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October 22 - Rabin Comes To NY
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October 31, 2007 - JOTTING FROM THE ASYLUM

A few quick notes far from the asylum just before I pack for my NY
lecture. On the eve before the 12th anniversary of the Rabin murder,
I'll be giving my highly influential
lecture about what really happened that night. Everyone, from all
faiths, kiths and kins are invited. So spread this article to everyone
you know within driving distance of the event:

“RABIN COMES TO NEW YORK CITY” Lecture by Barry Chamish

SATURNIGHT, Nov 3 - 8 PM - in Crown Heights, Maple Street Shul, 612 Maple Str, Brooklyn, NY 11203
Light Refreshments. Charge $10. Books and DVD's “Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin” will be on sale
The evening is being hosted by . For further info email to

PS. Watch Barry in action (July, 06) (E) <>


If only Rabin week was all year long. How happy I would be! Just look at
the wonderful article about me in Israel this week. Go to pages 4, 5 and
6. It's in Hebrew but those unacquainted with the
holy tongue with enjoy the great photos. The Rabin stuff within is old
and I didn't say it to the long distance interviewer. But look at my
latest findings. (Continue to Notes for verification).
Without publishing any names, I said that by utilizing old agents Itamar
Ben Gvir and Avigdor Eskin, the wide public would be persuaded that only
"extremists" believe that Amir didn't shoot Rabin.
And I noted that Rabbi Shlmo Aviner was used by the security services to
brainwash Israeli youths not to seriously oppose the destruction of Gush
Katif, while appearing that he was on their side.
"Rabbi" Aviner's unseemly and illegal dalliances with young ladies he
advised, trapped him into spydom. Now he is on a new assignment. To get
naive religious kids to stop protesting and start missionizing Tel Aviv.
Quick, run to the Notes!

Now, in English, look at the latest in coverup. The Rabin murder is
finally digitalized to prove Amir shot him: I am comment number 56.


The only problem is the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry, the GOVERNMENT'S
inquiry into the murder, has Amir shooting Rabin in the back, his
bodyguard Yoram Rubin falls on Rabin, Amir next shoots Rubin in the
shoulder, until shooting bullet number three into Rabin. Rubin testified
to Shamgar that Amir shot him in the shoulder, swearing that he felt "a
jolt of electricity" running down his arm. Look
at the film. No Rubin and Rabin is shot three times in the back. Now if
this doesn't prove a conspiracy, or that Rubin perjured himself, nothing

But, look who is backing the evidence! Why it's the multi-crook Ehud
Olmert, who at Rabin's commemoration ceremony said; "The man who
murdered Yitzhak Rabin fired three bullets into the back
of Israeli democracy - which in effect was what he plotted to eliminate."

Now, I'm not in the psychology department of the Shabak, but whose super
duper idea was it to let Amir have a fumbling relationship with his
non-wife and for her to have a baby on Nov. 4? It's quite a strategy and
somehow it will be to the advantage of the Israeli murdering elite.

And the news from the madhouse gets nuttier by the week. Finally, I'll
speculate. Last article I noted that Israel's cable tv networks,
combined called HOT, were being electronically interfered with. Well,
this week, HOT announced it would be dropping CNN News and replacing it
with, get this, all the inmates are in stitches over this one, and
replacing it with, even the warden got a chuckle over this, and
replacing it with, you'll love this, Al-Jazeera News. Was that really
the reason for the electronic bombardment of HOT? Even the guards aren't
telling us.

Despite propaganda outside the institute that Israel has a booming
economy, the place is a disaster if you're not in the ruling elite. The
poor children of Israel have spent less than a week of the past four
months in school because their teachers walked out. A 20 year teacher
struggling in the violent jungles of Israel's schools earns a thou a
month. And the government is sticking to its guns that it's a fair wage.
So the teachers are about the quit the profession en masse to enter more
profitable fields, like selling tomatos in the market.

My, your and our children are getting dumber by the second and still the
same question is asked: Why Isn't The Government Acting To End The
Strike? Now everyone here at the asylum knows the answer. When your goal
is to destroy a country, you don't educate the upcoming and last generation.


Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice

Fri Oct 26 21:27:31 UTC 2007

By Sue Pleming

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Anxious not to repeat mistakes of past Middle
East peace-making, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has turned to
former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for tips ahead of her
own conference this year...
Other sources of advice have been former U.S. negotiator Dennis Ross
and ex-secretaries of state James Baker, Henry Kissinger and
Madeleine Albright. Rice meets frequently for lunch with Albright,
whose father taught Rice at Denver University.


*12 years after Rabin's assassination; some Israelis seek killer's release*

Aron Heller

JERUSALEM - As Israel marked the 12th anniversary of the assassination
of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on Tuesday, his killer is at the centre
of an emotional debate. Should Yigal Amir be allowed to attend the
circumcision of his son or even be pardoned altogether?

The assassin was once reviled by all but the most _extreme Israelis_,
but sympathy for him cast a shadow over the ceremonies and services for
Rabin that began Tuesday evening, the anniversary of the slaying
according to the Hebrew calendar.

Amir, an Orthodox Jew, shot Rabin after a peace rally on Nov. 4, 1995,
_to protest the prime minister's policy of trading West Bank land for
peace with the Palestinians_. He was sentenced to life in prison and has
been held in isolation.

Over the past year, however, Amir has been permitted conjugal visits
with his wife, Larissa Trimbobler, whom he married by proxy while in
prison. She is due to give birth to a boy any day.

That news has coincided with *_a campaign by Israeli extremists_* and
Amir's family to secure his release from prison. Stickers, posters and
150,000 copies of a video featuring his mother, wife and supporters
vowing to free him by next spring have been circulated.

It's about to lose the right to broadcast CNN in Israel, but the
country's largest cable provider appears to have found a replacement:
Al-Jazeera in English.

A contract with the controversial Gulf-based news network "should be
finalized within a few days," a senior representative of HOT Television
told /The Jerusalem Post /Monday. Should the deal be signed, it will put
Al-Jazeera's English-language offshoot on the air around the time HOT
drops CNN, said Yossi Lubaton, the company's vice president of marketing.


> Judaism Isn't Just Shabbat Candles and Tefilin
> Nadia Matar
> My shock and disappointment therefore knew no bounds when I read the
> article by Roi Sharon, that appeared in NRG Maariv, with the following
> headline: "Meahazim [outpost settlements] Are Out, Repentance Is In"
> (NRG, October 9, 2007), in which it was written:
> A revolution in religious Zionism: bringing back to religion is more
> important than settling the land. [...] For long years the leaders of
> religious Zionism championed the missions of building settlements and
> the struggle against the evacuation of settlements, with the
> commandment of settling Eretz Israel proudly standing at the top of
> the values for which the youth was educated. But 60 years after the
> establishment of the State of Israel, it seems that this public has
> decided to change the movement's agenda, and to point to a new goal.
> Last Shabbat hundreds of activists gathered in the settlement of
> Ofrah, and heard lectures by the head of the Ateret Kohanim yeshivah
> Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, the rabbi of Safed Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, and MK
> Effi Eitam. The three called upon religious young people to assault
> the Israeli street and bring the secular back to religion. This is a
> real precedent in the annals of religious Zionism, that until now
> refrained from engaging in efforts to effect repentance, at least
> openly [...]
To order the 2 hour DVD, The Dirty War Against The Settlers, for only
$20, write
And for a limited time only, order the thrilling DVD, The Vatican's New
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Barry Chamish
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October 22, 2007 - RABIN COMES TO NY

