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June 29, 2003 - BROKEN PROMISES

     My recent piece proving that the Israeli government under Shimon Peres
badly exploited Jonathan Pollard's intelligence and encouraged his
continued incarceration led to a blizzard of mail and new information.
     One intelligence insider verified most of my findings but disputed
one. In fact, the Israeli government under Peres' successor as Prime
Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, did try to buy Pollard out of prison for a fair
      The person who gave me the story is a retired London commodities
broker, Aaron Goldman.
He sat in prison for three years as a result of an ill-fated plot to free
Terry Waite, a Brit held hostage in Lebanon. He claims he was a victim of a
Mossad sting, in retaliation for their broken promise to him, which led to
still another American broken promise over Pollard.
       I had a long conversation with Aaron, following which he faxed me 8
pages of documents verifying his story. These included an airfare receipt
from Salzburg on the day he claimed he was there arranging one of the great
intelligence capers of the century; and a Tel Aviv Hilton hotel memo signed
by the Mossad agent he claims betrayed him.
        Goldman wrote a book describing his journeys into the netherworld
of covert operations called Forbidden Yesterday under the nom de plume of
Johnny Lancaster. He insists all stock was bought out by the Mossad and his
publisher persuaded not to reprint. But he does have a site to look at:

          This is the letter he sent me. You're not going to understand it,
but I'll sort it out after you've looked at it:

It is lesser known that on August 9th 1985, a London born Jew, (later
code-named 'Johnny Lancaster' by Mossad), a branded Jeans import-exporter
turned entrepreneur, whom by God's will or chance was invited to Israel's
London Embassy by a Mossad Agent (Alon) posing as an Agricultural AttacheÚ.

'Johnny Lancaster' left the Israeli embassy naively agreeing to help Israel
gain an edge to trade in West Africa by recruiting a well-placed West
German associate (AB) The deal was confirmed with Mazel un Brocheh, a most
revered and cherished binding Hebrew promise affirmed with a handshake,
which according to learned Rabbi was handed down from God to Abraham.

The London Embassy meeting led to Munich, Salzburg and the infiltration of
Germany's largest exporter of electronics weapons and 'Operation Prairie
Fire', the Pentagon's code name for the controversial naval-raid on Libya,
the USA first encounter of smart-weapons, due to the well-placed West
German who passed over the secret Libyan defence codes in Salzburg the 1st
and 2nd February 1986 to Mossad agents.

  It is little know that Caspar Weinberger secretly met with his Israeli
counterpart Ehad Barak prior to 'Operation Prairie Fire'..The far-reaching
meeting/agenda remains unpublished despite the US Supreme Court ruling for
them to be dislosed. Consequently, the America Sixth Fleet picked up the
gauntlet for the Free World to cross Gadaffi's self-imposed 'Line of Death'
in the Gulf of Sidra 24th March 1986 to curb terrorism.

It is well known that Mossad keep their most successful operations secret.
To this day Mossad have not claimed credit for their part in covertly
securing the Libyan defence secrets when breaching German and Austrian
Sovereignty: 1st & 2nd Feb 1986 and prior to. Is it because Israel traded
them for Jonathan Pollard spying, not to be cut off from all military and
monetary aid by the USA, which enabled the US Sixth Fleet to cross
Gadaffi's battle-ready 'Line of Death' without fear of loss of ship, plane
nor man from the Hi-Tec German installed defence system of the day?  It is
also little known: that the American Sixth Fleet jammed the Libyan defence
system and homed-in the F1-11 bombers that took off from the UK to bomb
Tripoli and Benghazi the follow April.

One wonders at the historical raid's, gagging order that swept the the
action of the President Reagan under the carpet to allow the long-arm of
the USA to be forgotten/not realised. Possibly  the 'Eleventh' would not
have happened if 'Operation Prairie Fire' had been proclaimed from the top
of the Twin Towers instead of being swept under the carpet to appease and
to cover-up the truth?

Further, it is known to but a few, that Johnny Lancaster perused the broken
promise in the Holy Land when he met with a ranking Mossad officer (MP,
Alon's direct boss) in the Tel Aviv Hilton late December 1986 and Ist
January 1987 when and where the Mossad officer revealed that Israel was
obliged to trade the secret Libyan defence codes for the indiscretions of
Jonathan Pollard so Israel would not to be cut off of all military and
monitory aid by the USA.

It is lesser known still, that Mossad blatantly duped and reneged on the
deal thrice sealed by Mazel un Brocheh and indeed thrice threatened the
na´ve 'Johnny Lancaster' life: but settled on setting him up to go to jail..

Seventeen years on, Jonathan Pollard remains in jail regardless of the
agreed plea bargaining with the US Government and the World-wide call and
indeed a British MP for Jonathan Pollard's release.

          Now, I'll try and explain what happened. I spoke with Aaron at
length and took notes. But I'm still not entirely comfortable with all the
facts. Aaron has sent me his book and that should do the trick. Meanwhile,
this is what I gleaned from our conversation:

       BC: So how did you get involved in a Mossad operation?

       AG: I was a commodities broker dealing in residue oil contracts and
I had contacts all over Europe. I had one contact in Yugoslavia who
mentioned he befriended a real character at Siemens in Germany named Alex
Becker. The guy installed the radio air defence systems for Nigeria and
Libya and knew their codes. He was a miserable alcoholic and was shooting
off his mouth about that.
               I told the story to Uri Raz, a friend and neighbour and he
arranged a meeting at the Israeli embassy with someone named Alon, who
claimed he was an agricultural attache. This was in August '85.  He was
highly interested and the talks began. In the end it was agreed I would get
$5 million to be divided between Becker, my Yugoslavian contact and me. My
cut was $1.2 million. We shook on it.
                In December '86, I met with Becker in Salzburg. He gave me
the Libyan radio frequencies and codes and I gave him his check. I flew
back to London to get my share and Alon suddenly didn't know me. An
intermediary, Manny Levy, told me the name of the game was not to pay me.

        BC: Is there anyone to turn to when this happens?

        AG: Remember, I wasn't entirely helpless. I had first hand evidence
that the Mossad breached the sovereignty of the UK, Germany and Austria. I
had a few high cards. So I flew to Tel Aviv and met a Mossad officer there,
Michael Perry. I'll fax you his signature on a hotel memo. He told me that
since Pollard was caught, the Mossad was forbidden to pay foreign
nationals. It was politically too hot. He was sorry but I was out.
                Then he told me what was done with the codes. Ehud Barak
was given them and told to fly to Washington to meet Caspar Weinberger.
Remember, Barak was Peres' damage-control man from the day Pollard was
captured. He was on the first flight to Washington. He cut a deal with
Weinberger: the codes for Pollard. It was Israel's way of saying sorry and
Weinberger took the offer.
                 Next month a nightclub is blown up in Berlin and American
servicemen are killed. The US traces the bombing to Libya and in March they
launch two air raids on Tripoli. They kill Khaddafi's adopted daughter and
almost get him. In retaliation, Libya blew up Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie,
Scotland. So my little operation had consequences I never imagined, nor wanted.
                 And for all that, I wasn't paid and my handlers split the
money. They all bought new flats when they were done with me. And
Weinberger betrayed Barak and kept Pollard in prison. Both sides were
crooks and Pollard and I were the main victims.

          BC: Have you told this to anyone else?

           AG: I contacted Esther Pollard and she cold-shouldered me. I'll
fax you her letter. She actually writes that my medicine might be worse
than the cure, whatever that means. I was flabbergasted at her refusal to
take advantage of my information. Then I turned to John Butterhill, a
Member of Parliament who is Vice Chairman of the Free Pollard Committee
here. He told me there is no working with this Esther Pollard and he had
given up trying. But she had made herself the only channel to Jonathan
Pollard, so it was futile for me to reveal my information through her
organization. I have documented proof of Pollard's betrayal and it's in the
American government records that are being sealed by court order. If that
order could be challenged, we'd have the proof that the American Secretary
Of Defense promised the Israeli government to free Pollard in return for
the Libyan codes and frequencies and then reneged on its promise. That
should be enough to set Pollard free.


         The official Pollard committee is attacking me, mostly over a
typo. Maariv exposed that Pollard was sitting for Aldrich Ames' crimes in
1995 not '85. Corrected. They are claiming the Haaretz expose of Esther
Pollard was libelous and a suit pends in a Jerusalem court. After seven
years it's still pending? Everything in the report by Ronen Bergman was
accurate and no suit will ever take place.
        I have an enormous stock of personal testimony, much from
journalists, verifying the Bergman report. Here is a tiny fraction of the
correspondence, unedited for your critical appraisal:

P.S. Esther Pollard spoke in our R&B lecture series at the Israel Center
way back in 1997 or 1998, I don't remember if I approached the Pollard
people or they approached me. Afterwards, someone in their group/s
"borrowed" my R&B email list which I accidentally exposed in one R&B
mailing by putting in the cc., rather than bcc. column. I started getting
angry messages from R&B subscribers demanding to know why I had sold my R&B
email list to the Pollard people. I confronted Esther about this (in MY
usual undiplomatic, pepper way), SHE freaked out (as usual, no one can ever
admit anything or lose face, right?) Since then I have been on Esther's
Public Enemy List (how simple it would have been if Esther had said,
"Sorry, you are right. Someone in our organization did this, and I don't
know who it is"). But it did not end that way.

