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October 21   -   At Least, Get the Kids Out
September 30 - Cutthroats
September 18 - Shabak in Florida, 9-11 in New York

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October 21, 2006 - AT LEAST, GET THE KIDS OUT

North Korea explodes a N-bomb. Well done chaps. And North Korea is
best buddies with Iran.
      Very well done, this here nuke stuff.
      The next war with Israel can now be nuclear.
      And the deluded Jews of Israel can write completely wrong
political analyses till they are nuked for breakfast. They still don't
comprehend my message: THE RULERS OF ISRAEL HATE JEWS.
      It appears that a country run by "men" who hate Jews and prefer
globalism far more is simply too much for the little minds of the Jews
to work out.
      So before Israel goes for good...AT LEAST GET THE KIDS OUT.


      The rulers that hate! In my last article, I more than merely
suggested that the Peres/Olmert death duo was behind the demise of Pres.

/( Once again, Vice Premier Shimon Peres has indicated he
may join the presidential race. Peres lost the last race to President
Moshe Katsav. /


/Note that this mess began in late August and has been filling the news
in Israel since then. Beginning in the first of October, editorials
began surfacing which demanded that President Katsav resign and naming
various other politicians who might fill the post. Quite a number of
names were publicized but suddenly, a prominent pro-Withdrawal name
popped up, and has stayed in the limelight -- Vice Premier Shimon Peres!/

/From the earliest days of the Oslo Peace Accord (1992-1993), Peres was
one of the most prominent voices calling for Unilateral Withdrawal.
Peres was on the bloody scene during the Rabin assassination, and Jewish
author, Barry Chamish makes a strong case that Rabin was not only
assassinated by his own bodyguards, but that Peres was the likely
culprit behind the assassination; if you have not yet read Chamish's
book, "Who Killed Yitzhak Rabin?", we encourage you to get a copy and
read it carefully. The facts that the Israeli government killed Rabin
are almost as strong as the facts that American operatives carried out
the attacks of 9/11 according to the Illuminati Plan.


*Ehud Olmert is in favor of the candidacy of Shimon Peres for president
of the state. At a press conference in Moscow, the Prime Minister said
that "there is only one person from the political echelons who is very
suitable for the presidency: Shimon Peres". On Tuesday evening Olmert
said that he would prefer a non-political candidate for the position.
Questioned by journalists on the candidacy of Elie Wiesel, he said that
the name of the Nobel Prize winner had been raised. *(Guysen.IsraŽl.News)

       /My apologies for my instincts. Now save the beautiful Israeli kids.


     INCREDIBLY, the Israeli press is touting how easy Syria will be to
defeat next time. Don't you remember the 1982 war? This will be even
quicker. It's as if the last war didn't count. It's as if the lessons of
it are not being discussed in the war councils of Teheran and Damascus.
It's like big Scuds won't be used instead of baby Katyushas.
     And best of all, 1,100 Russian troops are now in Beirut helping
     And then there was Israel. It's planning a new air war. It will be
using an especially deadly American bomb called, you guessed it, the MOAB.
     No, supposedly, not for Moabite, The MOAB is the Mother Of All Bombs.
     And the brilliant Jews are promoting as much immigration of
religious Jews from Britain, France, Germany...wait not Germany. They've
already left.
     And the religious Jews will come to a nation without work,
leadership or a future to die behind a security wall. They will die for
Olmert, Peres, Barak, Sharon, Netanyahu et al.


     Remember the Samson Option? That no Israeli city could be attacked
by the air because WE had nuclear weapons.
     So where was the option while Haifa was emptied last July?
     Is it true Israel never had nuclear weapons, or is it true Israel's
leaders no longer protect their people? First thought counts.

    Worse than the leaders are the political pundits. No one will tell
the truth.
    It's up to us to remove our children from the killing fields. Israel
has no armed forces the people can trust. Its leadership killed Rabin
and Sharon to get ahead. Katsav is a pimple on its record. Everyone who
cares for the Jews must provide rooms for the children.
    For G-d's sake, at least make provisions to save our children.


