even less how many students he can pack into a room. Mount Zion was a litmus test of how much opposition the government and its corrupted army could expect when all of the Old City was turned over to the Vatican.
        He said I must talk to the headmaster of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Goldstein.
        An hour later, I was honored by a call from Rabbi Goldstein. Soon, however, I was in despair. As far as he knew, the Vatican wanted to turn his school into a money making tourist site and the Ministry of Tourism was being enticed by the prospects of millions of Catholic tourists visiting Israel to see the Last Supper room.
        I did my best to wake the Rabbi. I told him that tourism was the facade, not the issue. I tried to explain the global forces using their muscle to get the Jews out of Jerusalem's holy sites. I noted that the government of Israel was the worst enemy of Judaism and that he must block the entrance of their representative with whatever force he could muster.
        However, as with the Rabbis of Gush Katif, my words were wasted. Mount Zion will give up without a real fight. You watch.
        Nonetheless, the truth marches on. A brilliant Jerusalem-based German-born historian, Dr. Asher Edar, also honored me with a conversation. Vive le difference:

BC - Why is the Vatican suddenly so interested in getting its hands on Mount Zion real estate?

AE - There's nothing sudden about it at all. In fact, the roots of the desire go back 1200 years to the time of Charlemagne. He was the Vatican's military tool for converting Europe to Roman Catholicism.
He succeed magnificently and created what is known as the Holy Roman Empire but what was then called The Holy Roman Empire Of The German Nation. Charlemagne's capital was at Aachen and there he built his first cathedral.

BC - Excuse me but, so?

AE - Next to the yeshiva on Mount Zion is the Dormition Abbey, built by the Germans starting in 1906. It is an exact duplicate of Charlemagne's Aachen Cathedral.

BC - How did that happen?

AE - Kaiser Wilhelm II came to Jerusalem in 1898 to build two churches, a modest Lutheran Church of minor religious significance and a magnificent Catholic structure on Mount Zion. In 1898, the ruler of a nation didn't make such a difficult journey to a diplomatic backwater unless it was extremely important. The Vatican was worried that the British had an operating church in Jerusalem and its presence could solidify and spread. The Vatican provided much of the funds for the trip and the bribe to the Turkish Sultan, Khamid. Since Wilhelm had a Protestant population to appease, he put up a smaller Lutheran church as well, but the real prize was Mount Zion.

BC - Why all the money and trouble if the Vatican gets the real estate? What was in it for Germany?

AE - Germany has never given up its dream of reviving the Holy Roman Empire. At the height of that empire, their greatest king, Frederick the Great, marched into Jerusalem and became the city's king. Jerusalem was once part of the Holy Roman Empire and the dream is that it will be again. In this empire, the delineation of powers was strict. The pope was the spiritual leader, but the political leader was whoever ruled Germany. This dream led straight to World War I.

BC - Where do the Jews fit in all this?

AE - Nowhere. Herzl tried to get a role for the Jews and met with Wilhelm in Jerusalem. Wilhelm would have nothing to do with him. His goal was to save Jerusalem for a Christendom led politically by Germany and spiritually by Rome. Nothing has changed except now the pope is a determined  German. The Vatican want the Jews out of the Old City and apparently our government is agreeing with them.