I would like to say that I know for a fact that there are lies contained
within this document. In particular the saying that PC's did not exist in
1985. I was in the Army then and working with classified and other
information used PC's myself at work to ascertain information and to pass it
And Aaron, you must admit that any woman who marries a man who is serving a
life sentence is a bit off. It is a well known phenonema that certain types
of women read magazines that show off men in prison and they marry them even
with life terms. Perhaps you are not aware that there are benefits these
women get, besides attention, from the US Government. And although I am not
an advocate of releasing Jonathan, I do think he would have been let out
years ago if Esther would have kept her big mouth shut.
I have actually emailed with Esther regarding some of the untruths on her
J4P website.
One untruth was regarding his medical care. I know people who actually
tried to get him the so called much needed medical attention she claims he
needs, but the help was refused. Besides outside help, the Federal Prison
system has good medical care. I had occasion once to be in a federal
hospital that also housed federal inmates in need of care. I was in the
same SICU with one and there were a number of others on the floor in regular
rooms. The guy with me got the same quality care I did. The big difference
is they have to be guarded and some shackled because they were a danger to
others or of escape.

My only experience with 'Mrs.' Pollard was when I arranged an interview
with her for Jerusalem Post Radio.
After the interview she requested a copy of the raw material, which we gave
her with the understanding that she would not publish it.
She went ahead and published it, unedited, the next day.
After complaining to her and receiving no reply, we decided, first, to drop
the interview and not broadcast it and second, not to interview her in the

You can add me to the list of Pollard advocates and activists who was
treated unappreciatively by Esther. I wrestle with myself, on the one hand
to continue to be a high-profile advocate for Pollard --in my personal case
to be sticking my neck out and likely putting myself in personal jeopardy
(according to the late Rehavam Ze'evi, since the disclosures of my work in
US intelligence that could help Pollard's case are sensitive in the
extreme)-- or just bowing out of the fight on Pollard's behalf. Her
abrasiveness and border-line disdain for many who have given so much of
themselves on Jonathan's behalf has in my opinion certainly caused his case
damage. Yet, she has single-mindedly made efforts on his behalf, whether
ultimately they may be shown to have been misguided, that are super-human.
Does the damage she's caused outweigh the benefit of her efforts, I can't


by Susan Rosenbluth [susan@alpha.fdu.edu]

Editor and Publisher, Jewish Voice & Opinion;

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY,  April 2, 2000)
While Esther and Jonathan Pollard claim they will do anything to
secure his release from prison, they have passed up what some observers say
might be a golden opportunity to win important Congressional support.

David Luchins, a senior aide to Senator Pat Moynihan (D-NY) and a
Vice-President of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of the United
States, has asked to meet with one or both of them to offer his help.
Although it is no secret that Dr. Luchins also has the ear of First Lady
and NY Senatorial candidate Hillary Clinton, the Pollards unceremoniously

In a written note of refusal, the Pollards accused Dr. Luchins of damaging
words and actions. Mrs. Pollard said Dr. Luchins had used every
opportunity he had been given, including meetings with Mr. Pollard's
attorneys and family, to lie or to come back for another run at Jonathan.

She did not elaborate.

The arrogance problem is one that has visited Mr. Pollard many times. His
first attorney, Richard Hibey, who was paid by the Israeli government and
whom the Pollards accuse of failing to file a motion of intent to allow an
appeal of his sentence, alluded to it in a court document.

In it, Mr. Hibey wrote: "Mr. Pollard has created a perception of arrogance
that one in his predicament can ill afford to convey. However, he
continued, what is one man's arrogance may be anothers naivete regarding
the realities which confront him".


Mr. Hibey went on to suggest that Mr. Pollard's attitude toward his conduct
and this case should be looked at through the prism of his passionate
Zionism, his unmitigated hatred of terrorism and the communist
ideology which supports it, and his genuine and continuing belief in America.

Mr. Hibey realized that even to detail those feelings might be looked upon
as further evidence of Mr. Pollard's arrogance through political testament
and harangue. However, he wrote, the facts of the case
have never suggested that his ideological agenda was anything other than
what he has consistently, albeit stridently, represented throughout.

While this adds nothing endearing to the personality of the man, in the
context of a sentencing in a case such as this, it should not be counted so
heavily against him, wrote Mr. Hibey.


Others agree, feeling that while the Pollards are annoying, rude, arrogant,
and, some say, nuts, Mr. Pollard's case is still one that weighs heavily on
the Jewish community.

That perception has been fostered by the Pollards themselves, who have made
it clear that they believe the way Mr. Pollard has been treated by the
governments of Israel and the U.S. is a reflection of how the entire
Jewish community and every Israeli soldier and agent is perceived.

But when the Pollards refused to meet with Dr. Luchins, they told one of
their staunchest supporters, who tried to convince Mrs. Pollard to attend,
that with whom they meet was their concern alone.

Then they shouldn't look at the Pollard case as one that must concern the
entire community, the supporter fumed. A few minutes later, he relented.
"But he should still be free. Its just not fair", he said.


The Pollard's anger at Dr. Luchins seems to stem from a tactical
disagreement, not from a philosophical one. Although the Pollards do not
believe him, Dr. Luchins says he wants to help them work to secure Mr.
Pollard's release.

One of their disagreements is whether or not Mr. Pollard should apply for
parole. According to law, he was eligible for parole in 1995, but,
according to Mrs. Pollard, legal parole experts, whom she refuses to
name, advised them against doing so. Dr. Luchins and Mr. Moynihan say he
should apply.

According to Dr. Luchins, a parole hearing for Mr. Pollard would be a
combination of the trial he never had and a media event. Before he broke
with them, Mr. Pollard would have enjoyed the extra benefit of attorneys
such as Alan Dershowitz and Leonard Garment advising him (and, presumably,
the media).

But Mrs. Pollard's experts told her they had learned (again from unnamed
sources at the highest levels of the Justice Department) that should Mr.
Pollard apply for parole, the case would be adjudicated in Washington. The
experts told her that, in Washington, the parole board would invariably
turn down Mr. Pollard's request and, what is worse, she says, they would
certainly impose a 15-year set-aside, meaning that Mr. Pollard would not be
allowed to request another parole hearing for at least 15 more years.


The parole experts further explained that once the parole board rules that
the case is untouchable for another 15 years, every President over the next
15 years will use this as the excuse for not granting
executive clemency either, says Mrs. Pollard.

Further, says Mrs. Pollard, her experts told her that parole boards look
only at official file material and do not consider letters and petitions.
Mr. Pollard's file, the experts said, contains nothing but negative
recommendations from those government agencies with vested interests in
keeping him in prison.

Dr. Luchins says the advice she has been given is nonsense, and all efforts
to ascertain who Mrs. Pollard's experts were went unanswered.


By all accounts, in 1993, there was a chance for executive clemency, but
Mr. Pollard may have botched it himself.

In March, 1993, Dr. Luchins arranged a meeting between Mr. Pollard and Rav
Aaron Soloveichik in Mr. Pollard's prison cell in Marion, IL. The purpose
was for Rav Soloveichik to discuss repentance with Mr. Pollard and
help him formulate an appropriate letter which would be given to the
then-new President Bill Clinton by Senators Moynihan and, perhaps, Joseph
Lieberman (D-CT).

Dr. Luchins says there was reason to believe Mr. Clinton might have been
willing to pardon Mr. Pollard after receiving a well-written letter of

According to all reports, in coming to see Mr. Pollard, Rav Soloveichik,
who had recently been ill, braved a long trip and disgraceful treatment by
the prison personnel. The guards took the elderly rabbi's walker from him
because it would not go through the metal detector, causing him to walk
painfully down long hallways and staircases. His suspenders were made of
metal, and the guards, who referred to him as an old Jew, insisted he
remove them as well.


During the course of their meeting, Rav Soloveichik, who is also an
attorney, showed Mr. Pollard a letter he had written, in Mr. Pollard's
name, expressing remorse and a new-found understanding of repentance. The
letter explains that Mr. Pollard had been motivated by a sense of idealism,
but that he allowed himself to be misled by his emotions. The letter says
Mr. Pollard now knows that what he did was not only repugnant to American
law, but was equally repugnant to G-ds Torah and natural law.

According to a source close to Mr. Pollard, Mr. Pollard said the letter was
full of phrases he would not have used, and was not what he wished to say
to the President. Mr. Pollard reportedly signed it only because he could
not refuse Rav Soloveichik.

Jonathan described the old mans hand shaking, holding a pen, and pleading
with him to sign it, said the supporter who asked for anonymity.


What happened next to the letter is a bit confusing. Mr. Pollard's
supporter said that while he thought it would be a private communication
between himself and the President, a copy of it was found on a desk at the
Orthodox Union and then leaked to the Forward newspaper, which reported
that Mr. Pollard was more remorseful than ever.

Mr. Pollard, the supporter said, is convinced Dr. Luchins was the conduit,
but, the supporter said, except for the admission that what Mr. Pollard did
was repugnant to the Torah he does not know why Mr. Pollard
was so angry.

"He was especially upset at the 'repugnant to G-d's Torah' part. I told
Jonathan if it helped him to get out, it didnt matter what the letter said,
but, being an idealist, he couldnt live with it. I didn't understand
Jonathan's position at the time, and I still dont", he says, adding that
Mr. Pollard has expressed his remorse many times in his own language.


Others agree with the supporter. "Why didn't he let the letter stand and
repudiate it after he was free?" wondered one official at a Jewish communal
organization. After he was free, he could have called for a
rabbinic panel in Jerusalem to discuss the matter.

Shortly after the fact of the letter was made public, Mr. Pollard, through
Rabbi Avi Weiss, retracted the letter entirely. By that time, the letter
was on Mr. Clinton's desk, and, according to reports, Mr. Pollard's
repudiation was highly embarrassing for everyone involved, including Mr.
Lieberman who, some say, was the one who handed Mr. Clinton the letter.

Dr. Luchins says he was very embarrassed by the whole incident.

For Mr. Pollard, perhaps the worst part has been that Dr. Luchins has
discussed the details of the incident in public many times. Some observers
believe that is what Mrs. Pollard means by Dr. Luchin's damaging


According to Mr. Pollard's supporter, Mr. Pollard has referred to the
Soloveichik letter as one of the worst developments in the Pollard matter.