Guess who was refused entry into the US?. At Vancouver Airport, US
Customs denied my entrance. They invented a cock and bull story with
every detail wrong and threw me alone into the streets of
Vancouver. Write them or details. For 25 years I've been coming into
America, now you may never see me again.

BUT I do have an address: Barry Chamish, POB 81018, Burnaby, BC V5H 4KI,
CANADA.  Donate to your favorite lost cause.

BIG special. I have my 2 hour speech from Denver last month for $10 each
with postage. And I'll add, while they last, my July Denver speech for
$5 more. Two speeches on audio CDs for $15.
Last month's speech is the only on Israel and 911 and the only since my
agonizing odyssey began. Next sendout we'll do Ontario and US Customs

But order the speech. It may be the last ever from America.

/Look /at the next web site. Much is VERY wrong, some right. But 6 of my
radio shows are included. Listen to them.



September 30, 2006 - CUTTHROATS

     President Moshe Katzav is being investigated for seven charges of
sexual crimes, including rape.
     Is Israel's President a rapist? Or does someone hate him enough to
frame him?
     Recall that before the last Presidential election, the President,
Ezer Weizmann, was forced to resign because of gift-taking from the
Geneva millionaire, Edouard Seroussi. I noted that Shimon Peres was
about the only politician who knew European shenanigans. And I added,
Peres WOULD run for President. I was right about that. Where I blew it
is that Peres would lose the vote to Moshe Katzav. In any SECRET vote,
Peres' enemies will express themselves.
     And thus, Katzav became the secret and sworn enemy of Shimon Peres.
He doomed himself.


    Here is why the next Holocaust will succeed in Israel. Because the
Jewish people are overwhelmed with cutthroats from within. I had to
leave Israel after a car crash that almost killed me. But it was the
hospital that convinced me I had to get out of the place. I was
restrained hand and foot from the first day of my stay to the last over
two weeks later when there was no need for it. One major newspaper on
its front page noted I was sharing a room with the Labor Party
ideologue. I forget his name. But I do know he and his pals called me
"the conspirator." That is until the night that he died in front of me.
Then came the tv show about me and the Rabin murder. Sick and drugged,
my bed was moved in front of the room where I was called "a fantasizer"
to the nation. I had to watch as the departing crowd passed by me,
mocking me.
    And that was a better moment than moving back to the ward and being
ignored by all the doctors. As the doctors discussed the tv show in
front of me, they ignored my calls for help. Meanwhile, I had a witch's
brew of anti-stroke drugs pumped into my system. It was only after my
stay improved because of two sympathetic doctors who cut the restraints,
did I realize I had been, against my will, fed experimental drugs my
whole stay.


   Israel's past Presidents could be protected against all their crimes.
The Sabbataian Chaim Weizmann in 1933 promised that only 2 million Jews
would survive what he actually called "the Holocaust." After the war he
admitted that Hitler had gone too far when only 100,000 Jews in areas he
controlled survived. Weizmann allowed the Jews of Europe to be
slaughtered and no one said a word. The crook Chaim Herzog ran mafia
businesses all the way to China with millionaire Shaul Eisenberg. No one
said a thing, even when he pardoned mega-crook Yossi Ginosar. Not only
were his crimes forgotten, his son Isaac sits in today's government.
   So why is Katzav getting picked on?


   All I wanted was a place to stay and either build a business or find
a job. Instead, I  became Job. House one in Toronto, lasted 2 hours 
before I ran from the pigsty. Next house, a homosexual trap. Next,a
messianic couple want me to advocate the lady and her direct
conversations with God. Since none of it was true, I was gone. Finally,
I move to Canada and guess what? My friend of ten years had no right to
invite me. It's his mother's place and SHE didn't invite me.
  And that was truly insane.
  I don't give names unless I'm attacked. The first nut from Toronto has
falsely accused me of theft and I will take care of him. But no one will
take me under any circumstance if I name names.
  I just wanted a roof over my head until I can earn money. And instead
everyone wants to use me...even close friends.


  Katzav was accused of rape on the first day of the last war. Good
timing. Peres, in that war, may have also set up the man who defeated
him in the last party elections, Defence Minister Amir Peretz. Who can
say if Peres, the number two man in the country, didn't bring down both
of his enemies, Katzav AND Peretz. Both are now finished as politicians
and human beings.