     Now a history lesson with little comment:
EncyclopediaFrederick II, Holy Roman emperor and German king
King of Jerusalem
Having married (1225) Yolande, daughter of John of Brienne, he claimed the crown of Jerusalem, but again postponed his departure on crusade. He further offended the pope by reasserting at the Diet of Cremona (1226) the imperial claim to Lombardy. The Lombard League was immediately revived, but open conflict did not break out until 1236. On the insistent demand of the new pope, Gregory IX, Frederick embarked on a crusade (Sept., 1227), but fell ill, turned back, and was excommunicated.
In 1228 he finally embarked. His crusade, actually a state visit, was a diplomatic victory. At Jaffa he made a treaty by which Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem were surrendered to the Christians, with the Mosque of Omar being left to the Muslims. In 1229 he crowned himself king at Jerusalem.,_Holy_Roman_Emperor
In 1226, by means of the Golden Bull of Rimini he confirmed the legitimacy of rule by the Teutonic Knights under their headmaster Hermann von Salza over the Prussian lands east of the Vistula, the Chelmno Land.
At the time he was crowned Emperor, Frederick had promised to go on crusade. In preparation for his crusade, Frederick had, in 1225, married Yolande of Jerusalem, heiress to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and immediately taken steps to take control of the Kingdom from his new father-in-law, John of Brienne. However, he continued to take his time in setting off, and in 1227, Frederick was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for failing to honor his crusading pledge - perhaps unfairly, at this point, as his plans had been delayed by an epidemic. He eventually embarked on the crusade the following year (1228), which was seen on by the pope as a rude provocation, since the church could not take any part in the honor for the crusade, resulting in a second excommunication. Frederick did not attempt to take Jerusalem by force of arms. Instead, he negotiated restitution of Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem to the Kingdom with sultan Al-Kamil, the Ayyubid ruler of the region.



Some forty knights were received into the new Order at its foundation by the King of Jerusalem and Frederick of Swabia, who selected their first Master in the name of the Pope and Emperor. The knights of the new confraternity had to be of German birth (although this rule was occasionally relaxed), a unique requirement among the Crusader Orders founded in the Holy Land. They were drawn predominately from the noble or knightly class, although this latter obligation was not formally incorporated into the rule until much later. Their blue mantle, charged with a black cross, was worn over a white tunic, a uniform recognized by the Patriarch of Jerusalem and confirmed by the Pope in 1211. The waves of German knights and pilgrims who followed the Third Crusade brought considerable wealth to the new German Hospital as well as recruits. This enabled the knights to acquire the Lordship of Joscelin and, soon thereafter they built the castle of Montfort (lost in 1271), the rival of the great hospitaller fortress of Krak des Chevaliers. Never as numerous in the Holy Land as either the Hospitaller or Templar Orders, the Teutonic knights were nonetheless a formidable power.

Guy Stair Sainty


The origins of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher have been disputed for centuries. In this examination of the history of what is today a major Catholic Order of Knighthood, under the direct protection of the Holy See, it has been my intention to separate fact from fantasy and outline the historical development of this great institution. It now has a world-wide mission to support the Holy Places, particularly in Jerusalem, and has approximately eighteen thousand members across the globe. [1]

       Two Christian sources who are certain the goal of the "peace" process is to establish a German/Vatican capital in Jerusalem are David Ben-Ariel, and the Philadelphia Trumpet:
Looking to Jerusalem

We have also said that the next pope would have his sights set on Jerusalem. Ratzinger was known for statements he made concerning a reconciliation of sorts with the Jews. That reconciliation being, the moment in which Israel too will say yes to Christ. After all, the star points to Jerusalem, Ratzinger said once. Watch for this new pope to have a more fervent interest in Israeli politics and affairs surrounding Jerusalem.

First let's understand Aachen Cathedral's history:
Aachen Aachen in north-western Germany (in French, called Aix-la-Chapelle), was the capital of Charlemagne's empire in the 9th century. It became the site of one of the great medieval pilgrimages because of the textile relics obtained by Charlemagne and Ortho III. The four Great Relics include the cloak of the Blessed Virgin, the swaddling clothes of the infant Jesus, the cloth on which St. John the Baptists head lay after his beheading, and the loin cloth which Jesus wore on the Cross. These four relics were shown only once every seven years.

John Paul II's Letter for 1,200 Years of Aachen Cathedral
VATICAN CITY, JAN 31 (ZENIT).- John Paul II referred to the ties that unite the Catholic community spread over the world with the Church of Rome and the Holy City of Jerusalem, in a letter to commemorate 1,200 years since the construction of Aachen Cathedral, an event which was celebrated last Saturday and Sunday in this historic German locality.
The Pope's special envoy to the celebration was Cardinal Dar?o Castrill?n Hoyos, prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy. The Holy Father addressed the letter to Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff of Aachen. John Paul II pointed out that the Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin, was built at the request of Charlemagne. That same year, 800, the emporer was crowned in Rome by Pope Leo III in the Vatican Basilica. This historical event reflects the closeness that existed between that local Church and the diocese of Rome.
But Aachen Cathedral has yet "another link" that carries it "with heart and mind" to the Holy City. These are 4 precious relics that Jerusalem gave to Charlemagne and that recall "with profound reverence events in the history of salvation." The 4 relics are fragments of the newborn Jesus' diapers, the cloth Jesus wore around his waist on the cross, the dress Mary wore on Christmas Eve, and the cloth of John the Baptist's beheading.