He said he learned from the episode that you shouldn't do something when
you feel inside its wrong, the supporter said.

About a year later, there was a possibility that Rav Soloveichik would
again get involved with Mr. Pollard, chiefly to write a letter indicating
that he knew Mr. Pollard was remorseful, but nothing seems to have come of


In his request for a meeting last month, Dr. Luchins made it clear that the
choice of venue would be Mrs. Pollards. She was also free, he said, to
bring any and all of her supporters, and she would be under no
constraints to accept any or all of his suggestions.

Although Dr. Luchins said he would be coming alone to this meeting, he
hinted broadly that if things went well, there would be a possibility that,
at a subsequent meeting, he might bring some politicians whose help could
be crucial.

It did not matter to the Pollards, whose refusal to meet with Dr. Luchins
was firm.


It is not the first time the Pollards have dismissed potential help from a
politician. A few years ago, an influential Congressman whose pro-Israel
record is beyond reproach, suggested, in a private conversation, a bill
that might help Mr. Pollard.

The Congressman's bill would have said that, in cases such as Mr.
Pollard's, in which there is reason to suspect the government did not live
up to its end in a plea-bargain agreement, the defendant would have the
right to a trial. Mr. Pollard entered into a plea-bargain with the
government in which he was assured that, in exchange for pleading guilty,
he would not suffer the maximum penalty, which he received anyway.

While Mr. Pollard seemed interested at first in the Congressman's
suggestion, he soon seemed annoyed that the legislator would not come to
see him in person to discuss the matter. The Congressman's aide suggested
that Mr. Pollards attorneys could come to his Capitol Hill office, but
that, too, was not acceptable to Mr. Pollard.

One of Mr. Pollard's messages to the Congressman said that he (Mr. Pollard)
did not have time to deal with people who did not take him seriously.

It seems to me that all you do have is time, the aide told him, closing the
book on the idea.

Shalom from Teaneck,

Susan Rosenbluth

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June 25, 2003 - ESTHER

I am receiving an enormous amount of information on Pollard. My research is
leading in deep directions. Please consider who Esther Pollard is. This is
just one letter of many more  suggesting that this woman is NOT married to
Jonathan Pollard and is working against his interests. I'm working on
finding out on whose behalf. Barry Chamish

Dear Barry - The real question remains:
Who is Esther Pollard and why does she misrepresent herself as if she is
married to Jonathan? Pollard has two Rabbis - Rav Mordecai Eliahu and Rav
Avie Weiss- neither of whom officiated at any wedding with Esther. They
have no ketubah and no civil wedding certificate
The following article from HaAretz some seven years ago sheds light on

