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July 30 - Behind the American Condemnation.
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July 18 - Har Shefi and Other Stinky Deals.
July 18 - NEWS: Margalit Har-Shefi Receives Pardon.
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July 11 - Lies, Lies, Lies and More Lies, Lies Lies.
July 1 - Dreadful Condemnation.


The viciousness of the American condemnation of Israel's killing of
six Hamas leaders in Nablus has caught more than a few people off guard,
Delivered, as usual, by a soldout Jew figurehead named Ari Fleischer,
screeching like a wronged fish maiden, that "a ceasefire is a ceasefire is
a ceasefire," the Bush administration questioned Israel's right to defend
itself. Of course, the only question the White House should have asked
Israel is, "What took you so long?"
      Since the Israeli action was clearly a military triumph, why would
the Bush gang have been so quick on the trigger to shoot down the first
clear signal from the Sharon administration that it had had enough with
Hamas murders? Could it be that the hooligans at the White House are not
interested in Israel's survival.
      It is not every day that one receives a phone call and long fax from
a retired member of the American Joint Chiefs Of Staff. This week retired
Col. A.B. Cuppett, a former member of the US Army Joint Staff, recipient of
The Secretary Of Defense Civilian Service Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit
Award and The Bronze Star, did so contact me and relayed information of
such terrifying import, that many of my readers will dismiss it out of
psychological self-defence. That would not be a wise idea. I quote from
sections of the fax sent to me:

      Col. Cuppett relates that the American administration is fully
cognizant of the "1939 vs.1999 Third Reich similarities," which are being
perpetrated against Israel by, "the United Nations and The New World
Order." The plan includes, "the necessary foreign troops/policemen to
execute the planned implementation of another 1939-45 holocaust. The same
spirit which annihilated six million-plus Jews sixty years ago is still
extant, active and poised in the United States today."
     On June 28, 2001, Col. Cuppett was advised of, "a serious report of
plans to allow UN police units to patrol US international airports in the
event of an Arab-Israeli war in the Middle East." These troops will also be
placed at nine European airports and will be used to derail an Israeli
"call-up of reservists for military duty." Further, the UN will prevent
ships carrying reservists from sailing for Israel.
     "The UN shall soon declare Zionism to be racism...affirm that
settlements are a crime against humanity and equate the Jewish people with
the likes of Hitler and Stalin...When the war breaks out, Moslems will riot
in the US, and Jews, trying to go to Israel, for any reason, including
bringing funds to aid the besieged state, will be arrested at the airports.
      "All the above information was relayed to me by a Field Grade US
military officer, a US Army LTC and a USAF Major."

       If any reader doubts that a new Holocaust is being planned, take a
look at how Europe is being primed for the kind of anti-semitism not seen
in six decades. In the eyes of the European media, Israel can do nothing
right and any act of self-defence is an act of barbarism. Six decades ago,
the savage peasants of Croatia, Lithuania, Poland etc. were the tools of
the Nazi mass murder of Jews. This time, the equally ignorant Arab masses
are being roused to take care of the sadism.
       So who is behind the provocations against Israel? Once again, look
across the street from the Vatican at the headquarters of Society of Jesus,
better known as the Jesuits, for the answer. The following reports were
sent by a few correspondents but especially an insightful woman from
Toronto who wants no recognition. Her only reward is the safety of Israel.
       She writes:

"You may be interested to know that both George Tenet and George Mitchell
are Georgetown graduates!" The two men most responsible for Israel's
murderous predicament are both graduates of Washington's Jesuit control
center at Georgetown University. But then, look who at who are honorary
graduates of the same campus, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his Prince, Felipe.
"In the opening paragraph of this address Javier Solana addresses the
students re: his country's distinguished connection to Georgetown, stating
Prince Felipe graduated from Georgetown and King Juan Carlos received an
honorary doctorate from Georgetown as well."

And what ties Juan Carlos has to President Bush!