       Now, we have a look at Aachen Cathedral:

       Next, we look at the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion:

       Surprise! It's an exact copy of the first church built by Charlemagne, founder of the Holy Roman Empire.

       Conflicting Agendas!


Mount Zion and Dormition Abbey, JerusalemMount Zion lies to the south of today's city walls. Coming out of Zion Gate you are faced with the Benedictine Basilica of the Dormition. The Dormition Abbey is a massive structure that rises on Mount Zion, just outside the Zion Gate, and resembles a mighty fortress; it is topped by a high, domed belltower, a conical dome and corner towers. This Benedictine Basilica, built over the site where Virgin Mary is said to have fallen asleep for the last time (Dormitio - from here one of the apocryphal writings describing this event). It was completed by Kaiser Wilhelm II at the beginning of 20th century based on plans by Heinrich Renard who used as a model the Carolingian cathedral of Aix-la-Chapelle. Room of the Last Supper lies just outside the Dormition Abbey behind the Franciscan house on Sion. The whole area has been transformed by religious Jews into various Yeshivas (Schools of the Torah) especially due to the devotion for the Tomb of King David which is believed to be located beneath the Upper Room.        Germany Rejects The Jews Not For The Last Time
When Herzl met the Duke of Baden, the Kaiser's uncle, he tried to persuade him of the importance of a meeting with Kaiser Wilhelm for the Zionist cause. After more than one and a half years of fruitless contacts with influential German figures, Herzl was called to the German consul during a stay in Amsterdam and informed that the German Kaiser was prepared to meet him on his journey to Jerusalem.
Kaiser Wilhelm II's first stop on his journey to the land of Israel was at Kushta. In October 1898, Herzl traveled to Kushta, where he met with the Kaiser for the first time and received a promise of a subsequent meeting in Jerusalem.
Herzl and his companions went up to Jerusalem in an optimistic frame of mind to wait the second meeting, which took place on November 2. His frosty reception by the Kaiser and the lack of protocol led Herzl to realize that the German monarch had withdrawn his initial offer of support for Jewish settlement in the land of Israel.

    For the rejection of Herzl and the race against Britain for Jerusalem real estate, Turkey and Germany paid a heavy price. In 1910, the Dormition Abbey was completed. Within a decade, Germany and Turkey were defeated in all out war, and Britain was in Jerusalem alongside Herzl's Jews.

    Then came the Holocaust.


This Thursday I'll be discussing Mount Zion for the Root And Branch Association at the
Israel Center, 22 Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem. It's supposed to start at 7 but I'll wait a bit longer.

THURSDAY, December 22 (21 Kislev)
(7 PM (in English) - THE VATICAN AND MOUNT ZION, A Lecture By Barry Chamish
From: Root & Branch Association, Ltd ,

Available at
are my English books; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; Save Israel!; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed; The Last Days of Israel;
Don't order from the website until administrative issues are solved, hopefully this week. Anyone who did so and didn't receive their orders, write me immediately.


December 15, 2005 - Just A Note

Just a note:

            My poor readers have been spammed with a nefarious note suggesting I am a Holocaust denier. Ignore it. As I wrote a correspondent, ""Yeah. I sued him so he's mixing two separate pages to form a fraud. I'll use it in court, if not the police." Barry
            Here is my suit. I won't name the psychopath I'm suing because he's such small potatos he could actually gain from my publicity. And come the trial, Jan. 29, I have a few more surprises ready.


Small Claims Court
Dec. 8/05


Planitiff: Barry Chamish
               Nahal Zohar 40/2
               Modiin 71700
Tel: 08 9752937



I am a writer whose work appears widely on the Internet. I earn my living selling my books and giving lectures. Mr. P is a much less successful Internet writer who has, for several years, mounted a vicious campaign of slander against me. His most slanderous lie is that I am a Holocaust denier. For a Jew, there is no greater insult.