On November 3, 2007, the eve of the 12th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's
assassination, I'll be in NY telling the truth of the murder. And even
more. I'll tell the assembled about the hit squad led by Israel's
current president which organized the Hebron massacre of 1994, the
murder of Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi and the, all but murder, of
Ariel Sharon. Come one, come all, bring the kids, leave your reality at
home and join us at:

    Motzei Shabbos Kodesh
    – Otherwise known as Saturday Nite
    On November 3rd – Eve of the anniversary of the Rabin Assassination
    You can mark 12 years of deception by attending Barry Chamish's
    SUPER LECTURE in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at 8 PM;
    Maple Street Shul
    612 Maple Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11203

    Directions can be found on google maps or your favorite location
    Light Refreshments will be served

Cover charge $10.
Books and DVD's will be on sale. For $15, a package of a book and DVD,
both called Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, will be made available.
The evening is being hosted by
For further information use the email address:

Barely a fortnight before, the Israeli establishment was shocked by the
poll which revealed that:

Poll carried out last week by Teleseker of a representative sample of
500 Adult Israeli Jews for Maariv the week of 5 October 2007 and
published in Maariv on 8 October 2007. Statistical error 4.4 percentage

Percentage believing Yigal Amir's claim that he was not behind the
murder: General population 28% Religious 46%

And how did the murdering mafia react? In the midst of an electronic
barrage which attacked cable tv and the airport, the spin doctors wasted
the dying nation's last resources by going into high gear to cover the
truth. And it's not working. The latest poll of Israel's Right show that
71% believe in MY conspiracy thesis and only 15% still believe the
government. (see Notes). Still they try. Oh how they try!

First, Maariv's Weekend magazine, put patsy Yigal Amir on its cover with
a satirical jab at the poll results. All that did was prove, through the
back door, that Israel did not believe its mafia governors. So the same
paper was utilized to publish "an expose" that the police found
explosives at the Amir home on the night of Rabin's murder.

And it only took 12 years to publish the "findings."

Hebrew readers and listeners, enjoy the coverup. Actually, even those
ignorant of the holy tongue will enjoy photos of the event. The text
proves the snitching cop was employed by the Secret Service (Shabak)
from the night of the murder to whitewash it, but, unless you plan to
learn Hebrew to read the site, you're stuck believing me. URL two is the
government's tv station rehashing the big lie:



Then, the Shabak called out its usual guns. Even if no one believes them
anymore. It seems an unnamed American millionaire is backing a new
movement, called, most originally, The Committee For Democracy, to rush
to Amir's aid. Now, this committee believes Amir knocked off Rabin, but
that's good as far as it's concerned. For years, I have been called a
radical "Right Winger" by the Israeli media, even though many of my
views actually reflect a leftist or centrist view. The reason is Shabak
manipulation of the Rabin murder into a Right Wing cause. In fact, to
understand Rabin's demise, one has to believe in the objective truth cause.

The new committee is composed of three "activists." We will skip Noam
Federman who may be a minor patsy. But the other two committee members
are dangerous operators. For an in-depth investigation of their
activities, buy my book Bye Bye Gaza. If you keep reading, you'll get
the details.

Avigdor Eskin organized a highly publicized reading of a death curse,
The Pulsa Dinara, outside Rabin's house a month before the murder. On
Amir's 30th birthday, he brought a birthday cake to Beersheva Prison
where, somehow, most fortunately, media film men were there to record
him pummeling a cab driver who objected to his birthday celebration.

But most frightening, Eskin was the matchmaker between Amir and his
lovely screwball bride, Larissa Trimbobler.

Amir never married Larissa There was never a rabbi, a witness, nor a
ring in prison.There is no license at City Hall... Just like Jonathan
Pollard's "marriage" to Esther. But because some Rabbi somewhere found a
loophole, he decided he was married. But that does not give him any
legal right to conjugal visits. He is watched 24 hours on camera, so HOW
did he get Larissa knocked up?

Yes, we now learn, he did so because he wants to be at his son's brit
(circumcision.) Someway, he impregnated his lovely "bride." Leave it be
said, without high level cooperation, this pregnancy would not have
happened. And it certainly stops unsightly gossip of how he agreed to
betray his "friends" as a Shabak stoolie.

The story of Larissa is weird. She left her hubby and 4 kiddies with his
blessing to "marry" Yigal. But at last report, she lives in the same
home as her "real" family. Such is domestic bliss in Israel.

Committee "activist" two is Itamar Ben Gvir. He was used to deflate any
resistance to the pullout of Jews from Gaza. In doing so, he left some
400 people incriminated by the police. Two of the victims, Daniel Pinner
and Shimshon Cytryn, who faced serious assault charges, are still too
dumb to understand that they were had by him. Others now know it. As
Jonathan S., a former Hebron "radical" tells me, "I'm really not
surprised. I always suspected he was. His actions are just too provoking
and counterproductive to be for real. He's never actually done any
serious actions that have accomplished anything, just got his picture
taken in the newspaper enough times."

After his role in defeating the Jews of Gaza was exposed, numerous
sources named Ben Gvir as a Shabak agent, including the newspapers
Hatsofe, Makor Rishon, activist Nadia Matar, Knesset Member Arieh Eldad,
and me. He threatened to sue Hatsofe but satisfied himself with Eldad
and me. Eldad issued a public and humiliating apology, but I refused. So
in preparation for my trial, I contacted a close associate of Eldad's,
who lives in Efat. He agreed to tell me: "Arye was a sitting member of
the Knesset Committee on Security And Foreign Affairs. So was, then,
Shabak head Avi Dichter. He stood up and told Dichter, 'How dare you
plant a lowlife agent like Ben Gvir in the National Camp.' Dichter rose
and answered, "I swear he's not one of ours. He works for Police

And out they rolled, after Maariv revealed that almost a third of
secular Israelis and half the religious, told pollsters they believe
Rabin was rubbed out in a conspiracy, by inference, of Shabak head Carmi
Gillon, bodyguard Yoram Rubin and led by President Shimon, Feh, Ich, Peres.

With me temporarily out of the picture, the Rabin murder truth is run in
Israel by egotistical hacks, each hoping to gain a little notoriety with
wrongheaded ideas about what happened. But I'll be in New York on the
evening of Nov. 3 with the facts on paper and videotape. Join me.


28 Tishrei 5768, Oct 10, '07
Total Votes: 780

Do you believe the official story of PM Rabin's murder?

71.5% NO
15.1% YES
13.3% NOT SURE

Extreme right to launch campaign for Yigal Amir's release
*Rightist organization Committee for Democracy to produce film about
Rabin killer's life, launches nationwide campaign for his parole from
prison* Efrat Weiss Published: 10.11.07, 22:26 / Israel News

The extreme right organization The Committee for Democracy is producing
a film staring Yigal Amir, as part of Its campaign calling for his
parole from prison.

Ynet has learned that the film is to depict Amir's life starting in his
childhood and leading up to his assassination of former Prime Minister
Yitzhak Rabin.

The film is said to feature Rabin's character as potentially destructive
and hazardous to Israel's existence, should he had lived on.
*The Committee for Democracy's postcard*

The Committee for Democracy is funded by an American millionaire and its
members, including right-wing extremists Itamar Ben-Gvir, Noam Federman
and Avigdor Eskin, have decided to actively call for Amir's release.

Their action, they said, was prompted by the government's apparent
willingness to release Palestinian prisoners with blood on their hands.