"I couldn't find the picture I originally came across of President George
Bush Sr. and King Juan Carlos on the palace steps Nov. 14, 2000. I however,
found this short article from the Washington Post which verifies the same.
"I just found the timing of this particular meeting most interesting, since
it was only seven days following the American elections and prior to George
W. being finally announced president after the ballot fiasco. Interesting
also that he had Norman Schwarzkopf with him. It was the timing which
caught my attention. I was wondering if perhaps this was a planning meeting
to bring to completion (re: NWO) under George W. which wasn't finished
under his administration.
" Never mind all those celebs who threatened to leave the United States if
George W. Bush were elected. Bush's ex-president dad, George H.W. Bush, has
actually left. The elder Bush spent the weekend in Spain hunting for
red-leg partridge with King Juan Carlos, retired general Norman Schwarzkopf
and ex-Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, and plans to meet
today with His Majesty and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar.

"We're not supposed to discuss that."

Now look at this item from the Jerusalem Post, to get an understanding of
how the Italian Jesuit, Juan Carlos is running Israel's leadership on
behalf of the Supreme Jesuit General, the "Black Pope" of the Vatican.

"Arafat fails to get backing to declare state

"At a press conference in Madrid yesterday after meeting Javier Solana, the
European Union's foreign policy chief, Ben-Ami, a former ambassador to
Spain, said he would like Spanish King Juan Carlos to play a mediating role
with Arab countries in peace talks focusing on the future of Jerusalem.

'I have asked Pique to see if it is possible for King Juan Carlos to use
his good relationships with some Arab countries to make the parties move
closer about Jerusalem,' Ben-Ami said."

Now let's see how the Italian leadership is manipulating the most powerful
Arab leader to get those EU/NATO/UN troops into Israel:

Egypt-Italy talks on peace observers on Palestinian areas
Egypt-Italy, Politics, 7/28/2001
"Italy has started pan-European and International contracts in light of
talks between president Hosni Mubarak and Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi
to deploy international observers to the Palestinian territories.

"In his talks with his Italian counter part Renato Rugioro, foreign
minister Ahmed Maher discussed the efforts to dispatch international
observers to the areas of clashes.

"Ruggioro said Italy has wide experience in peace keeping and observer
operations as it participates in peace efforts in areas of clashes in the
world under UN or NATO banners.

"Analysts say Mubarak-Berlusconi talks were significant with the new
Italian leadership."

Now guess who is currently meeting the pope to coordinate the slaughter of

"Palestinian leader Arafat to meet Pope

"Palestinian President Yasser Arafat is set to visit Rome on Wednesday and
Thursday and will meet with Pope John Paul II.
"The Palestinian leader is also expected to meet Italian President Carlo
Azeglio Ciampi, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Foreign Minister
Renato Ruggiero to discuss the situation in the Middle East, sources in
Rome said.
"President Arafat is currently visiting Morocco, Tunisia and other Arab
states to discuss support for international observers to help bolster a
now-broken ceasefire between Israeli and Palestinian forces.
"President Arafat is due to arrive in the Italian capital on Wednesday
evening and will meet the Pope on Thursday morning."

Not that the plots against Israel aren't inter-denominational. The New
World Order's declared intention of forming a one world religion, with its
capital sitting on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, insures inter-religious
harmony, if you don't happen to be a rabbi.

"Now how is it Arafat is going to Rome to meet the Pope just a couple of
days after meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cardinal of
Ireland? CN
"Speaking at the press conference following meetings with both Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon and PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, Carey went out of his
way to praise both."

And what is the first object of these meeting?

"EU report: the settlers are ready to evacuate the settlements
Israel-Palestine, Politics, 7/27/2001
A secret report by the European Union ............."

And it is not only Israel's government which is cooperating in the plots
against the Jewish State. Take a gander at Binyamin Netanyahu's secret
meeting with Assad at the behest of the Spanish prime minister.