"We Don't Blame Jonathan"
by Ronen Bergman

(Reprinted from the HaAretz daily newspaper March 1997)
Molly Pollard, Jonathan's mother, is an elderly sick woman with three heart
attacks behind her. Her husband, Dr. Morris Pollard, takes her from place
to place in a wheelchair. She is eighty two years old, weak, and her voice
is barely audible. There is only one thing that she really wants, to meet
her son Jonathan one more time. Eleven years have elapsed since that
Thursday, November 21, 1985, when her son was captured outside of the
Israel Embassy in Washington and was accused of spying for the State of
Israel. On her last birthday, as told by daughter Carol, she sat opposite
me and waited. Every time the phone rang she said to those around her in a
voice full of hope, "Maybe it's Jonathan".
But Jonathan Pollard refuses to speak to his parents. His last conversation
with them was a year ago. By telephone, he announced to them that since
they refuse to the line of action that his new wife, Esther proposes, he is
therefore severing his connection with them and is not willing to see them
again. Molly Pollard says in a depressed voice: "We are broken-hearted. We
don't blame him. He's been in jail for so long that everything must be
forgiven for him. But it is such a pity that that wicked woman, who calls
herself Jonathan's wife, made it her aim in life to disconnect our son from
A short time before that telephone call, his sister Carol got a similar
message. At the same time, Pollard also fired his lawyer, Nancy Locky, and
cut off his connections with the activists for his cause in Israel and in
America, including Amnon Dror, chairman of the public committee for
Pollard's release. In actual fact, he severed all his connections with the
outside world, except for his wife Esther, who is currently his only
channel to the outside world. Dr. Morris Pollard: "In retrospect I now
understand that from the start she tried to dismantle our family. She and
actions are making my son's release much more difficult. It is convenient
for her to have him inside (prison), it gives her publicity. It's as if
Jonathan doesn't have enough problems as it is, then comes this woman and
complicated things even more."
The Pollard couple are not the only ones of this opinion. Many people,
especially officials in Intelligence and in the Prime Minister's office,
claim that Esther Pollard, whose former name was Eileen Zeits, is causing
enormous damage for the release of the famous spy, who was convicted to
life in prison. The way in which Esther presents Pollard as a hero who
caused no harm to the national security of the US, together with the wild
accusations in which she accuses the American government of, mainly of
anti-Semitism - cause nothing but harm to his case.
Carol Pollard: "You have no idea how angry I am at Eileen. She ruined
everything for us. In some areas, it is possible that the damage that she
has caused to public relations concerning my brother is irreversible. She
has turned Jonathan into a poster for the extreme right, and the worst
thing she did was that she built a big wall between him and us, his family,
who have dedicated the last decade for his release."
A few months ago, officials from the White House were quoted in the
American Press, detailing some of the factors which caused President
Clinton to pardon Pollard. Among them they stressed, that the White House
is very upset with the radical statements that appeared in the media in the
name of Pollard and his wife. Zeits-Pollard insists on naming President
Clinton a "liar", as she has done in the past and also this week, when she
talked to the editor of the magazine section of the "Ha'aretz" newspaper:
"When Clinton refused the request for pardon he used a number of lies.
First of all he claimed that he is tied to the opinions of his advisors,
which is completely untrue. Secondly, he claimed that Jonathan caused
damage to the US. Jonathan did not cause any damage to the US national
security. I'll give you the example of Ames (sp?): In his case you can do a
body count. In Jonathan's case, where is the harm done? Where, after 12
years, is the harm done?"
This kind of talk also distanced her from Pollard's lawyer. Nancy Locky the
attorney, served in the past as senior prosecutor for the general D.A.
office of the United States. She was chosen to represent Pollard following
the recommendations of prominent lawyers in Israel, after she had been
interviewed by them extensively and afterwards met with Pollard's family
and with Pollard himself.
For Locky it was crystal clear from the start what the line of action
should be: "For Jonathan and Eileen it was very important to say that he
was a hero and that in fact he did not cause any harm in his actions. They
thought that that would sound good to the Israeli public. That may be so,
but to our regret, Jonathan is imprisoned in the US and not in Israel, and
to say to the Americans that he is a hero, and that he is not sorry for his
actions that caused no harm and that he would do it all over again, that is
most wrong thing to say. Talking this way will never make him a free man."
According to Locky, Eileen continued to encourage Pollard to think of
himself in terms of a national hero. "She also went out and fed the press
with these kind of proclamations. I wanted to silence her and I set up an
appointment with her, by Pollard, in the prison. She sat there, sweet as
honey, but with hatred in her eyes. We came to the agreement that everytime
she writes something for publication, it will go through me first and must
receive my go ahead."
A few days later, says Locky, she received an article written by Eileen
that was to be publicized in the Ma'ariv newspaper. "There were all the
same things there: He's an Israeli hero, a Jewish soldier abandoned by his
country and really caused no harm to anybody. I edited the article, and
sent it back to her. I was astonished to later see the original article
published in the Ma'ariv, the one before my editing. I informed Jonathan
that I am no longer willing to meet with her."
The relationship between her and Pollard is described by Esther-Eileen like
a love story from the movies: "We first met in Israel, in 1971. We were
both here in different summer camps from our respective youth movements and
we met in the Gallile. After his imprisonment I saw a section in the
newspaper inviting people to write to him in prison. I took up the offer
and he answered me. I read his letter and I felt like I was looking in a
In an interview to the Jerusalem local paper "Kol Ha'ir", that was
published in May, this year, Eileen Zeits has a somewhat different version
which is also the one known to all involved in the case. To the journalist,
Ronit Tzach, she told, that the relationship between herself and Pollard
began when she first saw the above mentioned section in the newspaper, six
years ago, meaning long after Pollard was arrested.
Dr. Morris Pollard: "It was I, to my great regret, who assisted in their
acquaintance. Three years ago, she wrote me a letter requesting of me to
set up a meeting between her and Jonathan. I wanted to get to know this
wonderful woman who was interested in my son's well-being. I spoke to her
on the phone and invited her out to our home. She refused. I offered to pay
for her expenses to come and she still refused. Maybe I should have
realized back then that there is something strange about this woman. On the
telephone she was all sweetness, and would phone us very often. She
succeeded in persuading me to put an effort in promoting her case. I turned
to my friends in congress and they obtained for her an entrance pass to the
prison. From the moment she first entered the prison walls, we no longer
heard from her. She cut off all contact with us."
And the marriage? "Of the marriage to my son, I learned from others, not
from her", says Dr. Pollard. "About two years ago I called her and asked if
there is anything we can do to help. She said that she is taking care of
Jonathan and that is was none of my business. We don't blame Jonathan. He's
been in already 11 years, in a very frustrating situation. It is possible
to understand him, when someone comes along who seems like an anchor, he's
going to grab hold of it with two hands."
We know each other for six years and are married for three of them", says
Eileen Zeits. "You have no idea how important Jonathan is to me. We can be
separated physically, but emotionally I am never alone. I desperately miss
him. Tonight I spoke to him on the phone and I said to him, I can face
anything in the world except if something happens to you. Thank G-d, we
understand one another. When I entered the relationship with Jonathan, many
people put obstacles in our way. They tried to prevent me from giving
information to Jonathan. They told me, this and this, you are not allowed
to tell him.The people who were supposedly supporting him kept from me
important information. I did not agree to this and I promised myself and
Jonathan that I would never lie. Ever since then, I have never kept
anything from him and I know that he is completely open with me."
She doesn't only have complaints about the US government, but also the
government of Israel. "My husband is about to die, and the government of
Israel is doing nothing about it. They don't give us time to be alone. You
understand, they discriminate Jonathan on all levels. All our meeting take
place under the watchful surveillance of cameras and prison guards. We want
to have children very much. Time is running out, I am already 39 years old.
Jonathan is also not young. There is no logical reason for the physical
separation between us."
The Pollard family dispute the right of Esther-Eileen to use the title "my
husband", when speaking about Jonathan. Carol Pollard: "This woman visited
Jonathan one time and announced that she is engaged. I think it is very
strange, because she announced this to he media and not to his family. I
asked Jonathan on the phone whether this was true and he laughed. The next
time she went to visit Jonathan she came back with this story about a
wedding. I inquired at the prison and discovered that no such wedding took
place. Since then, she photographed Jonathan and herself at the prison a
few times at different intervals. Each time she reported that these
pictures were taken at their wedding, even though she is wearing different
clothes in each picture."
How important is it whether there was an official wedding or not?
"If she was a nice person, none at all."
Amnon Dror: "I met Jonathan a short time after the wedding. He told me he
got married. I congratulated him and wished him well. I asked whether there
was a rabbi and witnesses. Jonathan pointed to the heavens. In my opinion
there is no importance to the question whether the two were officially
married. It is enough that they see themselves as a couple."
Joe Miko, assistant manager to the federal prison in Batner, where Pollard
is being held, told "Ha'aretz" that there is no documentation of any
wedding that took place concerning prisoner Pollard: " If a prisoner wishes
to get married with religious rites, he must formerly put in such a request
to the prison's chaplain . This includes also Jewish prisoners. If he gets
permission, a wedding is organized by us. In the security framework of the
prison there is no possibility of holding such a wedding without our
permission or without our knowledge. Also a civil marriage requires a
permit. Every wedding is recorded in the prison's records and is
documented, according to US law, including the archives of Batner's court
Eileen Zeitz reacts angrily to these words: "We had a completely Jewish
wedding. The prison officials offered us also a civil marriage, but we
turned them down. We are Jewish and we got married according to the Jewish
Halacha. We had a rabbi at the wedding as well as two witnesses."
Is it possible to have their names?
"No. We know that if we give out their names, they will immediately become
a target for attacks by the same people who claim they are working for
Jonathan's benefit, therefore we are keeping the names secret. In any case,
even Canada recognizes are marriage, as you can well see, the name Pollard
is stamped on my passport."
 From the immigration department of the Canadian Embassy in Israel it was
stated, that a Canadian civilian can change his name or add another name,
as it is written in his passport, as he wishes, after suitable registration
procedures, even if he/she did not get the added name through marriage.
As opposed to the marriage with Jonathan Pollard, nobody disclaims the
marriage between Eileen Zeits and Barney Scarf, a Toronto resident, 15
years ago. They were married for two years. According to Scarf, Eileen
tried to separate me from my family. "She hated my parents, my sister and
my friends. I remember asking her to go also to my parents' house for Seder
night just for once. She refused adamantly. In the end, Eileen gave me a
choice: Either her or my family and friends. Luckily for me, I wasn't in
prison and I was able to get up and go."
Eileen Zeits thinks she is alone in the struggle to free Pollard. Everyone,
she claims, but really, everyone, collaborated to silence Pollard with the
purpose of him rotting in jail. This serious accusation is not only aimed
at the US government, but also to the members of the public committee to
free Pollard, headed by Amnon Dror, the Pollard family, and the government
of Israel, both the previous and the present one.
"The only success the public committee had was to silence Jonathan" she
claims. "Amnon Dror, the chairman of the committee, works for the
government of Israel. That is also the reason why I went on a hunger
strike, I wanted people to understand, to know what happened. It wasn't
only a strike for Jonathan, but a final action that a desperate woman can
do not only for Jonathan, but for any Jewish soldier."
Her accusations also concern the way in which donations were collected. "A
whole system became very rich following the the money collected for
Jonathan. All kinds of "Machers" in New York pretended to work for him, but
in actual fact, were working in the name of the government of Israel to
silence him. Until recently, all of Jonathan's lawyers were paid by the
government of Israel. By the Public committee paying their salaries, they
were also able to give them orders. Jonathan discovered that the people who
were supposed to be representing him, the Public Committee, Amnon Dror, his
lawyer and his family, were doing the opposite of what he was telling them
to do. It drove him crazy and in the end he couldn't take it any longer,
and he severed all contact with them."
Amnon Dror and Carol Pollard strictly deny this and displayed evidence that
the money donated for the prisoner were used for his needs only. Says Dror:
"It is inconceivable to even think, not for me and not for anyone who was
close to Jonathan, to give advice to him whom to marry or whom to love. It
is none of our business. If Jonathan chose, then we all blessed him on his
choice. But since the day that Jonathan made contact with Esther Zeits,
some things have changed, that have, in my opinion, a negative result in
Pollard's chances for an early release. It has totally decreased the
motivation of many of the people who were working for his release,
including a thick wall that was built between Jonathan and his family,
friends, lawyer and some very prominent Jewish leaders."
Dror has difficulty restraining himself upon hearing Zeits's crude
accusations. "It may not be too early to tell", he says, "that political
sources in the US headed by the president and his aides, were already
willing a year and a half ago to release Pollard. Rabin was going to meet
with Clinton and the general feeling was that the release is at hand. And
then, within a few days there was a sudden turnover. I don't know how much
the new aggressive policy of some of the well wishers of Pollard affected
Clinton's decision to decline Pollard's release, but I so know from
officials who determine in this mater, that it upset them very much that
they were accused of discrimination, anti-Semitism, and abuse of a prisoner."
Eileen complains that the Public Committee is operating from generous