The Committee for Democracy intends to send out hundreds of thousands of
postcards in the next few days, featuring an image of Amir and a caption
reading "A time for peace, a time for reconciliation. A time to free him.",7340,L-3321311,00.html
Yigal Amir's conjugal visitation with his wife Larissa Trimbobler is
being depicted as an appalling moral decline. If the abhorred murderer
fathers a child, his offspring would contaminate our pure and pristine
country with its noxious words.

Burg the Sabbataian: In reaction to my last article's Claim that:

Burg's father, Yossi, was Interior Minister in the 1950s and directed an
operation to radiate and kidnap an entire generation of Sephardic
children. I have long written about the horrors the Labor Zionists have
inflicted on the Jewish people, and now a very staid magazine called
Mishpacha has finally confirmed them. Read the Notes. Avraham Burg was
raised by a butcher daddy and he became a butcher son. And in Israel's
final days, he brought Naziism to the Jews. As for Daddy Burg, get the
film, The Ringworm Children:

/Barry Shalom,/
/About 2 weeks ago Avraham Burg, Arieh Deri and A.B. Yehoshua were
'hosted' by Nissan Chen (not sure of his name, a young reporter for the
news usually interviewing Shas people) for about an hour or so on TV (1
?), and that was the first time anyone really let Rav Dehri talk.
Avrahmam Burg insisted on being called *_'AvrUM'_*. Then 'Avrum' says in
one of his opening sentences, that he's a *PROTESTANT-JEW*. ('Ani
protestant-yehudi'). I supposed that because he didn't say that he's a
*Xian-Jew*, it wasn't too well-understood what he said. /
/Rav Deri looked flabbergasted and said as much./
/I just wonder how many years ago did Avrum change his name (meaning,
denying the Brit of Avraham Aveinu! who Hashem Himself changed AvrUM's
name TO Avraham?) and religion, and become a "Jew for Jesus"
Protestant-style or whatever...


/Israel is now under an electronic barrage:

JERUSALEM - Israeli satellite TV viewers have for the past month had
their favourite programs disrupted by electronic snowstorms, variously
said to be caused by the radar of UN patrol boats, Russian spy ships or
Israel's military. On Wednesday the satellite TV company was said to be
near collapse.

( More than a dozen flights from Ben Gurion International
Airport were canceled Wednesday due to radio interference, allegedly
from a Ramallah-based pirate radio station.
Airport Air Traffic Communications Director Uri Orlev told Army Radio
that Wednesday’s communication crisis was caused by a combination of
weather and hardware.
To order the 2 hour DVD, The Dirty War Against The Settlers, for only
$20, write
And for a limited time only, order the thrilling DVD, The Vatican's New
Crusade Against Jerusalem, also for $20.
Plus, Stopping The Next Holocaust In Israel, just recorded in Denver.
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Days Of Israel included. Two or more, two free books;
Last Days, and Save Israel.


>     Get my books on including the newest, Bye Bye Gaza, only
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Donate to the righteous anger. It's vital now:

Barry Chamish
POB 840157
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Thank you all who wrote kindly about me to INN's report about the nearly
half of religious Israelis who view the Rabin assassination as a
political coup. As expected, a clinically diagnosed psychopath wrote
every negative comment. To know him better and understand that all lying
rumors about me come from this source, visit

Now here is someone getting part of my message: <>

Why Do The Illuminati Hate Jews?

By Henry Makow, PhD
"Where the rubber meets the road, the Illuminati have an absolutely
satanic hatred for Jews," a contact who did business with a prominent
Illuminati family notified me. "Jew-hatred spiritually energizes them," he
continued. "I read too much out there that falls for the lie that the
conspiracy is Jewish at its highest levels. Granted, it appears that way,
and a lot of data is hard to argue with, but I have first-hand knowledge of
the depth of Jew-hatred among people who are the real thing. These people
(at least the ones I knew) are not Zionist Bankers, but totally Gentile."
To all appearances Jews have a disproportionate role in the Illuminati New
World Order. How do we account for this apparent contradiction? Illuminati
defector Svali offers a clue. Illuminati Jews have renounced their Jewish
beliefs and background. <>She says
the Illuminati hate Israel. "The Illuminati are racist in the extreme...
Yes, there are some very powerful Jewish people in this group. For
instance, the Rothschild family literally runs the financial empire in
Europe (and indirectly the States), and are a well-known Jewish
family...But to rise to power in the Illuminati, a Jewish person would be
forced to renounce their faith, and to give their first allegiance to
Lucifer and the beliefs of the Illuminati." Following the research of Rabbi
Marvin Antelman, Barry <>Chamish has
exposed the heresies of Sabbatai Zvi and Jacob Frank that created a schism
in European Jewry in 17th and 18th century respectively. This was
essentially a satanic movement that turned Jewish teaching on its ear.
Everything that was forbidden by God was now permitted. Sin and not
righteousness was the way to salvation. Sexual depravity (especially wife
swapping orgies) was encouraged as a means to destroy the family and the
social fabric. They wanted a clean slate on which to redesign society in
their image. A fierce hatred developed between satanic Jews and the rabbis
who tried to expel the heretics from the community. This schism was
partially reflected in the divide between western Jews who shed their
religion for "secular humanism and reason" and eastern Jews who remained
Orthodox. Many secular Jews became radicals as they tried to replace their
lost religion with belief in a worldly utopia.



As November approaches, the annual Israeli media hunt for the Rabin
truth begins. Already Maariv asked how many Israeli Jews believe Rabin
was murdered in a conspiracy, and bo and lehold,
with a 4.4 percentage plus/minus margin of error, 46% of the religious
or maybe half the population, believe Rabin was knocked off by a
conspiracy led by their President, Shimon Feh, Yech, Peres, aided by
former Shabak head honcho Carmi Gillon and his underling, bodyguard
Yoram Rubin.

Thank you, people; yes I have persuaded a nation that their leader was
rubbed out in a coup. It was my bestseller Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin,
and my 400 Hebrew lectures that were primarily responsible for the truth
emerging, yet try to find my name in any report about the phenomena.

> Click here: Questions Remain; 28% of Israelis Say Amir Didn't Kill
> Rabin - Politics & Government - Israel News - Arutz Sheva
> <>
Poll carried out last week by Teleseker of a representative sample of
500 Adult Israeli Jews for Maariv the week of 5 October 2007 and
published in Maariv on 8 October 2007. Statistical error 4.4 percentage

Percentage believing Yigal Amir's claim that he was not behind the
murder: General population 28% Religious 46%


If you so desire, comment on this report mentioning my lonely
contribution and the horrible price I paid making it. Or write and for $20 I'll send you my book and DVD, both
called Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. But they won't stop the impending
Holocaust of Israeli Jews. And how I have tried to wake them with the
bigger and just as real conspiracy against a whole people.

What is the world's leading nation for Nazi outrages? Of course it's
Israel, where else? In the past month, more Nazis have done their deeds
in the "Jewish" homeland than anywhere else, Germany included. And what
was the government's response? It cut funds to the sole organization
working to nip the Nazis in their buds. Now you may ask, WHY IS THE

Because they got the Nazis there in the first place. In the early 1990s,
one Avraham Burg was head of the Jewish Agency, responsible for
immigration to Israel. Today he lives in France and just wrote a book
encouraging Israelis to get foreign passports and stop being Jewish.
When he ran immigration, he changed the rules and permitted some 400,000
gentiles from the former Soviet Union to flood Israel.
As anyone who cared at the time knew, many were actual Jew haters
determined to murder Israelis.