Actualite Juive (Paris) 26th of July by Jean-Jacques Biton
"Monaco - Benyamin Netanyahu met Syrian president Bashar El Assad at the
initiative of Spanish prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, who organized  the
meeting by phone. A private meeting between Netanyahu and  Assad took place
at l'Hotel Hermitage on Sunday 27th of June.
Sources say the secret meeting concerned an Israeli withdrawal from the
Golan Heights."

My, my, my, aren't the Spaniards planning another Inquisition, and just
like earlier this century, aren't their Jesuit bosses using the corrupted
Jewish leadership to lead their people into annihilation?


To better understand the Jesuits leading role in the Holocaust, and their
butchery of peoples on all continents, read Tupper Saussy's book Rulers Of
Evil (Harper And Row). Contact the author at tupper@ix.netcom.com
Of great interest is Eric Jon Phelps' Vatican Assassins.
Visit  http://www.vaticanassassins.org

My book THE LAST DAYS OF ISRAEL is available through www.amazon.com,
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The EU's political head, Javier Solana showed up in Israel today
(July 24), and ran into the arms of Europe's chief spy in the Israeli
cabinet, Shimon Peres. And, because Solana and Europe are so dreadfully
boring, hardly anyone paid attention to the evil significance of the visit.
Luckily for us, an attorney, Constance E. Cumbey, is keeping close watch on
Solana. She can be reached at: cumbey@tir.com    She writes:

"I have kept the closest of tabs on Dr. Solana since he first came to my
attention -- November 22, 1995. I collected all I could find thereafter
about his earlier activities. I have saved all to disk. Perhaps the best
way to transmit might be by CD-ROM. I have prepared an informational video;
I am working on a book about him. Since I practice law on a full-time
basis, all is not easy. I did meet a Daniel Seaman, Director of the Foreign
Press Department, Government Press Office, Office of the Prime Minister
(then Barak) at a War Bonds for Israel dinner last fall. His address is 37
Hillel Street, Jerusalem 94581; telephone 972-2-623-3389-90; FAX
972-2-623-3388; Web Site www.gpo.gov.il. I did bend his ear at some length
that evening about Javier Solana. He knew about the EU and damage coming
from it, but was a little bit more clueless about Solana, but said he wanted
to learn much more. He offered to get me press credentials if I wanted to
come to Israel. I do believe he may have taken to heart what I told him and
he might be an excellent contact. I told him he and the others in Israel
would be very wise to learn as much about Solana as they knew about Hitler.
Solana, unfortunately, appears to be tens of times shrewder and smarter than
Mr. Hitler, and far more disarming. If one looks carefully, however, the
fangs are obviously showing."

     Ms. Cumbey's approach is to absorb what Solana is telling the Arabs
and what they are saying about him. She sent along some examples. Permit me
to add some comments:

Greater EU role in Middle East peace process demanded
The Emirates News Agency (WAM)

Posted Thursday May 24, 2001 - 10:12:26 AM EDT
Abu Dhabi - A UAE newspaper hoped today the European Union (EU) would play
greater role in mediation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, saying that
the partisan role of the US had harmed peace-making.
The "Gulf News" said in part : "The European Union (EU) is beginning to
take a high- profile interest in the Palestinian- Israeli conflict. It has
endorsed the Mitchell report and said it stands ready to assist the parties.
"The EU head of foreign policy Javier Solana was a member of the Mitchell
Commission which authored the report, and he has undertaken a tour of the
region and held meetings with officials from both sides. The EU is one of
the biggest aid donors of the Palestinians and has extensive economic
interests and ties in the region.