Three years ago, I was challenged to address a gathering of Holocaust deniers with permission to speak freely. After much advice from my readers, I decided to stand up to these people as a proud Jew and condemn them. Attachment one is my speech. It has been widely praised by Jews as a courageous indictment of Holocaust denial.

Mr. P has since devoted his life to calling me a Holocaust denier on his web site. He has written every web site that publishes me, threatening them if they continue publishing me. He has written my friends and supporters, calling me a Holocaust denier.

The following is a dictionary definition of  Holocaust Denier: One who believes the Nazi massacre of European Jewry did not take place, or was greatly exaggerated. Never in my writing or personal opinions do I express any such belief.

Mr. P's proof that I am a Holocaust denier is that Neo-Nazi web sites have reprinted some of my writing. Therefore, he tells his readers, I am affiliated with numerous neo-Nazi organizations. In fact, I am affiliated with no Neo-Nazi organizations and have no control over what is re-printed on the Internet.

Mr. Ps influence is limited to Right wing Jewish organizations but his campaign of slander among them has cost me far more than I am claiming in this suit. The following examples prove this:

1.      Previous to Ps slanders, the American organization, Americans For A Safe Israel had organized over 10 lectures for me in America. They have since stopped.
2.      A Florida filmmaker, Peter Goldman, had arranged a documentary based on my work. The financial backers abandoned the project because they heard I was a Holocaust denier.
3.      For the same reason, a Chicago lecture worth $2000 was cancelled.

Attached are the proofs, with 2 examples of each contention. In court, many more will be brought.

2-3. P writes on his web site and to a private correspondent that I am a Holocaust denier.

4.      Ps letter to web sites demanding they stop publishing me.

5-6. Letters from the editors of two major web sites, Israelinsider and IsraelPundit, refusing Ps threats.

7. Writer who because of Ps threats, refused to contribute to Israelinsider site.

8. Web site, Sultan Knish, influenced by P to call me a Holocaust denier.

9. Reader who will not read me because shes been told I am a Holocaust denier.

10. Mr. P accused a Ben Gurion University professor Dr. Neve Gordon of being a Holocaust denier. Like me, Dr. Gordon is suing P for libel.

While I'm here, my in box crashed and I lost 450 messages. If you have written me lately, please write back.


December 14, 2005 - A Message for Christians


       If I may, allow me to tell you about my evening yesterday. I was
invited by Arie Gallin of the Root And Branch Society to hear a speaker
named Rose DeRenzo and to meet her for dinner after. Rose, he explained, is
a legislative assistant from Washington with the connections to have me
speak in her state. She is both evangelical and Christian Zionist and
desperately wants to help Israel.
       So, I went to her speech and came out somewhat shocked. She is a
fine woman who has just finished a stint as a foreign volunteer for the
Sarel program of the Israeli army. She loves Israel and her people. That is
       But she is going to love us to death and doesn't understand why. But
after hearing her view, I sure do. And for the first time, I understood the
devotion of many American Christians and how terribly misplaced it is. If
they really love us and wish to preserve us, they have to understand what
is really happening to Israel
        Her view, summarized, is that the American government, specifically
Presidents Clinton and Bush, are doing everything to save Israel from a
hostile world. America shares a common enemy with Israel in Islamic
terrorism and Bush entered Iraq to protect Israel against this enemy. The
Israeli government is filled with goodhearted politicians whose sole
interest is that of protecting Judaism. It can do no wrong. Together, the
brave men, Bush and Sharon, are fighting the good fight against the common
enemy of Islam on behalf of all believing Jews and Christians.
        You have been reading me long enough to know how different my
message is. The government of Israel and the US are wrecking my country
through godless criminality. Bush's "Roadmap" is a CFR invention aimed at
reducing Israel to borders of helplessness. Yitzhak Rabin was murdered
because he tried to stop the suicide. The leaders of Israel have been
placed in power by the worst enemies of the Jews and are doing their dirty
work. Religious Jews are being crushed in their wake.
        Rose concluded her lecture with her belief that without the support
for Israel that came from her Christian constituency in America, Israel's
political fate would be doomed. While that may be true, unwittingly, Rose
was advocating Israel's demise.
        The evening was a revelation for me. I thought I knew pro-Israel
Christian thought. But I realized, I've been deluding myself. I have a
readership of several thousand Christians who are either Zionists or
advocates of last days or rapture theology. Though I'm not a Christian, I
accidentally provide information that justifies their beliefs. I'm just
reporting the news but it fits with my readers'  understanding of the world.
         But out there American Christians have it all wrong.
         I can't reach the Jews to save Israel. I've tried. But maybe, if I
got the word out to those Christians who care about Israel's survival, we
could make a difference.
         So, perhaps you can help me? I don't know the difference between
Christian denominations and I have no idea how to arrange a speaking tour
of the right churches. Can you tell me how it's done? Is there a speaker's
bureau or agency that can get me in front of the right people? If you have
any contacts or suggestions, please let me know.
          Best, Barry