  By the end of the last stay, all the lying and deceit had affected me.
I was dragged into the behaviour. I asked two friends to free me from
this religious Hell. And my friends told my host every word I had said
to get free. All I can add, I had helped them with publicity in the
past. That has stopped.
  But Peres has likely broken his enemies, the President and the Defence
Minister. Katzav, too frightened to think straight, has accused Bibi
Netanyahu of framing him. Even Katzav is smarter than that. We recall
that Rabbi Lau was accused of molesting a dozen young women. The
establishment fought back by closing down the offending newspaper,
Chadshot, and installing Lau as the new Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi.
   But Lau didn't offend the cutthroats. Katzav is finished, proper
punishment for defeating Peres.
   I accuse Peres of murdering Rabin.
   Can anyone actually save me?


   If you can actually provide a free to cheap space to live without ANY
interference, write me at  with your phone number
   If anyone knows of a local community college that can use a talented
writing teacher, or Hebrew teacher write the same address or
with your phone number. My cell number is not working in Canada.
   So write me... Immediately. I'll get back to you.

   Listen to me on Stan Monteith this week.

    If normality doesn't return, I'll just go back to Israel and watch
them arrest me for libeling one Itamar Ben Gvir or for whatever they
couldn't do to me in the hospital. I was MASTER OF MY HOME all my life,
not an animal to be exploited by the weak or deluded. If no one can help
me, then let G-D help me in Israel.
   And do keep booking me til then.


September 18, 2006 - SHABAK IN FLORIDA, 9-11 IN NY

          It's so nice to be appreciated, even by my enemies, but better
by my friends.
          SO much better by friends because here is what the enemies can
do in America. They can try and take it over.
          For the first time in my checkered bookselling history, I was
tossed out of an event, and by no less than the Orlando,
Florida. I chose to sell at an event sponsored by one
Battalion of Deborah who promised me the "biggest" event to save Israel
on American soil. At least 2000 genuine patriots would show.
          In fact, maybe 120 people showed and maybe 60 vendors sold to
them, including a dozen Israelis... half or more Shabak agents. My
mistake was identifying one who I had seen
in Israeli. He had made his name short and friendly but I went up to him
I asked, "How you doing Amichai" or something like that. His first name
has slipped me but not his last.
          IT IS NEUMANN.
          He looks more German than Israeli. And his cover is selling
e-mail messages to the Western Wall by a firm called IPS. Another Shabak
firm is Ami Tours of Chicago who kept
a pretty good watch on me as well after I pointed to Neumann and asked,
"Why is the Shabak here?"
          It was in getting thrown out that was more than a reminder of
the Israel I had run from. Filming this non-event was Nitzan Chen, the
broadcaster sought out by Avishai Raviv to give
him a poster of Rabin in a Gestapo uniform. To this day Chen's broadcast
is used to prove how "fascist" are the settlers. Chen, religious and I
thought anyway, married, spent more time chasing
the Christian girls than film making.
          He told me, "This is the Golden Land." I suppose it was his
first shot at Christians. I can only assume the Land stopped shining at
some point.
          Night one was full of preachers like Hagee. Night two was
filled with Knesset members and politicians like Mudie Zemberg, Benny
Alon, Elyakim Rubinstein et al.
          After a conversation with Zemberg, I told a Deborah
Battalioner that I initially supported him but he let us all down. She
was aghast. "He is better than ever," she insisted. I
told her he began in Rafael Eitan's Tsomet Party, which saw defections
that gave Rabin a Jewish majority for Oslo, and he ended up in the
viciously anti-religious party, Shinui run by Tommy Lapid.
         The lady had never heard of Shinui and didn't want to know who
Zemberg was. She added, "The Jewish Agency supplied the Israelis for us
         The Jewish Agency? THE JEWISH AGENCY????
         That explained why the speakers were all turncoats and the
vendors agents.