Burg's father, Yossi, was Interior Minister in the 1950s and directed an
operation to radiate and kidnap an entire generation of Sephardic
children. I have long written about the horrors the Labor Zionists
have inflicted on the Jewish people, and now a very staid magazine
called Mishpacha has finally confirmed them. Read the Notes. Avraham
Burg was raised by a butcher daddy and he became a butcher son.
And in Israel's final days, he brought Naziism to the Jews. As for Daddy
Burg, get the film, The Ringworm Children:
> <>964
> <>
How long have I written that without a groundswell of protest, Israel is
a goner? Or that the "leaders" of the opposition, Avigdor Leiberman and
Binyamin Netanyahu have been long compromised by the Frankists running
the country? Or that Manhigut exists only to vent "radical" protest spleen.

Without a peep of survival left in Israel, the government, led by a
Deputy Prime Minister named Ramon, just out of court on sexual
molestation charges, will come to Annapolis, Maryland in November and
give up the nation's capital and sovereignty. Are we reminded of the
song verse:

You remember, the Jews of Israel
They're about to organize a searching party



I have been invited to speak in New York on November 3. The subject will
be "preparing for the Annapolis disaster." Anyone who wishes to book or
meet me, write me quickly.


Hello Barry and Moadim Lesimcha,
I don't often correspond with you, but I saw an item in a charedi
weekly, "Mishpacha", which ought to interest you. They ran a 3-part
series (of which I have seen nos 1 and 2) in issues 174-176 about the
Yemenite children travesty, written by Zecharya Nissim Tsanami.
In issue 175, from 9/10/07, he writes on page69:
"Meshulam was also the first to make a number of macabre claims
concerning the fate of the missing children. He claimed that while
hundreds of children were adopted by childless families in Israel and
abroad, most of them were used for experimentation purposes in the US in
exchange for assisting Israel to develop a nuclear weapons program.
The person fingered for strikng the deal with the US was Shimon Peres,
Ben Gurion's right-hand man, and the one behind the building of the
Dimona nuclear reactor.
Meshulam's disciples said he possessed records of Zim cruise lines from
fifty years ago showing that each ship transported 200 infants traveling
on forged passports. He reputedly had records, which he had carefully
hidden away, incriminating many hight-ranking government officials."
Mishpacha is a respectable paper, not at all a "rag". In the US you
could order the back issues at 718-6869339.
I have no recollection of any respectable publication accusing Peres of
this abomination in such a direct manner.

> <>
Anti-Semitic attacks are continuing throughout the country despite
efforts by law enforcement officials to track down and eliminate
neo-Nazi cells that are behind the incidents.

Arsonists over the Sabbath attacked a synagogue in Haifa, torching
its sukkah (holiday booth) and burning it to the ground.

The attackers defaced at least one of the synagogueís Torah scrolls,
scrawling swastikas on it. Several of the synagogue's Torah scrolls
were recovered not far from the site. Police are investigating.

Less than 24 hours later, residents of Ramat Hasharon discovered two
swastikas spray-painted on the wall of a garbage chute on Bereishit
Street. The Sunday morning vandalism has been added to the list of
anti-Semitic incidents being tracked in the center of the country.

Neo-Nazis have attacked a number of Jewish religious sites over the
past two and a half weeks, since the beginning of the Hebrew
holiday-laden month of Tishrei, which fell on the evening of
September 12 of the Gregorian calendar.

B'nei Brak residents awoke last week to find to swastikas and
pro-Hitler graffiti on the walls of a local synagogue. The building
is located on Kahanoman Street in the almost exclusively hareidi
religious city in the Tel Aviv region.

Also last week, residents of an Allenby Street apartment building in
Haifa reported finding anti-Semitic grafitti on the walls of their
stairwell. The graffiti included anti-Semitic slogans and at least
one swastika. Among the first Nazi spray-painting in this wave of
attacks were two
swastikas found on the walls of a Dimona synagogue on the second day
of Rosh Hashanah. The swastikas were found on the building's wall and
on the fence surrounding it.

> <>
> September 22, 2007
> ( Barely a week after police revealed the arrest of a
> neo-Nazi cell comprised of immigrant teens from the former Soviet
> Union (FSU), the government *has decided to end its support for an
> organization that reaches out to "at risk" Russian teens. *The
> Immigration and Absorption Ministry informed the organization last
> week that it would slice NIS 141,000 from the NIS 380,000 granted
> annually to the One Plus One non-profit organization.
> A recent survey by the Israel Anti-Drug Abuse Foundation released
> figures indicated that only a third of youths from FSU immigrant
> families, ages 12-18, identify themselves as Israelis.
> *One Plus One, said spokesperson and resource development director Tal
> Frankfurt, reaches out to Russian-speaking teens who might otherwise
> be sucked into the neo-Nazi movement in Israel. In an interview with
> the Jerusalem Post, Frankfurt pointed out that the move is
> self-destructive.
> *"The entire country is talking about this problem and the government
> cuts the budget of programs that are trying to help improve the
> situation," said Frankfurt, adding, *"We help those who are seconds
> away from falling into this [neo-Nazi] trap."*
A confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday
that his government would support a division of Jerusalem, which
is reportedly a key component of an Israeli-Palestinian
declaration to be made at a U.S.-sponsored Mideast peace
conference next month.

Minister for Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman came under heavy fire
Sunday from right-wing movements and at least one Knesset member for
statements he reportedly made during the weekly cabinet meeting.

Lieberman was quoted as saying that Israel should transfer some of the
neighborhoods and "refugee camps" in the Jerusalem to Arab hands, while
adding that "the Old City and Mount Scopus are an inseparable part of

The "Headquarters for Saving Israel" said that Lieberman has been
exposed as a" fifth column" within Israel and a double agent, who goes
around "making extreme-sounding but irrelevant statements while at the
same time helping [ultra-leftist] Peace Now and the Palestinians achieve
their aspirations."


> <>
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A longtime source with an intelligence background has asked that I print
the following background piece which he wrote:

Israel’s ‘A’chilles heel
(or why Israel does not have a nuclear option and why Iran will be attacked)

After the WWII Jewish holocaust opinion in Israel has been united in one
underlying, unifying stance, famously expressed by the former prime
minister Menachem Begin – the last of whose leaders Israel can still be
proud - of "Never Again". Among other hints addressed mainly, but not
exclusively, to Israel 's regional enemies, the Begin’s slogan also
indicated that Jews will never again walk "like a herd to butchery" and
no Jewish holocaust will ever happen again.

By the turn of the millennium, most intelligence sources in the world
agreed that Israel had amassed a considerable nuclear arsenal. The
number of estimated warheads vary, but anything between 200-500 is
cited. These sources, aided by Israel 's own ambiguous policy regarding
its nuclear capability, assume that Israel 's ultimate survival rely on
the deterrence which such weapons are supposed to provide. The
assumption is based – wrongly - on recent world experience of the two
super-powers, the former Soviet Union and the USA, each maintaining a
MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) ability. The Middle East however,
conducts itself on a somewhat different logical - if logic is the word -
guidelines and not everything applicable to the super-powers conflict
also applies to that region. The willingness of Arab martyrs to carry
suicide missions, an element totally absent from the former super-powers
conflict, brings further incertitude to (at least) the Middle East and
raises questions as to the kind of deterrence that might work there.