December 10, 2005 - BEN GVIR SUES ME

      On Dec. 6, I received a phone call from the newspaper Kol Ha'ir asking my reaction to Itamar Ben Gvir's suit against me for 140,000 shekels. It was the first I had heard of it, so I stumbled through my reaction. I was better prepared for the next reporter who called, from Yerushalayim Magazine.
      I have claimed that Ben Gvir's actions serve the purposes of the state and its security apparatus far better than that of legitimate anti-government protesters. In fact, Ben Gvir and his ilk have destroyed legitimate protest in a number of ways, including:

     - Through their atrocious actions, the public associates any anti-government protest with irrational radicalism.
     - In fact, to the broad public, one who protests on behalf of any anti-government cause is an advocate of murder and the transfer of Arabs elsewhere.
      - By leading unknowing protesters in harmless directions, Ben Gvir and his ilk defuse political debate and send innocent citizens to prison.

       When news of the suit reached the public, I was contacted and told, "Yediot Ahronot had an article, I believe by Nahum Barnea, about Ben Gvir's suits. He sues everyone and suspiciously, always wins."
       I claimed that Ben Gvir's actions did more to stop the defense of Gush Katif than anything else, excepting the cooperation of the Yesha Council with the authorities. I was not the only one to make the claim and he sued them as well.
       First he sued the newspaper Hatsofe. I will include its comment in Hebrew, which many will see in gibberish.

4. - "" "" ". , . " ?

      The comment in Hebrew reads: "Itamar Ben Gvir has sued Hatsofe for implying that he is a Shabak agent. The suit has been widely reported by the media but we have yet to receive the suit. It must be that the Shabak lawyers have a long list of suits before ours."

       Then, Ben Gvir sued a Knesset member, Arie Eldad:

21:30 Jun-29-05 / 22 Sivan 5765
MK Eldad: Itamar Ben-Gvir is a Gov't Agent Wednesday, June 29, 2005 / 22 Sivan 5765
( Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said this evening that right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, known for his affiliations with Kahanist organizations, is actually an agent of the General Security Services (GSS). Eldad claims that Ben-Gvir was sent by the GSS to the Maoz HaYam hotel area in order to stir up the emotions and cause provocations.
MK Eldad made the charges on Channel Two's Mishal Cham interview program.
Ben-Gvir has been involved in many right-wing demonstrations and activist operations.