***Now let's get this straight. Solana was a member of the Mitchell
Commission, whose findings Israel alone adopted and since then has suffered
over 700 terror attacks. Yet Solana tells the Arabs that the US role had
harmed their peaceful interests. That means that Mitchell, the US mediator,
was harmful but not Solana, who worked hand in hand with Mitchell to write
his commission's report.
     Either Solana is a double-dealing, back-stabbing cretin or he's
playing the role demanded of him, which is to make it appear that the EU
and US have not coordinated Middle East policy. We can already conclude
that if Mitchell demanded that Israel adopt a one-way cease-fire which lets
the PLO murder with impunity, so did the EU."***

"Palestinians now want to see the EU play a greater role in mediation in
the conflict with Israel. This would be beneficial for everyone.
The overbearing and partisan role of the United States has done much to
exacerbate the situation. Palestinians cannot get a just deal because the
mediator is so clearly and avowedly biased.
"The EU has always propagated a balanced approach to the conflict and
insisted on the implementation of UN Resolution 242 and 338. It has also
called for a freeze in settlements.
"A more direct role would enable the EU to flex its political muscle and
grow out of the shadows of the US. It would instill greater balance in
diplomacy and perhaps provide the opening that everyone has been searching
for," the paper said.

***And now we see how Solana has pulled the wool over the Arabs' eyes. He
has convinced them that the EU's policy towards Israel is more unbiased
than America's, and that it would press harder for Israel's demise. By
leaving this impression, Solana also does some wool-pulling over Israeli
eyes. Clearly, they must reason, America is a much better friend of Israel
than the EU... the same America which prepared and endorsed the Mitchell
Commission report, of which, Solana was an active contributor.
     Now let's have a look what Solana told the Syrians:***

Al-Assad confers with Solana, Syrian patriarchs
Syria-European Union, Politics, 5/22/2001 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
on Monday in Damascus's al-Shaab palace received the European Union's
foreign policy and Security Council chairman Javier Solana and members of
the accompanying delegation.

The meeting was attended by the foreign minister Farouk al- Shara. Talks
dealt with the conditions in the occupied Arab territories and the
practices of genocide conducted by Israel against the Palestinians.

The president stressed the importance of the ME peace progress in terms of
maintaining clear- cut criteria according to provisions of the
International legitimacy resolutions and the Madrid's terms of reference
with a view to achieving a just and comprehensive peace.

AL-Assad also noted the effective role of the EU has to play in the peace

An agreement was concluded on continuing contacts between Syria and the EU.

In a statement to SANA following his meeting with President al-Assad,
Solana described the talks as very positive and constructive.

***Solana has just attended a meeting with the Syrian president and foreign
minister and the topic is Israel's ongoing genocide against the
Palestinians. Does he vigorously reply that the only genocide being
discussed in the region is the Arabs' plans for Israel? Does he condemn the
PLO's serial murder of innocents? Nope, he views what was discussed as

He said that his talks with President al-Assad covered the situation in the
region and relations between the EU and Syria.

He added:" I am very pleased and wish to go back to Damascus to complete my

He continued:" We, in the European Union, are trying our best to stop the
cycle of violence and to create the conditions that allow the resumption of
constructive negotiations." Solana, who is on a Middle East tour of five
countries and the Palestinian territories, added that he had:" good and
productive" talks with President al-Assad, which also covered negotiations
on an association agreement between Syria and the EU.

"I had a very good meeting with the President.. I think I have a very good
picture about the thinking of Syria about the situation in the region."

***Look what Solana offered Syria; an associate membership in the EU, with
all the monetary benefits that go along with joining the club. Now why
would the EU welcome Syria as a junior partner? For its future
contributions to the well-being of the European continent? To spread its
fine human rights record to the world? And why would Syria agree unless the
EU and Solana made some very concrete proposals concerning Israel? Now what
could they include?"***

It was also on Monday, the president received at the Damascus al-Shaab
Palace Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox,
Patriarch Zakka Iwaz I, the patriarch of Antoich and all the east for
Syrian Orthodox, Higher President of the Syriac Church in the World,
Patriarch Isador Bateikha, the deputy patriarch for the Greek- Catholics.