Apart from its nuclear power Israel had always relied, and still does,
on its conventional power. This deterrence did not always achieve its
intended purpose and Israel was actively involved in seven armed
conflicts since 1948 (excluding the 1991 Iraq war when Israel was
‘peppered’ with Iraqi missiles without retaliation). The nuclear mega
deterrence is supposed to ensure that in the event of a conventional
military collapse, Israel 's existence will be guaranteed by the 'weapon
of doom'. Simply put, if Israel ever finds itself facing a military
defeat, it will turn to its “Samson Option” and inflict mass destruction
on its enemy to stop the hostilities. Only once in its history is Israel
alleged to have resorted to its 'weapon of doom', in the early stages of
the Yom Kippur War. When Egypt’s and Syria’s armies were advancing and
the then defense minister Moshe Dayan was pessimistic about the war’s
outcome (“The Third Temple is about to collapse” a cadaver-faced Dayan
returning from the front told Golda), several Tel Nof-based IAF Phantoms
were reportedly armed with nuclear bombs and put on alert with fuses
decoupled to zero alert. The arming of the aircraft was deliberately
done in an 'elint-transparent' fashion, allowing both super powers to
pick up the signals and to realize that Israel meant business. The rest
is well-known: the US went on global nuclear alert as the Soviet Union
threatened to fly 12 paratrooper divisions to Egypt ’s aid. A massive US
airlift began to re-arm Israel and the nuclear Phantoms were stood down.

Thirty-five years on Israel is believed to have largely solved its
nuclear delivery systems which are now said to include land, air and sea
capabilities. Special IAF designated squadron(s) with at least two
US-made type of aircrafts can deliver nuclear weapons anywhere in the
Middle East and beyond. Declassified satellite images have unveiled
ground-based missiles in Israel around the Bet Shemesh hills, armed with
various warheads and ranges covering the entire theatre of conflict.
Lastly, the relatively recent additions to the Israeli Navy of three
German-built best-of-class submarines are reported to have submerged
24in cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads. Like Britain for
example, the submarines form the last means of retaliation in worst-case
scenarios. Israel's submarine flotilla is reported to operate on a
standard rotational basis, with two of the three at sea at all times and
a third undergoing maintenance or on stand-by. And as Yediot recently
reported, a giant super nuclear bunker is being built in the Jerusalem
hills at the initial cost of US$250 to become operational by 2011, for
the Israeli leadership and central command and control in case of a
nuclear attack. It will be as sophisticated and much the envy of other
nuclear states, as it will be futile.

Assuming a worst-case scenario, Iran will become nuclear within a few
years (as of 2007). Whether by chance or design, a MAD situation will
descent on the Middle East and unless it follows the logic the tqo
super-powers, it may well end up in disaster. As reports indicate,
Israel is building its nuclear arsenal in order to be able to deter and,
failing that, to strike back if attacked. Yet Israel 's survival, as
stated in its "Never Again" policy, cannot accommodate such a risk.

When it comes to vast territories, Israel is no match for the US nor the
Soviet Union and not even Iran, and its ability to soak even a minor
nuclear attack is non-existent. With that in mind, a further line of
defense was developed to counter such a possibility in the form of the
"Arrow" intercept system of high flying ballistic missiles (conventional
or nuclear). Although at this time it is the only operational system of
its kind in the world, it cannot provide an absolute shield and it is
acknowledged that some incoming missiles will escape the system. Given
Israel 's size, it is not difficult to envisage that even a minimal
number of evading missiles would send the country back to the stone age.
Tactically, overwhelming the Arrow or any other system is relatively
simple: a staggered attack of thousands of missiles from, say, Syria
would almost certainly “soak and choke” the Green Pine electronic system
and exhaust the missiles arsenal in Israel. Thus exposed, the long range
nuclear missiles will then have an almost ‘free ride’ into Israel.

This is where the submarine force is supposed to come into its own. It
ensures that even in the worst case scenario, Israel can still strike
back from the sea and inflict similar damage on its enemy. Except that
this worst case scenario is non-existent for Israel. The state's reason
d'etre cannot, and does not, include the Samson Option as Simon Hirsch
calls it, of "dying with the Filistines" - pulling down the metaphorical
roof over everyone's head, including Israel This is not why Israel, the
home of the "butchered Jews" was created - to wait for another
extermination, albeit with a retaliation option at hand. The Jewish
psyche with its still fresh collective memory of the last holocaust,
cannot entertain nor accommodate such an option.

Consider the following scenario: a nuclear Iran launches missiles toward
Israel. Israeli satellites pick up the launch and relay the event in
real time back home. The Arrow system intercepts some (perhaps most) of
them in flight; a second-tier missile defense, possibly Patriots, s to
destroy the remaining ones; some nevertheless, manage to penetrate and
hit Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, The Galilee, the Dimona nuclear plant,
etc.; Israeli nuclear missile bases are either destroyed or disabled.
Casualties in Israel run into the hundred of thousand; communication,
radio and TV are paralyzed. The government looses a large measure of, if
not total, control over what is left of the armed forces and all other
emergency services. IAF bases have been hit with possibly only a few
runways remaining operational. Perhaps some planes have managed to
scramble and take off on their way to Iran on ‘autonomic response
mission’. The command structure falls apart, the pilots are on their
own. The nuclear fallout makes life impossible over larger areas,
possibly over the entire land. The West Bank and Gaza are not spared and
large numbers of casualties are also registered there. The entire area
likely becomes inhabitable for many years to come.

At this point communication between the Israeli submarines and their
base may be lost. The command chain relying on fixed, sequenced
communication between submarines’ weapon systems and base, collapses.
When the sequence is cut, emergency codes kick in and subs commanders
put crews on “autonomic nuclear response alert”. Similar operational
procedures are in place in all navies of the world which operate
nuclear-armed vessels. The sequence of retaliation is initiated and
missiles from the submarines are fired back. By this time, perhaps some
IAF strike planes also make it to Iran and release their lethal load.
Mission accomplished.

Accomplished what? There are now perhaps two hundred Israeli sailors
submerged deep under sea and a dozen or so airmen stranded in their
airborne planes who had fulfilled their mission. Where do the subs go
now, where do the pilots return to? Back to Eilat or Ashdod ports? Eilat
and Asdod have been wiped out. Back to their air bases at Tel Nof or
Nevatim? If those have not been destroyed already, the nuclear fallout
makes it impossible to approach the runways. Where to, then? Oman? Iraq?
Perhaps eastward to India? Without mid-air refueling, some planes cannot
return to Israel, at best they can land in a US airbase in Iraq or
Kuwait. Some two hundred survivors of a country which has been literally
obliterated, with no home to go to, aiming nowhere in the air and on the
seas... Were these soldiers sent on a one way mission? So far Israel is
not known to have sent its fighters on suicide missions (although some
Sayeret Matkal commandos, the Israeli equivalent of SAS, may dispute this).

No, this is not an option. Israel cannot rely on a second strike nor on
MAD. It cannot afford to. It may of course threaten a nuclear response
if its very existence is ever jeopardized in a conventional conflict.
Note though, that such a scenario would also imply the collapse of the
nuclear deterrence concept itself, while the second-strike option simply
doesn’t exist from Israel ’s point of view. This makes it mandatory for
Israel to ensure that such a scenario never comes to pass, thus it has
to ensure that all her enemies remain non-nuclear. This means that
Israel will bring about a destruction of the Iranian nuclear facilities
before that country reaches the point of no return. However it achieves
that – either by a US-only preemptive strike, or by a joint US-Israeli
or a larger coalition effort, or go it alone - Israel will ensure that
Iran does not become nuclear because, paradoxically, despite all the
talk and despite all its might and nuclear arsenal, Israel itself does
not and cannot entertain a nuclear option. The 6 September air strike
this year on Syria's/North Korean nuclear depot signals that the
'macabre dance' in the Middle East had started and that Israel indeed
will not allow its nighbors to acquires the A option.