       The reporter from Yerushalayim informed me that Eldad had caved in and would be issuing an apology to Ben Gvir. It wasn't worth his time and money to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and risk losing $40,000. Where Ben Gvir, supposedly a student, finds the money for his serial suits goes unanswered. But the method seems to be foolproof.
        On the other hand, with a great deal less funding available, I intend to fight the suit and in doing so to expose, not just Ben Gvir, but the phenomenon of provocateurs wrecking any pretense of free speech and expression in the country.
        And I may not be alone for once. In the wake of the publicity, I received a phone call. "Someone close to me faces ten years in prison over a riot Ben Gvir was responsible for. I'm trying to get him to testify for you."
        May there be many more.
        The reporter from Yerushalayim, Amir Shouan, told me that Ben Gvir claimed I invented the suspicion that he was a Shabak provocateur. I told him that was a lie and asked for two hours to prove it.
         It was like shooting fish in a bowl.
         Let us begin in Gush Katif. A genuinely courageous protest leader, Nadia Matar, saw the damage Ben Gvir was doing to her cause:
The Gush Katif hotel eviction. Did you know that Nadia Matar requested from the police to remove Itamar Ben Gvir and his hooligans from the hotel a week before the eviction? Guess what? The police IGNORED her. Why? They WANTED a big political story of the "crazies" in the hotel. I KNOW most of the people evicted from the hotel. They all said -- a group of Itamar Ben Gvir hooligans came out of nowhere, refused to leave, and caused the whole "uproar" of what happened. Please note: less than 24 hours before the raid and eviction, the police arrive and escort Ben-Gvir out of Gush Katif. Why? He works for rile up his hooligans...and make people like you think (and a lot of the Israeli public) that the hotel was full of fanatical crazies.

Now, let us return to 1994:

 On 1 August 1994, three Kach activists who had organized the paramilitary camp in Kiryat Arba a week earlier were summoned for questioning by the police. The group's spokesman, Itamar Ben-Gvir, one of the persons who were summoned, indicated from a public telephone that they were not going to cooperate with the police. (Ha'aretz, 29, 31 July 1994; Jerusalem Post, 31 July, 1 August 1994)

On Nov. 3 of this year, I appeared on the London and Kirschenbaum television program on Channel 10. In 1994, Kirschenbaum was Chairman of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. The paramilitary camp organized by Ben Gvir was nothing but a show for an IBA news reporter, Eitan Oren. Ben Gvir staged the camp for Oren, who the late Adir Zik proved was working for the Shabak. On the London and Kirschenbaum program, the latter admitted the report of the camp was staged for what could only be, the Shabak.
       The tape should make interesting viewing in court. At a young age, Ben Gvir was already cooperating with a Shabak sting operation.
        And I have another tape from December of the following year, as well as the police written records of it. After the Rabin murder, Yigal Amir was interrogated by the police:

Amir: I got to the demonstration and saw a friend from Likud youth on a bus. He told me that Itamar Ben Gvir wanted to kill Rabin tonight. He said Avishai Raviv gave him a gun with blanks in it. "You know about this, of course," he said. "I told the police about it." I laughed. In recollection I can't figure this one out. But there were a lot of strange things...

        Previous to the Rabin murder, Ben Gvir engaged in some nasty acts. He and his gang jumped on the car of cabinet minister, Binyamin "Fuad" Ben Eliezer while he was in it. Though he threatened the life of a cabinet minister, Ben Gvir was not jailed.
        And that gave him time to personally place a note on Rabin's car which read, "We got to his car,. next time we'll get to Rabin."            
        So, for threatening the murder of the prime minister, is Ben Gvir imprisoned like the rest of us would be? Of course not. That gives him the time to threaten to kill a singer, Sinead O'Conner:

Friday June 27, 1997
Singer slams threats of right-winger
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
JERUSALEM -- Israeli police plan to question an extreme right-wing activist on suspicion of threatening Irish pop star Sinead O'Connor.
O'Connor canceled her scheduled appearance at a concert Saturday night in Jerusalem's Sultan's Pool after receiving death threats. The concert, billed as being for "Two Capitals, Two States," was sponsored by Israeli and Palestinian women's groups.
No one claimed responsibility for the threats. However, ultra-nationalist Itamar Ben-Gvir said in an Israel Radio interview that he "understood" those who sent the threats.
While not claiming responsibility for the threats, Ben-Gvir said that he and his supporters had succeeded in getting the concert called off. 

So how do you like that? Ben Gvir admits that he and his cohorts "succeeded" in getting the concert cancelled, which means he admitted to threatening the life of Sinead O'Connor. As far as anyone knows, murder threats are a serious felony in Israel, but not for Ben Gvir. One can only surmise that Ben Gvir made the threats for some organization powerful enough to keep him out of prison.
      Ben Gvir's activities are so obvious, that even his most likely allies have issued the claim that he is a Shabak agent:
Article has a statement from Kahane Chai ("Kahane Lives"), and a quote from the activist Itamar Ben-Gavi.