        I will reveal a source. In 1997, a young man named Arye
Landesburg revealed to me how he got involved in Avishai Raviv and Yigal
Amir's super-radical EYAL organization. "I was
at a rally at Orient House in East Jerusalem when Benny Alon approached
me and insisted I meet the nicest guy here...Avishai Raviv. He got half
his members through Alon. That's how Alon
identified him so quickly after the Rabin assassination. They worked
together in the Shabak."
       Elyakim Rubinstein  is the only Yesha commentator who knows my
work and condemns it.
       What Are They All Doing Here?

      The auditorium was too empty for Chen's film. It was humiliatingly
empty, so they ordered the vendors to shut down sales and sit and watch
the Israelis speak.
      The speeches were all written for the MKs. They were dreadful. All
these so-called right-wing MKs prove Israel must be democratic.
      "When Israel is attacked we become the best fighters in the world."
      Which explains why Hizbullah shut down the country for a month.
      Here comes the Holocaust. And out I went.


     I left the auditorium with its quiescent Israelis, and Americans
standing and clapping for every militaristic word. THAT WAS ILLEGAL.
     We had gathered to STAND WITH ISRAEL.
     And that means ATTACK IRAN. That's why Olmert 's sister-in-law was
selling tours in the vending room. That's why we're all here.
     So the Shabak taught an itty-bitty little American girl their
words, just the way Israelis, so sadly, have heard them thousands of
times before. With  Neumann watching the
performance, the dumb girl recited the lines while being protected by a
dozen black security guards: "I'm going to say this once. If I say it
twice a uniformed police officer will..."
     Blah Blah Blah. She was so thrilled by her phoney power she
actually hummed a country song by the end.


    This is how the Shabak set me and thousands of people up in Israel.
Now look at the reply former Shabak chief and today's Police Minister
Avi Dichter sent me. I asked
that Israel police cooperate with my attorney Dov Even Or and supply him
with the results of the investigation of my near deadly car "accident."

Dear Mr. Chamish,

In order to reply to your E-mail to Mr. Dicter, could you please supply with
your mailing address?

Best Regards,
Ruti Koren
Bureau Manager

-----Original Message-----
From: Barry Chamish []
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 10:38 PM
Subject: A. Dichter

      I gave him my attorney's address. We never got a letter.


    From the complete and dangerous loss of freedom to redemption. As
usual, the nutcase prof from Haifa spreads the lie that I was at a
Holocaust deniers convention. Never
heard of it. Far from it, I was at the alternative 9-11 conference in
New York and I was well received.
    And yes, I could have done Israel some job. I could have talked
about Frank Lowy, the Israeli who owned the WTC land, Menachem Atzmon,
former partner of Ehud Olmert as Likud
Treasurer and CEO of the security company of Logan and Newark Airports
on 9-11. I could have asked why both architects chosen to rebuild the
WTC were Israeli. And there is
Aaron Swirski of my e-mail list and a WTC architect who told me the WTC
was designed to take a plane hit.
    But I spoke of Larry Silverstein who decided to "pull" building 7 of
the WTC at 5 PM, in the shadow of the fallen towers. It takes weeks to
demolish a 47 storey building. Who put
the explosives in Building 7? There were 4 buildings and 3 planes. The
missing plane that was to have felled Building 7 was UA93, which was
shot down by an F16 in Pennsylvania.
Go to my web site and seek the article, Larry Pulls It. Silverstein, all
tied to Sharon and the CFR, BROUGHT DOWN THE BUILDING.
   And unlike the worst of the speakers I explained that Sharon was a
"peacemaker" and it was the "peacemakers" who were destroying Israel.
The Israeli people know nothing.


    Then I taped a show for Charlie Bernheid and Helen Freedman of AFSI.
They are the most generous and decent people in the world. But they
close their minds about 9-11 because
if the Arabs didn't do  it, they lose their right to defend Israel.
    This was so sad to me. Israel is being lost to a government which
believes in globalism first and Judaism, oh, just after corn malt liquor
or the Best Of The Monkees.


     My whole Orlando - 9-11 adventure became a speech for The American
Freedom Network. Their engineer George Forfa made me 50 copies of the CD
Rom speech given in Denver. Write me quickly for a $14 copy.
     Of note, Alex Jones correctly cited me in his exciting closing 9-11
speech. Google my New Jersey host Cliff Shack. He is a brilliant
thinker. Have a look at

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