The more tragic consequence of this conclusion which is, and has been
all along, well-known to the Israeli leadership, is that its politicians
will milk Israel’s nuclear weakness to maximum effect, for political and
personal gains. Since they know they will have to face the Iranians and
destroy their nuclear arsenal, Israeli leaders will choose the timing to
best serve their purposes. Currently, the timing is controlled and
imposed by an all-time record bovine US president whose CFR policies has
brought his own country to its knees, his Iraq failure brought the
dollar to its lowest rate and oil to its highest price in living memory.
Of all his junta only Donald Rumsfeld, the pyromaniac who played with
fuses, had paid the price. On the domestic scene, a moronic
Russian-emigre, Avigdor Liberman, a former Netanyahu protégé who’s busy
doing business on the Russian black market, was appointed to supposedly
deal with the Iranian threat. But under CFR command, Ehud Olmert’s
agenda also includes the evacuation of some 200,000 Jewish settlers from
the West Bank. As any low-life politician knows, a shock event such as
this must be camouflaged by an even more shocking event. Recall for
example when a British home office official secretly insisted the
government publishes ‘black’ economic figures precisely the minute the
9/11 event broke into the news. Unfortunately for her, the internal
memos she wrote were exposed by the media and she was sacked.

Do not be surprised then that when a strike on Iran begins, a massive
parallel evacuation of Jews from Judea and Samaria will also take place
probably, and mostly, by force. The whole event will be ‘drowned’ by the
sensational news of the Iranian strike. If the US carries the strike,
the payoff will be demanded of Israel almost instantly. If the US and
Israel carry the attack, the IDF will move in to evacuate the Jews
simultaneously. This is how “bad news” are buried by politicians amidst
other sensational news that capture headlines. As we recall, the Entebbe
raid did no harm to Rabin in the 70s; the Iraqi Ossirak strike in 1982
did no harm to Begin’s re-election campaign. The Iranian strike will
almost certainly ring the bells for the end of Israel ’s presence in its
biblical West Bank homeland. This is the price the US and the CFR will
extract from Israel for her misguided, misleading, four decades-old
non-existent nuclear deterrence policy. The cracks in the “invincible
Israel ” have already started to show in the last Lebanon war. Those who
were there, already knew this from the Yom Kippur war. Our CFR friends
will ensure that no conventional war, nor a nuclear one will be
necessary to bring about the destruction of Israel.

All signs are that the ‘glorious triumph over evil' Iran must be
accomplished by a lame duck president Bush before he leaves office and
by Olmert before Vinograd’s final report. And with the country’s biggest
ever enemy in the form of the ‘fifth column’ president Shimon Peres,
Israel ’s fate is sealed. How ironical that it was the same Peres who
five decades earlier had set the foundation for Israel/s nuclear power,
only to be corrupted and entrapped in a life-long net of French handlers
and Vatican manipulators. Wined, dined and bribed to the brim for over
forty years, supplied with an endless stream of glamorous whores Paris
had to offer, the young and old Peres fell pray to the French charms and
Channel perfumes. And when Rabin made a last-ditch attempt to try and
halt the snowball, Peres had him eliminated. Israel’s “friends” and its
own leaders are now toying with the Armageddon fuse.

Do not be surprised. The nuclear genie is out of the bag and it may well
cost Israel its very existence due to its leaders' stupidity.


Once there were three primary protest groups in Israel. There was The
Yesha Council, which was nothing more than a tool of the government.
Those who know my writing will recall Council head Benzi Liberman
testifying at the trial of Avigdor Lieberman that he worked with the
police to keep protesters far from Gush Katif. And who will ever forget
his partner Pinchas Wallerstein ordering protesters to sap their energy
by sleeping outside the Knesset in tents in the midst of Jerusalem's
January snowstorms?

Then there was Zo Artzeinu, which gathered tens of thousands of
protesters to block roads in the late '90s. Then magically, its leader
woke up one morning and told his adherents to stop the actions and join
the thoroughly corrupt Likud Party. Of course, maybe 1,500 actually took
his advice and Feiglin himself was prevented from ever actually sitting
in the Knesset. The big boys, Binyamin Netanyahu included, had enough
dirt on him to get him to betray his followers.

And that left just one, The Women In Green, which had only enough appeal
to, at its best gather, perhaps, a couple of hundred activists to its
events. But it was NOT a tool of the rotten governing forces
deliberately destroying the country. And today, they are the only
protest group left in the land.

For years I have written its leader, Nadia Matar, and begged her to quit
wasting her time demonstrating against Israel's crooked leaders and
instead, make any representative of the Council On Foreign Relations
afraid for their lives to come to Jerusalem and further corrupt Israel's
mafia rulers. On Wednesday, Sept. 19, she finally cooked up a march
against the CFR's Condeleeza Rice, who showed up at Ehud Olmert's Sugar
Shack for Din-Din.


Nadia had a nasty message that simply ruined Condi's meal: */"The Prime
Minister and Condoleezza Rice are planning, in a secret manner, to give
away Judea, Samaria and the Temple Mount and the establishment a
Palestinian Nazi State there," /*Matar told Israel National TV. */"The
public has learned that we were much too delicate last time. We will not
allow it this time. We will not obey and we will not stand down in the
face of this treachery."

/*Now nobody interferes with the culinary etiquette of Condoleeza. Her
digestive juices are much too delicate for that. So after the meal, and
following a mild, peaceable protest with barely 100 participants, the
enraged Ehud sent in his police dogs and arrested Nadia. And brutally at
that. The photographer for my book, Bye Bye Gaza, Gemma Blech,
photographed the atrocity. Write her at  and
ask for shots of the after-dinner arrest soiree.

Nadia still doesn't know the brutal facts even after the near massacre
at Amona, the two dozen suspicious deaths of Yesha rabbis and political
leaders, the testimonies against the mad dog police by the likes of
Yedidya Weinberg and many others. In fact, she doesn't even recognize my
story of exposing Sharon's "stroke" after drinking tea with Shimon, Ugh,
Feh, Peres and being taken to the hospital by the bodyguard, Yoram
Rubin, the same Rubin who murdered Yitzhak Rabin. After convincing over
half of Israel's Jews of the facts of the Rabin coup, someone didn't
want me inspecting Sharon's demise too closely. Right after Sharon's
stroke, I had mine. I survived, so one night I was invited to a party in
a remote location where a rent-a-car almost killed me. And the police
wouldn't release my file to me, my lawyer or my insurance company. It
has had devastating effects on my family, but I ran from Israel to save
my life.

I was on a hit list and wouldn't survive much longer in Israel. And now,
so is Nadia Matar. She ruined Condi's meal. And Condi's organization has
plans for the Middle East and they kill anyone who gets in their way.

The same CFR waging war on Judaism is destroying Iraq and Afghanistan
and are now eyeing Iran. And if anybody dares to see too much and star
talking...kaboom. The Arizona Cardinals lost their lineman Pat Tillman.
He was placed on the permanent injury list after being fragged by US
officers afraid he would lead an anti-war campaign. Three shots to the
head from ten feet away! He was executed once while standing, while the
two coup de grace shots took place while he was on the ground, already

Seven soldiers serving in Iraq wrote and signed a NY Times op-ed against
the war they were fighting. That was in August. By September, two were
dead in a truck accident, while a third suffered a nasty wound to the head.