government funding, while she is forced to dwindle her savings in her
attempts to free Pollard.
"I will take this opportunity to declare that I was never employed in the
past or in the present by the government of Israel concerning Pollard. I
never received directives or orders. Our only sin is that we were
successful in persuading the government to double their efforts in
releasing Jonathan Pollard and to budget large amounts of money for this
purpose. I don't think I deserve any thanks for this, but certainly not
such criticism from one who insistently claims to be Jonathan's loyal wife."
Jonathan asked me to cover the cost of Esther's frequent visits to the
prison. I informed him on the spot that the Public Committee will cover all
of her expenses. A week later I received an official letter from Esther
Zeits - "My husband and myself have reached the conclusion that we don't
want anything from you, because it is clear to us that you are pretending
that you want Jonathan's release, while in fact you really want him to stay
in prison."
Zeits: "They tried to buy Jonathan. They succeeded in buying off his
sister. They won't succeed in dirtying me with their money. Of course I
refused to receive any money from them, and that's the real thing that
frightens them. They know that they can't buy Esther." The conspiracy
philosophy she associates the government of Israel with is very developed:
"Israeli senior Intelligence agents, and I know their names, came to visit
Jonathan in the name of the Israel Government and tried to persuade him to
commit suicide."
Shai Bazak, media advisor to the prime minister, comments on the accusation
with five words: "There was no such thing."
Lawyer Nancy Locky remembers slightly different tunes during the previous
government. "Zeits tried to portray Jonathan as a symbol of neglect by the
leftist government, especially of the late Yitzchak Rabin. I can testify
that he, more than all the politicians, did everything he could to free
Zeits did not give the Likud government credit either. At the end of July,
shortly after Benjamin Netanyahu formed his government, she started a
hunger strike in front of the prime minister's office. Netanyahu received
her in his office. She left his office encouraged and agreed to stop the
hunger strike. She even praised the new prime minister. Now she claims,
that Netanyahu promised to release Pollard by Rosh Hashana; now the
holidays have passed, and Pollard is still imprisoned.
Shai Bazak, media advisor to the prime minister, states in Netanyahu's
name: "The prime minister told Mrs. Pollard that he will continue with his
efforts for her husband's release, though he had reservations whether his
efforts would have immediate effect. From this, of course, it is clear that
there was no promise to the effect that Pollard would be released by Rosh
Following the meeting with Esther Zeits-Pollard the prime minister ran a
thorough investigation about her. Various sources, including senior
officers in the Intelligence Community, advised Netanyahu to renew to
connection with Pollard's parents. Dr. Morris Pollard was even invited to
meet the prime minister on one of his trips to the US, but his wife's
physical condition prevented him from making the trip from Indiana to
Washington. Instead he received a phone call from Netanyahu of which he
describes as "very warm".
Zeits has still not gotten over the insult. "We made it completely clear to
the prime minister who is Jonathan's sole legal representative", she says.
We explicitly asked him not to contact his family. And what happens in the
end? He comes to the US and the first thing he does is to call Jonathan's
parents. If he really wanted to free Jonathan, why does he behave in such a
manner? Why doesn't the prime minister's office answer my letters and
faxes? They are purposely ignoring me, because they know that it is
difficult to deceive me and they won't succeed in giving me stories like
they tell his parents."
This doesn't end her claims. "Netanyahu could have released Jonathan a long
time ago", she is sure. "He could have said that he will not forgive
Clinton for his support of Peres, and that he will not come to Washington
if he cannot take Jonathan back with him. How can he behave in such a
manner? Something stinks here."
She also drags the pilot prisoner, Ron Arad into her accusations. "It's not
that the government of Israel disappointed Jonathan personally. Jonathan
represents the Jewish soldier who left for was and has not yet returned.
How is it that the only soldiers we have managed to return were dead? How
is it that we did not stop the release of terrorists until we got back Ron
Arad? Jonathan is not alone. This is a group of people, of fighters who
have served their country, and their country has not returned the favor."
Shai Bazak: "The prime minister has activated in the past and in the
present for Pollard's release, while he was in the opposition and presently
while serving as prime minister. In this framework, the prime minister met
with Esther Pollard and with Dr. Morris Pollard and he spoke with President
Clinton and other government officials in the US with the intent of
bringing about Pollard's release."
His wife claims that you are ignoring her and not answering her inquiries.
"The prime minister himself met with Mrs. Pollard a few times and his
office is in contact with her."
Esther Pollard claims that the manager of media in the prime minister's
office, David Bar-Ilan, is the one who is blocking her way to Netanyahu and
throwing difficulties her way. Bar Ilan is furious: "I don't block anyone's
way to the prime minister. I operate according to the prime minister's
directives. We organized the meetings between her and the prime minister,
against the advice of many. When she first came to the prime minister's
office, I was completely astounded to hear her claim that Pollard's family
have outside interests in the matter. We asked Alan Dershowitz, who knows
something about the American law to meet with her. He called us later,
dumbfounded, and said that she declared in his face that the government of
Israel needs to release Pollard in a similar fashion of the Entebbe rescue.
Now this is something that is not altogether rational, to say the least."
Esther Zeits also criticizes the care he receives from the prison. "He is
forever being discriminated against as o[opposed to the other prisoners. It
is not even connected to the management of the prison. These are direct
orders from Washington. Every other prisoner is allowed to wear a watch.
Jonathan is not allowed. Every prisoner is allowed to wear a wedding ring.
Jonathan is not allowed to. All the prisoners have radios. Jonathan doesn't
have. he needs to get permission from Washington to receive a new pair of
shoes. His old pair tore and he begged for new ones. They wouldn't give
them to him. He asked the prison guards to lend him shoes just for my
visits to him, so that I wouldn't see him wearing rags. They wouldn't. A
year went by until he was granted permission and in the end we bought him
new shoes with our own money. And that's how our good friends the Americans
treat us."
And that's not all. "His prison has changed very much over the last year.
They put dangerous prisoners in with him".
Was he attacked?
"I will only say that ever since arriving to jail, Jonathan learned how to
fight, the prisoners antisemitism as well as that of the prison wardens.
Before he was transferred to the prison he is in now, senior officials from
Washington came to survey the prison to check where the most difficult work
was so they could place Jonathan there. They put him with the material
cutters, which has harmed his health very much. Afterwards he was
transferred to the Optical factory, where he is forced to work without air
conditioning, with chemicals that give him headaches and dizzy spells. By
the way, Jonathan is sick today. He has a throat infection. The air in the
prison is recycled, there is no ventilation or fresh air, therefore if a
prisoner gets sick, everyone gets sick."
The prison authorities deny these accusations. Says Joe Miko, the assistant
administrator of the federal prison in Batner: "We treat Jonathan Pollard
in the same fair and humane way we treat all of the prisoners. He is not
discriminated in any shape or form. It is not clear to us why Ms. Zeits has
not complained directly to us before she turned to the media. As for the
issues at hand: If Jonathan Pollard has no medical problems he may wear a
wedding ring or watch if he wishes to do so. The story about the shoes is
simply not true. We provide clothing as necessary. There is no request for
a permit from Washington in order to receive new shoes."
About the work conditions Miko says: "Jonathan Pollard filed a request to
work in the Optical factory. We granted his request. We have no
documentation of headaches or dizzy spells from Mr. Pollard. In general, I
would say that his physical condition is pretty good. The prison has a
central air conditioning system that constantly blows in fresh air." Joe
Miko wishes to clarify: "We do not operate in the Pollard issue through
directives from Washington. He receives here equal treatment to any other
Amnon Dror feels that some of Zeits's accusation can harm Pollard
indirectly. "Some of the people who are operating for Pollard, in the
government, in the White House, in the Justice Department and in the Prison
services are Jewish", he explains, "and to accuse them of antisemitism is
the most idiotic thing you can do. The Americans read these articles and
are insulted, therefore it also harms Pollard. More than that, the
conditions in the prison he is in now are very reasonable. In the previous
prison, in Marion, the conditions really were bad, for Jonathan as well as
for the other prisoners who were there. We were not ashamed to complain
about it and we tried to improve the situation. But in Batner the
conditions are much better."
Nancy Locky visited Pollard many times at the prison. "Besides the fact
that it is a prison and you are not a free man there and must abide to the
rules, the conditions right now are not too difficult", she says. "Jonathan
has a telephone, radio, television and newspapers and altogether, in
relation to a prisoner, his condition is all right."
The final breakaway between Zeits and the activists on his Pollard's behalf
came when she demanded that Pollard be given an Israeli passport. Pollard
supported the idea, but the Committee's members, as well as Locky, fiercely
opposed the idea. According to them, sympathetic sources from the Law
Office and from the Intelligence community in the US hinted that if Israel
will give a passport and citizenship to an American civilian who spied
against his country, it will look like an antagonism and would only put off
Pollard's release even more.
Locky, the attorney: "As time passed I have become more and more convinced
that she doesn't really want to see Jonathan on the outside. The present
situation is ideal from her point of view; If Pollard is released, they
will stop interviewing her. Her whole power rests on that he is inside, and
you can quote me on this. Somehow it's always connected to
publicity:Jonathan doesn't speak Hebrew and she translates for him
incorrectly the articles publicized about him. We have transferred to him
exact translations of our own and we discovered that she had them changed
in a fashion that was convenient for her. That's how, for instance, she has
changed articles that were connected to me from the moment that she had
decide that I am in her way."
Also Amnon Dror has come across a similar problem. "It was confusing to me
that in all my many visits to Pollard in jail there was a complete and
excellent atmosphere of understanding, the relationship between us deepened
until they turned into friendship. And here, as soon as I would leave the
prison I would hear on the media a statement in Jonathan's name, that was
totally opposite to what just happened just a short time ago in his cell. I
learned my lesson and since then when I visit, I bring with me another person".
Amnon Dror and Locky the attorney prepared a five phase plan for the
release of Jonathan Pollard, which included a request of pardon while
admitting a commitment of a crime and a show of remorse. Just then Zeits
appeared on the scene with the Israeli citizenship story. "I was against
the request for the citizenship", says locky, "it was clear to me that it
would not help anything and would only harm the case. I told this to
Jonathan. He was silent and just said that Esther thought it was a good
idea. Eileen for her part, told him that I told the press how much I am
against the idea of citizenship. That was a gross lie, but Jonathan
believed her, called me, and said only 'You're fired' and hung up."
Zeits: Jonathan hated Locky from the start. He also tried to fire her three
times previously, but the Public Committee and his sister continued to
employ her as if nothing happened. Only when we went with it to the press,
they had no choice."
Amnon Dror: "That is complete nonsense! Jonathan himself interviewed Locky.
He had an excellent relationship with her and from her part she became
personally committed to his case. There were no particular problems between
them, until she came on the scene."
After Locky's dismissal, Zeits hurriedly appointed the lawyers Larry Daub
and Mordechai Ofri, who was publicized as the one who defended the prime
minister's assailant( forgive his ignorance-BC), Yigal Amir (in the
meantime Zeits gave up on the idea of using the services of Ofri and
appointed another lawyer). The new lawyers turned to the previous minister
of interior affairs, Ehud Barak, and requested he give Pollard an Israeli
passport. Barak asked officials from the Law Office and other political
figures whether granting Pollard a passport would help him in any way
attain his freedom. The answer was negative. Barak refused the request as
did Chaim Ramon who later took his place. Eileen Zeits went to the higher
court to enforce Ramon to give Pollard Israeli citizenship. Ramon gave in
and regretfully signed for a passport on Jonathan Pollard's name. It is not
known whether this step had bearing on President Clinton's refusing to
pardon Pollard.
Zeits-Pollard warmly defends her actions. "The minute the government of
Israel granted Jonathan citizenship it became responsible for him", she
stresses. "Because of his citizenship he now appears on one of the major
principles of the government, just like the rest of the missing soldiers.
For ten years he asked for citizenship in quiet ways, but those, who
supposedly worked for him, but in reality were working for the government
of Israel, silenced him. In the end he told me: 'Esther, you got to do this
for me'. Everyone tried to torpedo this action and then he felt that he can
no longer go on like this and he severed the connection with his family.
It's a shame that Jonathan's parents are not satisfied being just a regular
father and mother, to come and visit him, to look after him, instead they
are forever trying to interfere with what we are doing for his release."
In her opinion, dealing with these issues shirk the real issue of freeing
Pollard. "His relationship with his parents is not what matters now. When
he is release from jail he can patch up things with his parents.", she
promises. "I have two purposes in life: One, to free Jonathan and save his
life. The second purpose is sanctifying the name of G-d and the Truth."
Amnon Dror is not angry at Pollard. "As long as Jonathan is in jail I
forgive him in advance for anything has said or will say through his wife,
words that brought great damage first of all to himself, and gave many who
had dedicated their time and money for his cause a feeling of ingratitude.
For he has been imprisoned for an extended length of time and under
conditions where it is difficult to be level-headed. I will forgive
Jonathan for everything, except for one thing which there is no forgiveness
for. His attitude to his parents. His mother is ill and he refuses to speak
to her. I tried to persuade him to speak to them, despite the anger he
feels toward them because of all kinds of ideas that were put in his head.
I told him, pick up a phone, and say hello to your parents. he said: 'No,
they're not okay with Esther".