The patriarchs expressed their "high appreciation for the President's wise
leadership, his national attitudes and his efforts for activating Arab
solidarity in confrontation of the current challenges."

***Could it be Solana made a promise to get the Jews out of the Old City of
Jerusalem and Assad just couldn't wait to tell the good news to his
Christian patriarchs?
     At this very moment, some 200 European troops from a Ukrainian
division, are learning the lay of the land in Jerusalem. They have been
spotted roaming the Old City by several of my correspondents. Israel's
perfidious leader Sharon is supposedly opposing the presence of EU troops
while knowing they are already wandering his land. He would prefer inviting
a contingent of CIA monitors, we are told, as if they won't be coordinating
their murderous plots against Israel with the soldiers of the EU.
     Last week, the settlers were set up but good. A former Kach leader,
Noam Federman, had three bombs planted in his car by radical elements of
the General Security Services (Shabak). A lie was spread that he had
planned to use them against Arabs. He wisely blamed the Shabak for the
setup, but that didn't stop the Shabak from continuing their plan. Next,
three Arabs, including an infant, were shot dead on a road near Hebron and
The Committee For Road Safety took responsibility. This same group was run
by the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv in the early 1990s, which the
Shabak obviously forgot when they tried blaming Kach for the murders.
     Everything is in place: the EU troops are coming, the CIA is on the
way in bigger and more deadly numbers to "stop the violence" by removing
the "violent" settlers from their homes, starting with Hebron and ending,
for a spell, in Jerusalem.
     However, there is a fly in the ointment, a spanner in the works, that
could put an end to these best laid plans of mice, and that is the Rabin
murder. As a result of President Katzav's early release of Margalit Har
Shefi, there has a been a spirited revival of Rabin truth and demands for
it. Here are two radio reports sent to me by correspondents:

"Yesterday, the Radio interviewed Yitzchak Rabin's grandson regarding
the release of Margalit Har Shefi. The grandson revealed that Leah
Rabin had her doubts and questions about the assassination of Yitzchak
but was afraid to open pandora's box."

"Today, 18.7.01, on the Jojo Aboutbul evening radio talk show, an
Israeli journalist from Bet El went live on the line to praise
President Katzav for pardoning Har Shefi. He went on to disclose that,
according to a cabinet protocol released shortly after the Rabin
murder but immediately banned from further publication, a very senior
cabinet minister suggested during a cabinet meeting that 'we must
stage a political assassination' in order to further the Oslo process.
The journalist said the cabinet meeting protocols were available for a
day or two, then strictly banned by government and GSS decrees and
failed to reach the mass media. Nevertheless, he's got a copy of it.
He went on to say that the public did not get a chance to demand a
REAL investigation into the Rabin murder and unfortunately the real
murderer is still at large.
At this point Juju forcefully cut him off, in mid broadcast."

    Now, of course, we know that cabinet minister was Shimon Peres, the
same fellow who smilingly
hugged Solana earlier today. And if the Rabin assassination truth emerges,
he will fall hard, as
will the coterie of "peacemakers" who have brought Israel to the precipice
of extinction. And look
who demanded that the truth come out! Recall July 24, because on this day,
after nearly six years of cowardly silence, the Jerusalem Post finally
displayed integrity. The concluding paragraphs of its main editorial read:

     "The fact remains that the killing of Rabin continues to haunt Israeli
society, as the ruckus over the Har Shefi pardon made all too apparent.
There are still too many questions that remain open, such as the role of
GSS agent-provocateur Avishai Raviv, for the wounds on the national psyche
to have healed properly and fully. Indeed, Raviv is suspected of far more
grievous crimes than Har Shefi, yet he still has not been brought to trial.
     "The Raviv case could very well answer many of the lingering
uncertainties surrounding the assassination regarding who knew what and
when they knew it. If Israeli society is to truly succeed in uniting, it
will have to come to terms with the divisions engendered by that horrific
act, and the only way to do so is to start by removing whatever question
marks still remain. Let us hope that such clarity will be achieved promptly
and unequivocally."