The CFR is mad, mad, mad. And Nadia ruined Condi's dinner in Jerusalem.
Her followers must guard her against car crashes, diseases, sudden
suicides, opportune terrorism, whatever will look like an accident. For
her courage, she is now on the list.

Welcome aboard!                


To order the 2 hour DVD, The Dirty War Against The Settlers, for only
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ARRESTED! Crime: Love of Land of Israel
by Nadia Matar

At the end of our Women in Green vigil, when most people had already
gone home, I stayed with some 15 friends and activists who were going to
help Anita and myself put back the placards and the flags into my car.
Starting to walk to my car, friends saw policemen coming closer and
closer to me. They immediately realized the police was trying to get me
but were waiting for the supporters to leave. I am still moved to tears
thinking about those wonderful friends who immediately surrounded me to
protect me and said: we are not leaving before we make sure you are OK.
A heavyset policeman told me: Nadia, I demand you join me at the police
station. I asked him why: What did I do wrong? He answered: That we will
discuss later. I order you to come with me to the police station,
otherwise we will take you by force. I told him I wanted to call a
lawyer to discuss what my rights are.

**** <about:blank>

·     **Steve Rodan reported in Dec. ****1994 a*** *conversation
with Yossi Beilin. He asked Beilin what security guarantees
he was offering the settlers. Beilin said: "Look.
The IDF is going to pull out. The PLO will come in.
They will carry out their operation and we will not interfere." **

·     *Leaders of YESHA Council met with Rabin in April 1995*
*and asked him much the same question.
They reported, and it was in the papers, that he replied:
"The IDF will leave. The PLO will come in.
And I promise we will do our best to take care of the wounded." *

·     *Peres was even more blunt.*
*During the election campaign in the spring of 1996,
he was in Gush Katif. He and his entourage learned
that since **Oslo**, the Jewish population of **Gaza**
had increased by more than 15%.
His people were taken aback because they expected
the Jews to leave. Peres is quoted by Zvi Hendel as saying,
"A few good massacres and they will leave."


JERUSALEM -- An Israeli opposition group has charged that the
government seeks to prevent peaceful protests against plans to withdraw
from the
West Bank.

    An attorney for a Jewish anti-government activist said the Israel
Security Agency, responsible for domestic intelligence, has been
targeting right-wing protesters in an attempt to halt demonstrations against
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. ISA and the police were said to be working
together to monitor and arrest organizers of protests against government
plans to
withdraw from the West Bank.


( Yedidya Weinberg, a young activist, has accused policemen
of beating him while he was in police custody.  Weinberg was arrested
shortly after reaching the ruins of Homesh in the northern Shomron. 
According to Weinberg, when he refused to identify himself in the Ariel
police station, police threw him to the floor, stepped on his head and
knees, and threatened to break his fingers.

Weinberg was later taken before a judge, who ruled that he should never
have been arrested.  Traveling to Homesh is not a crime, the judge said,
basing his verdict on earlier rulings.

*Witness of Yedidia Weinberger - 7 Tishrei 5768*
"At 7am we were near Homesh when border guards arrived and captured us. 
They put us into jeeps.  They said for each of us to take off his
packback, and they tried to burn and cut the backpacks' straps.  In the
end they didn't succeed and took us as we were.  They never presented an
order that the area was a "Closed Military Zone".  They didn't inform
about delays or arrest.  (They reported that the arrest was at 8 and
they had all day to take us to court and they didn't do this.)
We were taken to the police station in Ariel.  In the station they
wanted to photograph us.  We refused to be identified or to be
photographed and we requested that they show us proof that it is
permissible for them to photograph or take fingerprints.  I hid my face
with my hat.  Three or four policement threw me on the ground.  And a
borderguard watched us.  One of their names was Gil Deshe and the name
of another policeman was Tzvi Gelder *they began to hit me*.  *They
stomped on my head with their knees and their shoes. They bent my hand
backwards, the borderguard choked me and in the end succeeded to
photograph me with the borderguard choking me and my hand being pulled
down backwards.*
"At this same time there was present Yehudit Ben Gal, an investigator
who investigated me.  At first she was inside the room, then she left
and heard me yell at them to stop hitting me.  Then they tried to take
fingerprints which had nothing to do with the investigation.
*Then they took us to a testing instrument to find out if we were on the
list (a "touch-morph" or something like that).*
I refused to give fingerprints. They bent my left hand, the investigator
bent my finger and threatened to break it.  He didn't have an ID tag and
wore a triko shirt.  Finally they succeeded to take my fingerprints by
force.  Afterwards they searched my backpack and put us into a holding
cell.  They suggested that we would be released if we agreed to some
conditions and we refused.  They took us to investigation with Yehudit
Ben Gal.  In the investigation I didn't want to say anything how could I
rely on an investigator who witnessed the violence purpetrated on me and
didn't react. *How could I talk after being beaten and I stuck by the
right to be silent.  *
"And then they put me into a cell.  We were held one night.  Only in the
morning did we go before a judge.  In court they said we trespassed on
the law of the "Hitnatkut" [Disengagement] and the "Closed Military
Zone".  The Judge cut them off and screamed at the complaintants: "How
is it that you bring here prisoners when the "Law of Hitnatkut" is not
any more in effect and has no bearing?  And as for a "Closed Military
Zone" you have not produced here any Order for a Closed Military Zone.
"You have not produced any maps showing that they were arrested at all
in Homesh (and indeed they were arrested in Bakra).  And even if they
were in Homesh how are /YOU /able to be there as the army said it had
"Hitnatak" (cut-off) from there, so how can it be a "Closed Military
Area"?  Analysis of the attributes of this law is needed."  He accused
the police of false arrest and accused the police for not bringing the
prisoners there a day beforehand.
"I want to add that they wanted to impose upon us limiting conditions,
and get photos and our fingerprints.  They wanted to photograph me again
because the first time borderguard who was choking me was in the picture
and they wanted to replace it.
"I'm stunned that the border guards who took us from the field were more
respectful of us than the police at the station under working conditions
in spite of the fact that we didn't trespass on any law."
*"It is important that the public know that the police in Israel
infringe on the law and beat people in secret.  They have no real right
to prevent people from dwelling in Eretz Yisrael and return to the homes
they lived in before the expulsion."*
[end of article]

"On April 19, 2007, the New York Times carried an Op Ed piece titled
"The War As We Saw It" written by 7 troops who are (were) in Iraq
serving in our military.
These 7 guys told the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what
was really going on in Iraq. It was negative against what our leaders
and talking heads are peddling to us.
Anyway, now 2 (OMAR MORA, YANCE T. GRAY) of those 7 have been killed in
Iraq and a third (JEREMY A. MURPHY ) has a critical, life threatening
injury. I cannot calculate the statistical odds of 3 out of 7 meeting
such a fate, but it is astronomical. So astronomical that a normal
person who ask in their mind, could they have been hit to retaliate for
that New York Times Op Ed piece."

    The War As We Saw It
        By Buddhika Jayamaha, Wesley D. Smith, Jeremy Roebuck, Omar
    Mora, Edward Sandmeier, Yance T. Gray and Jeremy A. Murphy
        The New York Times

        Sunday 19 August 2007

        Viewed from Iraq at the tail end of a 15-month deployment, the
    political debate in Washington is indeed surreal. Counterinsurgency
    is, by definition, a competition between insurgents and
    counterinsurgents for the control and support of a population. To
    believe that Americans, with an occupying force that long ago
    outlived its reluctant welcome, can win over a recalcitrant local
    population and win this counterinsurgency is far-fetched. As
    responsible infantrymen and noncommissioned officers with the 82nd
    Airborne Division soon heading back home, we are skeptical of recent
    press coverage portraying the conflict as increasingly manageable
    and feel it has neglected the mounting civil, political and social
    unrest we see every day. (Obviously, these are our personal views
    and should not be seen as official within our chain of command.)