June 23, 2003 - SHIMON PERES IS KEEPING JONATHAN POLLARD IN PRISON (The Real Reason Why Pollard Sits)

      In early May, '03, I was hired by a group of Israelis now organizing
rallies on behalf of Joanathan Pollard's freedom to find out why, defying
all reason, he is still sitting in prison. The people who approached me
were highly dissatisfied with the official Pollard organization run by
Esther Pollard and in fact, suspected her of sabotaging all alternative
efforts to liberate her spouse. Since I took on the project, I have noted
Esther Pollard's interference with demonstrations, speakers and even one
webmaster (www.jonathanpollard.com) working on behalf of justice for
Jonathan Jay Pollard.
      I don't know what her motivations are, perhaps they are just a
personal need for attention, perhaps they are more sinister, but with
Esther Pollard at the helm, no new evidence has emerged that could possibly
result in Pollard's release. Recent excitement over the revelations that
Pollard was sitting for the crimes of master spy Aldrich Ames, as written
by John Loftus, are not revelations at all. I discovered the exact claims
in a prominent Maariv article from 1985, since repeated often in the Hebrew
      To sort out the puzzle, I referred to a wide variety of sources and
was unfortunate in having a personal expert nearby. He is Joel Bainerman,
author of the 1992 classic book on Iran Contra-related felonies, Crimes Of
A President. He thoughtfully provided me with relevant text, as well as his
rough notes and contacts.
      One of his contacts was William Northrup, who lives in a kibbutz near
Beersheva and was held in a New York lockup for 10 months on suspicion of
illegally selling military hardware to Iran. He insists that the Americans
came down hard on Pollard because he exposed the Bechtel Corporation's
production of chemical weapons in Iraq.
       In the same lockup for the same crime was Ari Ben-Menashe, who wrote
a tell-all book called The Profits Of War. He became a primary source for
Seymour Hersch and Joel Bainerman, though far from their only one. All have
been besmirched by the official Pollard organization but that doesn't mean
their facts are all wrong. I use what I have judged to be likely truths.
        By the same token, I have utilized many more conventional sources
and their basic facts are far from consistently reliable. It was a task
just sorting out the dates of the known history. Pollard, himself, insists
that he started his spying in July, 1984. Loftus and Aarons have him
identifying an arms shipment in April of 1984. That would make the
Hersch/Ben Menashe claim that Pollard began his clandestine work in 1981,
more plausible.
        But once one excuses the inconsistencies, a very consistent story
emerges. Pollard thought he was helping Israel protect itself and that his
material would fall into honest, trusted hands. Sadly for him, it fell into
the grimy paws of Shimon Peres and he used it to create a crime empire,
broadly called Iran Contra. It is the fear of exposing Peres and his
cronies, that is the real reason why the Israeli government has made no
sincere effort to free Joanthan Jay Pollard.
         It's a fairly complicated story and I will lead you through it by
way of other people's research. When I comment you will see three stars ***
at the beginning and end of the commentary. For instance:

*** In 1987, a government commission of inquiry headed by Abba Eban issued
its report on the Pollard Affair. It concluded that the man most
responsible for the fiasco was Shimon Peres, who became Prime Minister in
late May, 1984. He was not only apprised of Pollard's intelligence, he read
it daily. Receiving smaller portions of blame were Defence Minister Yitzhak
Rabin and Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir.
       This long buried report is, naturally, long forgotten because Peres
spent a good week denying every word in it and arranging the end of Eban's
political carrer. But let us not forget, the official investigation
conducted by the Israel government concluded that Peres was the chief


Amir Oren, Haaretz, 1998: "Shimon Peres was almost as concerned about
domestic policies as he was about the American reaction. He was proud of
the fact that he, Rabin and Shamir refrained from mutual recriminations and
how that prevented the media from turning it into an Israeli Watergate.
Peres worked hard to prevent public discussion..."

Zeev Segal, Haaretz 24/10/95: "One body that studied the subject was a
committee headed by then MK, Abba Eban. In a report published in May, 1987,
the committee...totally rejected the claim of the government of Israel,
which stated that the Pollard affair was a 'rogue' operation."

Washington Report On Middle East, Jan/Feb 2003: "Eban disappeared from
political life after 1987 (for) a report criticizing Labor Party leaders
Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin for using American Joanthan Jay Pollard to
spy on the United States. Both rebuked him and the next year his name was
left off the candidates for parliament."

Seymour Hersh, The Samson Option, Random House, 1991: "The Israeli
Officials most tarnished by the scandal were Rafi Eitan and Aviem Sella,
but Eitan did not suffer financially. He was subsequently named to a high
administrative position with Israel Chemicals, the largest state-owned
enterprise in Israel. His surprising appointment was authorized by none
other than Ariel Sharon, who had been named Minister of Trade and Industry
in 1984."

***And Sharon is not the only high present official involved in the
coverup. Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein was the legal attache to the
Washington Embassy Pollard was ejected from, and later tried out a coverup
tactic that Washington attorney Leonard Garment found odious. Such details
must be presented in a wider-ranging future report. For now let us get to
the heart of the matter at hand...Iran Contra.***


Federal Government Watch Discussion List: "The back channel came alive
under Vice-President Bush from 1984-91. The channel was used to direct the
laundering of American money to the PLO. Although Pollard didn't know it,
when he warned the Israelis that a PLO arms shipment was going through
Greece in 1984, he inadvertantly blew the whistle of the White House's
first transaction of arms to Iran...In the summer of 1984, Pollard noticed
a pattern of vessels going back and forth from Greece to Yemen, where the
PLO had a major base. Pollard passed the tip to the Israelis. In the summer
of 1984, the Israelis tipped off the Greek authorities who seized an entire
shipload of arms believed destined for the PLO. Neither Pollard nor the
government of Israel was aware that they had smashed George Bush's first
shipment of arms to Iran. Pollard never realized that he had busted the
most secret White House operation of modern times. The summer of 1984 Greek
shipment was a dagger over George Bush's head."

Loftus, Aarons, The Secret War Against The Jews: "Pollard notified the
Israelis, who passed word to the Greeks, who raided the arms ship. None of
the players knew that this shipment was directly connected to an event two
months previous, in which US hostages had been kidnapped in Lebanon. The
ship had not been commissioned by Arafat but by US Vice-President Bush and
was ultimately destined for the patron the of Lebanese kidnappers, Iran.
The shipment marks he true beginning of the infamous Iran Contra scandal.

Winston  Mideast Analysis And Commentary 8/13/99: "Pollard inadvertantly
exposed the first shipment of arms-for-hostages in what became the Iran
Contra scandal. As he was in the Naval Intelligence Anti-Terrorism Unit, he
saw this shipment, one year earlier than is generally known, and believing
it to be arms for the PLO or Iraq, revealed it to the Israelis. This alone
would make it imperative for the Iran/Contra planners to keep him locked up

***Enter Peres. Pollard provided the data that exposed Bush's arms for
hostages operation. Of course, a moral Prime Minister would have demanded
that Bush put an end to this arming of Israel's worst enemies. But Peres is
not remotely moral, so he saw the bigger potential of this nascent crime.
He wanted in and the crime expanded into what we know as Irangate.
     How do we know this? Because when Pollard discovered the arms ship,
Israel had no role in paying America's enemies off with arms for releasing
hostages in Lebanon. But by September, Peres had sent a team to Washington
consisting of Yaacov Nimrodi, the former Ambassador to Iran, Al Schwimmer,
former head of Israel Aircraft Industries, and David Kimche, chairman of
the Israeli branch of the Council On Foreign Relations.
      After that, Israel was right in the middle of the operation. This is
basic indisputable logic. Israel joined the operation only after Pollard's
intelligence exposed the existence of it. That means Peres wanted a piece
of the pie and must have used Pollard's data to get his cut of the action.
       The easiest way in would have been threatening to expose the arms
for hostages operation and bring down Bush and his team. We call such a
threat, blackmail. And that's how Pollard's good intentions were used. And
not for the last time.
        Shortly after Pollard's capture on Non.22/85, the Peres team of
Kimche, Schwimmer and Nimrodi all quit the operation. In laymen's terms,
they hauled ass out of there. But Peres didn't want to give up all the
goodies that came with Iran Contra. So in January 1986, he replaced the
team with his anti-terrorism advisor Amiram Nir. He was murdered in 1989 in
Mexico shortly before he was to testify to the Senate Committee
investigating Irangate.
         Lest one think Iran Contra wasn't worth the trouble, look how much
just one member of Peres' team brought in for his effort and then consider
what Nir knew. Finally, note who else quit his post in the wake of Pollard;
the American National Security Advisor, Bud McFarlane, who resigned in Dec.

Joel Bainerman, Crimes Of A President, SPI Books, NY, 1992, raw notes and
final text: "In June l991 an Israel police investigation was opened to
determine if Nimrodi withheld profits from the sales from the Defence
A month later Nimrodi made a public declaration in a Tel Aviv court
stating that he had acted on his own behalf in his arms dealings with
the Iranians and thus all the profits from the deals were his. He
claimed he earned $37 million from the Iranians, but after paying for
the missiles and other expenses, he says he took a loss on the deal of
nearly $750,000. (Inside Israel, August, l993)

Those same bank records in Switzerland could have become a nightmare
for some Israeli government officials, namely Prime Minister Peres,
even shedding light on why the Israeli government never allowed Nir
(or Schwimmer and Nimrodi) to testify before Congressional
investigations. Was Peres perhaps worried that Nir would disclose that
it was his role in the diversion of money from the Iranian arms sales
to the Contras or that he personally authorized the establishment of
the fund to initiate covert anti-terrorist operations?
         Indeed Nir knew a great deal about U.S. and Israeli arms sales to Iran
because he was the roundabout via everyone's activities passed
through. He must have known who set up the Swiss accounts, who
controlled them, and how much went to the Contras and how much to
middlemen like Ghorbanifar and Secord's pockets? He sat in on crucial
meetings in Teheran, Frankfurt, Washington, Tel Aviv and London. He
knew of all covert operations and where the money originated from to
fund them.
         In an interview with YEDIOT ACHRONOT after leaving office in March
l987 Nir said that Shamir went out of his way to protect his name and
reputation, in Israel and in the U.S., while Peres simply "left him to
the dogs" adding that "the moment you need support from him (Peres),
he vanishes."'