First, it's Ben Gvir... And I thik it's clear to anyone who follows Israeli press that he is a Shabak agent provocateur or just plain idiot. Possibly both. He has broken the law so many times, has a new trial each month, and every time he is let out on a technicality... I know several Americans who moved in JDL and later Kach circles and they are all 100% sure that he is a Shabak provocateur.
3. , " ( 27/2/2005 19:47)
From the settler's site: Itamar Ben Gvir, I'm afraid you are a Shabak agent."

But these sites barely scratch the accusations as compared to other popular Israeli news sites:

      These sites list the activities of and accusations against Ben Gvir, from the first such public accusation in Makor Rishon all the way back to 1993. Shahaf Pilovitch writes in

       The Jerusalem District Court acquitted Itamar Ben Gvir of Intimidation Of The Court and Insulting A Public Officer. Ben Gvir distributed posters throughout Jerusalem accusing Judge Tzvi Segal of being a 'threat to the Right and the settlers. If he doesn't alter his leftish views outside the court, he should not last long as a judge.'
        And the court acquitted him? Sounds a lot like Avishai Raviv, no?

Pilovitch concludes:

        Itamar Ben Gvir is a Shabak operative and it is up to the public to put a stop to him because the political system which employs him won't. Our politicians work hand in hand with him and none are going to expose the fact that other Avishai Ravivs continue his legacy of destroying the Right from within.

I e-mailed Amir Shouan what I proved within 2 hours:

Main points:

Ben Gvir was called a Shabak provocateur for his activities in Gush Katif by Arie Eldad and Nadia Matar. Matar asked the police to remove him from Gush Katif for his activities. He sued Arie Eldad for the accusation.

Ben Gvir was accused of being a Shabak provocator in both Makor Rishon and Hatsofe. He sued Hatsofe for the accusation.

Most telling: Ben Gvir was accused of being a Shabak provocateur in the Kahane Chai and Yesha
websites. And they should know. Other websites who have so accused him include

Ben Gvir organized a staged training camp for Eyal youths which included shooting at effigies of Arabs. This camp became a television report made for IBA Channel One by Eitan Oren, accused of being a Shabak Agent by the late Adir Zik in his radio broadcasts and reports for Hatsofe. On Nov. 3/05, I appeared on Channel Ten's London And Kirschenbaum program. There Kirschenbaum, who was the chairman of the IBA in 1994, admitted that the report organized by Ben Gvir was staged.

    But I left out my favorite proof in case, somehow, it is a coincidence. I doubt it.

Seeking Solution, Shin Bet Offers Ben-G'vir Rent-Free Apartment
16:04 Aug 11, '05 / 6 Av 5765

( Seeking to vacate the Kiryat Arba apartment of
Miriam and Yaron Adler, the Shin Bet has offered former Kach activist Itamar Ben-G'vir and his wife a rent-free apartment.
One of the reasons the Adlers cannot or will not accept an administrative detention order to leave Sa-Nur is because they cannot move back into their Kiryat Arba home since the Ben-G'virs are renting the apartment.

How thoughtful of the Shabak to give Ben Gvir a rent free apartment. Funny, they did the very same thing for Avishai Raviv.


My readers know I can't afford to defend myself in a $40,000 suit. This is the latest act in a lengthening list to stop my work. In the past two weeks, checks were removed from my mailbox with two envelopes delivered open. A close associate was tailed and her neighbors questioned about her ties to me. Possibly related, checks for books I had paid for ended up being recashed on the black market. I'm being whittled away, a la Lenny Bruce in the courts, Ben Gvir being the latest judicial scam.

I have the evidence to expose the rot of the provocateurs. Anyone who will join me to give evidence will be appreciated and will be saving free speech in Israel. I opened up a post box for donations and help:

Legal Fund - Barry Chamish
POB 1682
Reut  71908  Israel

Finally, I sued a genuine slanderer, in big part to test the system. Let's compare trials and justice.


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