      For the first time since the Rabin assassination, we all applaud the
Jerusalem Post...all except Solana, Peres, Gillon and company.


President Katzav has pardoned Margalit Har Shefi and is receiving
endless accolades from her supporters, praising him for his wisdom and
goodness. When will they learn that there is no goodness left in Israeli
politics, just stinky deals?
     Katzav has never had an original thought in his life, nor has he once
acted upon his own initiative. Har Shefi's pardon was part of a program to
make certain that the Shabak inciter Avishai Raviv never has his day in court.
     The first signs that such a plan exists were revealed two weeks ago
when charges of incitement against three Eyal members were dropped. They
were accused of participating in a filmed initiation ceremony, broadcast
over the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Channel One television station. Of
course, the inflammatory ceremony was organized by Raviv himself and
stage-directed by Channel One's Shabak director Eitan Oren. Now, thought
the authorities, we wouldn't want those nasty facts emerging from a trial,
so let's get rid of this problematic exercise in legal malpractice. And
since the charges were dropped against the Eyal boys, well, we'll just drop
the same charge against Avishai Raviv.
     That left just one charge against Raviv; failure to prevent the
assassination of the prime minister, why the very same crime Har Shefi was
convicted of. And if she gets a pardon, well so will Raviv, even before his
trial begins.
     Now how do we know this was the deal? Because Katzav as good as told
us. He explained he reached his pardon decision after consulting with Carmi
Gillon and Edna Arbel. Now why, oh why, would they want Margalit Har Shefi
pardoned? Could it be because Arbel, as state prosecutor, dropped numerous
police complaints against Raviv and prevented Eitan Oren from standing
trial for directing the infamous Eyal initiation ceremony? (for full
details, look at the chapter called Gagging On The Protocols from my book,
The Last Days Of Israel). And could it be, because Gillon was Raviv's
ultimate superior officer and his role in the incitements leading to and
including the Rabin murder would inevitably be exposed in a fair trial of
Avishai Raviv? Could it also be because Rabin's real murderer, the Shabak
bodyguard Yoram Rubin, has to be protected at all costs.
      Recall a similar episode. In 1974, a soldier, Rachel Heller, was
murdered by her boyfriend, a Shabak officer named Aharon Bichovsky. To
protect their man, the Shabak had State Attorney General Meir Shamgar sent
an innocent dupe, Amos Baranes, to prison for life. As public awareness of
the injustice spread, Supreme Court Judge, Haim Cohen, begged Baranes,
literally on his knees, to accept a presidential pardon and be released.
      Baranes refused because one can only be pardoned for a crime actually
committed. He would not go through life a convicted criminal. He chose
prison over letting the state get away with murder. Margalit Har Shefi was
just as innocent as Baranes and if she had a fraction of his integrity she
would have turned down Katzav's phoney pardon.
      But she didn't and watch the consequences; Raviv will be pardoned as
well even before he steps into the courtroom.


But since stinky deals are a way of life in Israel, let's take the
opportunity to look at a few more:

1. Covering Up The Enemy's Crimes

      Yippee doo. The source of the ammonia poisoning in the Gush Dan water
supply last week has been solved. The water authority Mekorot found an
ammonia leak at a filtration station in Bet Netofa in the Jezreel Valley.
       A hydrology student wrote: "That means the ammonia-polluted water
flowed 80 kilometers undetected before entering the Gush Dan network...like
that could happen."
       A nature-loving shepherd was murdered by the PLO and our government
told us he was shot dead. Why didn't they want the public to know the
truth, as explained by another writer:

           "It was told to me this evening that the government version of
the murder of Yair
Har Sinai being shot by automatic fire from a distance was a fabrication.
The fact as reported to me by an army officer is that he was surprised and
caught by a number of assailants and tortured before death. His body was
cut from the area of the navel up towards the throat, his innards being
removed as well as other mutilations. It was the opinion of the officer
that he suffered greatly before his unfortunate death which was ended with
a bullet in the head at close range."