Codevilla, MENL 24/7/00: "He gave them that part of the flow of US
intelligence which they used to receive regularly, but which the US cut off
in 1981...This consisted of intelligence 'products.' It was satellite
pictures, reports of all kinds, electronic directories and so forth."

John Loftus, Moment, 6/03: "Jonathan Pollard didn't have the 'blue stripe'
clearance according to intelligence sources I spoke with. That was the
bombshell that would clear him of any possible connection to the deaths of
our Russian agents."

Codevilla, ibid: "Jonathan Pollard could not have provided codes, because
he did not have any access to codes."

Ari Ben-Menashe, Profits Of War, Sheridan Square Press, 1992: "McFarlane,
in fact, had been providing computer access codes of intelligence reports
to Rafi Eitan, according to Eitan. Sitting in Tel Aviv, Eitan would request
computer access codes for certain items he was interested in.
A  representative in Washington, a woman named Iris, would pass the request
to McFarlane. He would then give her back the specified access codes. She
would give the codes to Pollard."

Consortiumnews.com  8/6/03: :The issue was brought to the high court by
former national security advisor Robert McFarlane who claims he was libeled
by a 1991 Esquire magazine story linking him to the Jonathan Pollard spy
case...Both courts ruled that McFarlane failed to show that Esquire
displayed a reckless disregard for the truth."

***Now we move into stage two of the exploitation of Jonathan Pollard.
Pollard was assigned to receive and analyse satellite photos of ship
positions and look for aberrant routes. That would have made the discovery
of Bush's arms ship natural. But for the next piece of Peres blackmail, he
would most likely have needed help.
     Pollard uncovered a crime the equal of Iran Contra: the American
corporation Bechtel was making chemical weaponry for Saddam Hussein. And
Peres instinctively knew he could milk this discovery for all it was worth
because Defence Secretary Caspar Weinberger was a VP of Bechtel before
choosing public service and Secretary of State George Shultz was a former
Bechtel CEO.
      I have no doubt that Pollard passed the Bechtel gas data to Israel
but how he got it is still in dispute. Perhaps he received satellite photos
which exposed the factories, but it seems more likely that he was given
intelligence much higher than he was entitled to receive. For that he would
have needed help from one of the few entitled to receive top secret access
codes and Robert McFarlane as National Security Advisor was one those few.***


Codevilla, MENL 24/7/00: "This memo contained the lie that Pollard caused
the deaths of countless US agents. It also reportedly said the Israelis
sold part of that information to the Soviet Union. All of these things are
not only untrue, they were known by Weinberger not to be true...The policy
was building up Iraq, a policy to which Weinberger and much of the rest of
the US government sacrificed true American interests in the 1980s. We
supplied Saddam Hussein with not only arms but with intelligence and
forbearance...The main thing is we permitted, licensed and financed large
American corporations to build plants there. The infrastructure that is
being bombed in Iraq right now is mostly American-built. Now we get to the
deeply embarassing part. One of the companies involved was Bechtel, with
whom Caspar Weinberger and George Schultz, Secretaries of Defense and
State, had close personal relations."

Federal Government Watch Discussion List, Yahoo, message 631: ""As Jonathan
Pollard discovered to his horror, the German nerve gas factories
constructed in Libya and Iraq are using the identical formulas used on Jews
at Auschwitz... President Bush Sr. was good friends with Saddam's Deputy
Foreign Minister and made personal phone calls to one of his former Yale
classmates to obtain American funding for Bechtel's oil pipeline in
Iraq...The Bechtel corporation was even building Saddam Hussein a chemical
factory he could use for poison gas production."

Counterpunch.org, 9/4/03: "Schultz worked at Bechtel, so did Caspar
Weinberger.Bechtel was listed by Iraq in its report to the UN weapons
inspectors as one of the companies that helped supply Saddam with equipment
and knowledge for making chemical weapons. Bechtel in the 1980s was prime
contractor on PC1 and 2, two petrochemical plants constructed in Iraq which
had dual use capacity. So I guess the bottom line is that the
Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield squad are now holding Saddam Hussein accountable for
chemical weapons of mass destruction - the same weapons which these same
officials ignored in pursuit of the Aqaba pipeline project.


Barry Chamish, The Fall Of Israel, Canongate, Edinburgh, 1992:"By 1985
Syria had closed down Iraq's pipeline to the Mediterranean and Iran was
blockading the Persian Gulf.Iraq wanted to build an alternative pipeline to
Aqaba, Jordan's Red Sea port, and the American corporation Bechtel agreed
to construct this multi-billion dollar project, but only if it received
assurances that Israel would never blow it up, not even in wartime.
American Attorney-General Edwin Meeese approached Peres who agreed in
return for $70 million a year to be transferred to the Israeli Labor Party.
When word of the bribe leaked, Meese was forced out of office, but, as
usual, scandal escaped Peres."

Joel Bainerman, Crimes Of A President, Notes And Final Text:

"Pipeline deal. To be built by the Bechtel company. It would feed 300,000
barrels of oil each day from Iraqi oilfields to a terminal at the Jordanian
port of Aquaba. As part of the arrangement, then Israeli Prime Minister
Shimon Peres's Labor party would receive up to $1 billion over a ten year
period in return for a pledge not to bomb the pipeline in the event of a

McFarlane was also the major White House backer of the Iraqi pipeline deal.
To bebuilt by the Bechtel company it would feed 300,000 barrels of oil each
day from Iraqi oilfields to a terminal at the Jordanian port of Aquaba. As
part of the arrangement, then Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres's Labor
party would receive up to $1 billion over a ten year period in return for a
pledge not to bomb the pipeline in the event of a war.

         Originally, it may have been intended to have this money come from
the Pentagon's budget. When John Poindexter took over from McFarlane as
National Security Adviser in December l985 he killed a plan his predecessor
had come up with to have secret payments made to Israel out of a heavily
disguised National Security Counsel-controlled appropriation in the
Pentagon's budget. (Washington Post, March 5th, l988) "The idea was for it
to come out of the defence budget on an installment basis," one source was
quoted as saying. "It was, to be a payment to the Israelis to be good."
(Washington Post,February 25th, l988)

         It may be nothing but a mere coincidence, but Israel's spy in
Washington, Jonathan Pollard, was operating throughout McFarlane's period
as National Security Advisor. A month after Pollard was arrested, McFarlane
resigned. Yet six months later he is leading a delegation on a secret
mission to Teheran. Why didn't National Security Adviser Poindexter go?

         McFarlane's ties to Rafi Eitan, then the Prime Minister's
Anti-Terrorism Advisor and who would later be named as the Israeli
intelligence agent behind the masterminding of the Pollard affair, also
need to be investigated.

Counterpunch.org, 9/4/03: "Bechtel and the State Department were having
trouble getting the right degree from the Israeli Labor Party that the
pipeline would be off limits to attack. Bechtel and Reagan administration
officials were trying to get complete assurance from the Labor Party that
the pipeline would absolutely not be attacked."

***So here's what the Peres government did with Pollard's intelligence:
they put the squeeze on Bechtel and that meant on Caspar Weinberger. The
threat was simple enough: if you guys at Bechtel don''t find a way to
funnel me a lot of money, $700 million will do, we'll expose the Iraqi gas
plants and sabotage your pipeline deal. Hence, the insurance policy excuse
was formulated under great duress.
     When a very peeved Weinberger discovered that it was Pollard who was
passing Peres his blackmail weapons, he showed no mercy. He intervened with
Pollard's judge and made sure he got life for a five year crime knowing the
Israeli government could put no stop to him or risk its own massive exposure.
      Weinberger is home free. In 1992, President Bush pardoned him for all
Iran Contra-related crimes. Shimon Peres was just chosen as head of the
Israeli Labor Party. And unless this little piece of the whole truth is
thoroughly investigated, Jonathan Pollard will sit for good in his cold,
cold cell.***


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order the Hebrew version call 03 5569991 or wrote konos@bezeqint.net.il

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It's an illusion, this Roadmap To Peace. President Bush's trip to
Roadmap summits in Sharm El Sheikh and Aqaba this week were to further the
illusion that he is personally committed to peace for Israel. Most people
did not see through this illusion; in fact, except for some of my readers,
especially one in Ontario, no one saw through the illusion. But then, most
people are under the illusion that they have a choice of leadership when
they vote. If PM Sharon has done the Jews only one favor lately, it is that
he has finally shattered that illusion for good.
    The hard reality behind the illusion is that the Roadmap is one more
ugly Vatican manoever to place those unwanted Jews in a deadly trap. Now if
anyone dares doubt that Bush is being guided by Rome and its Spanish
outpost, please read the following reports and try to draw another conclusion.
     I will add not another word until you finish reading:


Secretary-General Kofi Annan departed New York on 6 April and arrived in
Madrid, Spain, on Sunday, 7 April, to begin a weeklong visit to Europe that
would also take him to Rome and Geneva.

On Sunday evening, he and Mrs. Annan attended a private dinner hosted by
King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the Palacio de la Zarzuela on the
outskirts of the Spanish capital.

In the afternoon, the Secretary-General visited the Madrid-based World
Tourism Organization and then addressed a ceremony to mark 160 companies
signing up to the Global Compact. (See Press Release SG/SM/8193.)

Also on Tuesday, the Secretary-General conferred with his Special
Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Terje Roed-Larsen, in
advance of his meeting the following morning with members of the so-called
"Quartet" on the situation in the Middle East.

At that meeting on Wednesday morning, the Secretary-General discussed the
escalating crisis for over an hour without aides at Madrid's Palace of
Moncloa with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Spanish Foreign Minister
Josep Piqu? representing the rotating presidency of the European Union,
High Representative for European Union Common Foreign and Security Policy
Javier Solana, and Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov.

Immediately after the press conference, the Secretary-General departed
Madrid for Rome, Italy.