*(AP) *The mother of an Army sergeant who died in a Baghdad vehicle
accident weeks after writing a New York Times op-ed critical of the
Pentagon's positive assessment of the Iraq war said Wednesday she wants
the Army to explain his death.

"I want to know all the details of how he died. I want to know the
truth," said Olga Capetillo, whose 28-year-old son, Sgt. Omar Mora, died
Monday. "I don't understand how so many people could die in that
accident. How could it be so bad?"


One article which reported that the parents of both dead soldiers
suspected murder, disappeared in a day. Try to find:


*July 26: "Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close
proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead* and tried
without success to get authorities to investigate whether the former NFL
player's death amounted to a crime, according to documents obtained by
The Associated Press... The doctors- whose names were blacked out- said
that the bullet holes were so close together that it appeared the Army
Ranger was cut down by an M-16 fired from a mere 10 yards or so away.
The documents show that a doctor who autopsied Tillman's body was
suspicious of the three gunshot wounds to the forehead. The doctor said
he took the unusual step of calling the Army's Human Resources Command
and was rebuffed. He then asked an official at the Army's Criminal
Investigation Division if the CID would consider opening a criminal
case. 'He said he talked to his higher headquarters and they had said
no,' the doctor testified.
"Army attorneys sent each other congratulatory e-mails for keeping
criminal investigators at bay as the Army conducted an internal
friendly-fire investigation that resulted in administrative, or
non-criminal, punishments.
"The three-star general who kept the truth about Tillman's death from
his family and the public told investigators some 70 times that he had a
bad memory and couldn't recall details of his actions.
"Also according to the documents, investigators pressed officers and
soldiers on a question Mrs. Tillman has been asking all along. 'Have
you, at any time since this incident occurred back on April 22, 2004,
have you ever received any information even rumor that Cpl. Tillman was
killed by anybody within his own unit intentionally?' an investigator
asked then-Capt. Richard Scott..."


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September 9, 2007 - AND NOW, THE END IS NEAR

This Week On Columbo: The Case Of The Disappearing Israel

A short summary of the following broadcast is found at:
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You see, sir. It doesn't make sense. Why would Israel's leaders destroy
their country? You see the problem I have? Then I discover they're all
felons. Defence Minister Barak ran from Tzeelim Bet and left five of his
soldiers dead on the ground. And he gave the order at Sultan Yakob in
Lebanon in 1982, which left at least 26 of his countrymen dead. He's a
killer and is now a leader of his country. Deputy Prime Minister Chaim
Ramon was almost imprisoned on pedophilia charges not three months ago.
He French-kissed a soldier barely passed her 18th birthday. And then
he's made a minister just two steps from taking over the whole country.
You see my problem, don't you? How do these crooks get on top? In any
law abiding place they'd be selling junk on the phone. So why are they
giving the commands to wreck their nation?

I'm trying to figure out the same thing with this Prime Minister,
Olmert. He's been investigated five times by the State Comptroller for
embezzling public money. You see sir, what bothers me? How did he rise
so high? It's very confusing. He's giving all your strategic territory
to your worst enemies. Why would he do it?

I hope I'm not disturbing you, sir, but the answer is in your president,
one Shimon P.F.Y. Peres. (Phooey, Feh, Yech). He went to the Vatican on
September 6 and promised to solve all your problems this year. But sir,
who is he solving problems for? We have a long file on this Peres. He
has his fingers in serious murders like those of Rabin, Sharon and
Zeevi. Worse, he has been working for the Vatican to get the Jews out of
Jerusalem. Yes sir, it's been proved.

Now here is what's interesting. Before PFY Peres arrives in the Vatican,
a Vatican agent, an actual king of Spain, named Juan Carlos, secretly
meets with a Saudi prince named Salman. You see, a Saudi "peace" plan is
being pushed by the pope. But it's exactly the "peace" plans of a New
York group called the Council On Foreign Relations, called Barcelona,
Oslo or the Roadmap. Israel withdraws to indefensible positions and is
destroyed. And that's what bothers me. Why this meeting before Peres
arrives in Rome?

I know the King of Spain can have a secret meeting, but another thing
bothers me. Why, on September 4, would the Italian Foreign Minister
arrive in Israel to meet with, not only Israel's "leaders," but with
this Tony Blair, a British citizen all tied up with one President Bush.
And why would he fly back to Italy to meet with this Peres just as he's
sitting with the pope?

If that was all, I'd finish up my report and make it to my nephew's
christening. But something very strange bothers me. Why did this pope
meet with the Saudi Foreign Minister right after his Peres meeting and
just after his visit with the Syrian vice-President?

I know who is killing Israel, but the victims don't want to know. The
residents of Judea and Samaria are thoroughly deluded, sir. They look
for any sign to live another day. A new group of immigrants excites
them, sir. They don't count everyone leaving, or the mortal risk the
newcomers will face. Not many will make it, I'm afraid. They are
thrilled that half the army's officers are religious and don't
understand why these officers, from Elazar or Takoah, are leading the
operations to remove them from their homes. They could fight their end
by organizing a strike against the army. But what works for garbagemen
is too good for them. They think the Arab threat is worse than the one
from within. They are infiltrated, have no control over their future,
and won't fight back. And worse, sir, much worse, they have been twisted
into thinking some sort of messiah will save them. And gentiles are
drooling to take their minds away. Or the survivors, anyway.

I know who is killing Israel, but the victims don't want to know. The
residents of Judea and Samaria are thoroughly deluded, sir. They look
for any sign to live another day. A new group of immigrants excites
them, sir. They don't count everyone leaving, or the mortal risk the
newcomers will face. Not many will make it, I'm afraid. They are
thrilled that half the army's officers are religious and don't
understand why these officers, from Elazar or Takoah, are leading the
operations to remove them from their homes. They could fight their end
by organizing a strike against the army. But what works for garbagemen
is too good for them. They think the Arab threat is worse than the one
from within. They are infiltrated, have no control over their future,
and won't fight back. And worse, sir, much worse, they have been twisted
into thinking some sort of messiah will save them. And gentiles are
drooling to take their minds away. Or the survivors, anyway.

I guess that explains most of it, but there is one more fact the
resistors won't fight. This has been going on for more than a
generation. This Council On Foreign Relations has been after Israel
since, at least, 1975 when executive Henry Kissinger has promised to
reduce Israel to nothing. Just prior to Peres' recent papal visit, this
President Bush, whose grandfather founded the Council, promised the PLO
that he will force Israel back to its 1949 borders.

The end will begin this November in America. Sir.



Bush's 3 little words, 1 big betrayal

*June 2, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

The Israelis are reeling from the body blow delivered them by President
Bush following his meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. In one
pronouncement, Bush totally scuttled all the hard-fought, blood-bought
gains Israel has made in the three wars forced upon her.
All peace negotiations and concessions by Israel in the pursuit of peace
with the Muslim Nations and Palestinians since 1949 have been rendered
null and void.
President Bush's astonishing and unexpected statement reversed long
standing American policy. In his joint statement with Abbas, he declared
that any final status changes in the peace agreement between Israel and
the Palestinians must be mutually agreed to on the basis of the 1949
armistice lines.
*Olmert Offers Judea, Samaria, Divides J'lem in Draft Accord


*JAFFA, Israel *

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