New World Order without Ideologies

by HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal (Jordanian Prince, Uncle of King Abdullah
of Jordan and present President of the Club of Rome.)

Hours after the five-week standoff at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity
ended, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres arrived in Rome for talks with
Premier Silvio Berlusconi and top Vatican officials. Peres met with Vatican
Secretary of State Angelo Sodano and Vatican Foreign Minister Archbishop
Jean-Louis Tauran. During his visit Peres said Italy would be a good venue
for a peace conference.

Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, said: 'We have excellent relations
with Rome and my personal relations with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
are great.'

Saturday, May 03, 2003

MADRID, Spain  - Pope John Paul II (search) began a whirlwind visit to
Madrid  on Saturday, testing his frail health and seeking to reinvigorate
those Spanish Catholics who have strayed from their once-dominant church.

The pontiff, who turns 83 this month, arrived at Barajas airport outside
Madrid aboard an Alitalia jetliner. King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia
greeted him at the VIP terminal as he began his first visit abroad in nine

King Juan Carlos, speaking before the pope, praised the pontiff as "a
tireless fighter for the most noble causes."

"This will probably be this pope's last visit to Spain, although you never
know," the archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco, said in an
interview published Saturday in the newspaper El Mundo.

Powell To Meet Pope
US Secretary of State Colin Powell will visit Pope John Paul II next week
to discuss the Middle East peace process and rebuilding post-war Iraq, US
and Vatican sources said today.
The meeting on Monday will be the first high-ranking face-to-face talks
between the US government and the Vatican since the US-led war in Iraq,
which the Pope vehemently opposed.


Pope Meets with Colin Powell,
Calls for a Palestinian State

Again, Pope John Paul II takes a position regarding God's covenant land
that is not biblical.

As a reminder, PLO Chairman Yassir Arafat had nine meetings with Pope John
Paul II at the Vatican since the signing of the Oslo I Agreement on
September 13, 1993.

Vatican Signs Agreement with the Palestinians over Jerusalem

The Vatican and the Palestinians signed an agreement on February 15, 2000,
stating the following:

An equitable solution for the issue of Jerusalem, based on international
resolutions, is fundamental for a just and lasting peace in the Middle
East, and that unilateral decisions and actions altering the specific
character and status of Jerusalem are morally and legally unacceptable;
Calling, therefore, for a special statute for Jerusalem, internationally
guaranteed, which should safeguard the following: (a). Freedom of religion
and conscience for all. (b). The equality before the law of the three
monotheistic religions and their Institutions and followers in the City.
(c). The proper identity and sacred character of the City and its
universally significant, religious and cultural heritage. (d). The Holy
Places, the freedom of access to them and of worship in them. (e). The
Regime of "Status Quo" in those Holy Places where it applies.

The Israelis responded by saying, "Israel expresses its great displeasure
with the declaration made in Rome by the Holy See and the PLO, which
includes the issue of Jerusalem, and other issues which are subjects of the
Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on permanent status. The agreement signed
by these two parties constitutes a regretful intervention in the talks
between Israel and the Palestinians."

US Secretary of State Colin Powell has been holding talks with Italian
Foreign Minister Franco Frattini in Rome. He said Italy was the US's best
friend and ally and that President George W Bush was grateful for Italy's
contribution during the war with Iraq. Mr Powell also met Pope John Paul II
in the Vatican to discuss Middle East peace efforts and the reconstruction
of Iraq. It was the first high-level meeting between the US and the Vatican
since the Iraq war. During the audience, the Pope spoke of his hopes for
the United States-backed 'road map' for Middle East peace. He said he hoped
that Israelis and Palestinians would be able finally to enjoy the same
security and the same sovereignty.
Source: WorldWatch


U.S. Ready to Put 'Shoulder to Wheel' on Mideast Peace
2 hours, 16 minutes ago Add Top Stories - Reuters to My Yahoo!
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Wednesday called for quick
confirmation of a Palestinian cabinet and vowed to put its "shoulder to the
wheel" to implement a long-delayed Middle East peace plan.

President Bush discussed the developments and his plans to release the road
map by phone with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime
Minister Jose Maria Aznar.

Bush's ultimatum recalls post-9/11 remarks
Tue Mar 18, 6:27 AM ET


Bush spent part of Monday rehearsing. He was up before dawn, as always, and
made phone calls to his most steadfast allies : Blair, Aznar and Spain's
King Juan Carlos.

Bush on 'axis of weasel' tour
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - US President George Bush will embark on a week-long
day visit to Europe on Thursday which will take in Berlin, Moscow, St.
Petersburg, Paris, Normandy, and Rome.

Mr Bush will meet with the three leaders of what some have dubbed the "axis
of weasel" for their opposition to the war on Iraq - German Chancellor
Gerhard Schroder, French President Jacques Chirac and Russian President
Vladimir Putin.

Mr Bush will also meet with the Pope, not named a member of the axis, but
strongly anti-war.


Victory is in the blood for 'aristocratic' Republican
The Guardian
Press Association

The Republican George W Bush will be elected US president on November 7
because he has more royal blood than his opponent, it was claimed today.

Mr Bush has direct descents from William the Conqueror, Henry II and
Charles II, according to Burke's Peerage.

He also scores better than his father, who lost the office of president to
Bill Clinton, because of his mother's well-to-do ancestors. Barbara Pierce
Bush's royal connections include French Bourbon and several Scandinavian
monarchs, as well as members of the Russian, Spanish and German monarchies.

Vatican Moves Emperor Near Beatification
Sat Apr 12, 9:57 PM ET

VATICAN CITY - The Vatican (news - web sites) moved the last emperor of
Austria-Hungary on the path to beatification Saturday, decades after the
monarch died in exile.

Charles I was a man of "moral integrity and solid faith," the Vatican said,
adding that he "always sought the well-being of his people and was inspired
by the social doctrine of the Church in his government actions."


Danish foreign minister hints at sanctions if road map stalls

By Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said Saturday the foreign
ministers of the international Quartet (the UN, United States, EU and
Russia) had prepared various means of applying pressure to force Israel and
the Palestinians to implement the road map for a solution to their conflict.

Moeller, whose country, Denmark, headed the EU presidency when the road map
was put together, was speaking on the eve of the arrival in the region of
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. He had been asked what sanctions
could be imposed by the EU and the Quartet on any side that failed to
implement the road map.

"We have a series of measures we will come out with at the appropriate
time," Moeller said at a conference of peace activists from Israel, the
Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Jordan that was organized by the Jordanian
Foreign Ministry. "I won't expose them now because if I were to do so, they
would lose their effectiveness; but we are ready to use them if we are
required to do so," he added.

Delegates at the conference included Haim Ramon, MK (Labor), former Labor
lawmaker Uzi Bar'am, representatives from the Peres Center for Peace, Fatah
activists from the PA and Jerusalem, and members of Jordanian and Egyptian
peace movements.


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Ahead of a key Israeli cabinet meeting and a
statement by the US, representatives of the Madrid Quartet - Russia, the
EU, US and UN are meeting in Paris today and are set to agree the terms for
monitoring the so-called 'road map' to peace.

Remarks with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov
of the Russian Federation, Foreign Minister Josep Pique of Spain in the
capacity of EU Presidency and Javier Solana, High Representative for Common
Foreign and Security Policy of the EU

Secretary Colin L. Powell
Benjamin Franklin Room
Washington, DC
May 2, 2002
SECRETARY POWELL: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am pleased to
welcome to the State Department today Secretary General Annan, Foreign
Minister Ivanov, Foreign Minister Pique, and High Representative Solana of
the European Union to the Department to continue the discussion that we
began in Madrid on April 10th on ways to end the violence and move towards
peace in the Middle East.

Son's approach towards Europe misunderstood, says Bush Sr
MADRID: Former U.S. President George Bush said on Friday that some people
had misunderstood his son's attitude towards Europe.
"I know there is a perception in some quarters here in Europe that this
administration of his hasn't reached out to our friends and allies as much
as some would like. I know that this is a misperception," the father of
current President George W.Bush told a business conference in Madrid.
The elder Bush, 79, cited his son's close work with Spanish Prime Minister
Jose Maria Aznar as an example of how the president had reached out to
Europe in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

May. 12, 2003
Spanish foreign minister to tour Middle East
Foreign Minister Ana Palacio said Monday she plans to visit governments in
the Middle East to encourage peace efforts in the region.
Palacio said she intended to include Cairo, Egypt, in her tour but provided
no further information. Her office said details of her trip were not yet
The support of the region's leaders for the so-called road map to peace
proposed by the United States, United Nations, European Union and Russia is
"very important" in securing its success, Palacio told reporters.
It is time to move "from statements to action," she added.
Enacting the Middle East blueprint for peace has become one of Spain's main
foreign policy goals. It was one of the main arguments used by Prime
Minister Jose Maria Aznar to justify to Spaniards his government's support
for the US-led war in Iraq.

Yahoo news article
Spanish FM to meet Arafat in Ramallah

MADRID (AFP) - Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio will meet with
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (news - web sites) and prime minister
Mahmud Abbas in the West Bank town of Ramallah, diplomatic sources said
Palacio was due to head for Jerusalem later Tuesday after a meeting of EU
and Arab ministers on the Mediterranean island of Crete.
She will meet in Ramallah with Abbas and her Palestinian counterpart Nabil
Shaath on Wednesday before a "short visit" to see Arafat the same day, the
sources here said, adding there were no plans to meet with Israeli officials.

***  Now surely, even the most stubborn adherents of their own
understanding of reality, saw the pattern. Powell and Bush run to Spain and
Rome before planning their moves in the Middle East. That they are pulling
the strings is an illusion. That they intend to bring peace to Israel is an
illusion. That they are doing the Vatican's dirty work is the only truth
that can be discerned from their actions.


    To get the hang of the Vatican's intentions, have a look
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