2. Trojan Horses

     Last month Pal. leader Faysel Al-Husseini was murdered in Kuwait by
his own CIA-trained bodyguards. The motive reported by Arab sources was a
power struggle between him and PLO Security chief Jibril Rajoub for the
takeover of power when Arafat goes to the great casbah in Hell.
     However, a much better motive has emerged. Husseini started blabbing
about the real purpose of the Oslo Accord: to plant a totally corrupt
Arafat within Israel's gates, like a Trojan Horse, then destroy the country
in stages. To say the very least, this was a non-no on several counts and
the penalty had to be a quick murder.
      Here is a sample of Husseini's ego getting him killed:

On his way to Kuwait, where he later died of a heart
attack, PLO senior
Faysal Al-Husseini gave what turned out to be his last
interview to the
Egyptian (Nasserite) daily, ´Al-Arabi´.

"Had the U.S. and Israel not realized, before Oslo, that
all that was left of
the Palestinian National movement and the Pan-Arab
movement was a
wooden horse called Arafat or the PLO, they would never
have opened
their fortified gates and let it inside their walls."
"Despite the fact that we entered these walls in order
to build, unlike the
Greeks who entered in order to destroy, I now tell you
all, all those to
whom I spoke in a secret meeting during the days of
Oslo: ´Climb into the
horse and don´t question what type of material the horse
is made of. Climb
into the horse, and we shall transform your climbing
into that horse into a
beginning of a building era rather than an era of the
end of hope."´

"And indeed, there are those who climbed unto the horse
and are [now]
inside [the PA territory] whether they supported the
Oslo Accords or not."

     The PLO are hardly the only Trojan Horse in Israel. Thanks, initially
to the Debka File (debka.com), the world learned that Saudi Arabia is
calling America's shots in the Middle East. Subsequent reports sent to this
address insist that the Saudi Foreign Minister is threatening the Bush
family oil interests if Israel's disintegration isn't speeded up.
     The Trojan Horse planted in Israel by Bush is the new American
ambassador, Daniel Kurtzer. He is being painted by the media as an orthodox
Jew, with a son studying Torah in Mevasseret Zion, who, of course, could
mean no harm to his own people.
     Well look who controls Daniel Kurtzer! Look at the company he
keeps!  Why, it's the notorious Henry Seigman, who was exposed by Maariv
reporter Yoav Yitzhak for taking, what amounts to, a $200,000 bribe from
the EU to run a smear campaign against Israel. And look where they like to
meet; why at CFR headquarters:


Ad Hoc Meeting
December 18, 1997, New York, NY "The State of U.S.-Egyptian
Relations"Speaker: Daniel Kurtzer U.S. Department of State
Presider: Henry Siegman Senior Fellow and Director, U.S./Middle East
Project Ad hoc meetings on the Middle EastOther Meetings in this Series:

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3. The Media - And if you're wondering why you've heard of none of these
stinky deals, maybe it's because the mainstream media isn't telling you.
Here's a little example of why, sent by Toronto journalist Marshall Shapiro:

"It has come to my attention that Ms. Wafa Amr, senior editor at CNN and
senior writer at Reuters, is an officer of the Palestinian Authority
security forces. Wafa's husband, the head of Arafat's Voice of Palestine
PBC radio station, also plays an essential role in the security forces
of the Palestinian National Authority."

      For those who believe that President Katzav's pardon of Margalit Har
Shefi was a unilateral act of decency which deserves high praise, think
again. It was just another stinky deal which the Israeli public will soon
pay for many times over.



Why Should The Israeli Public Listen
To What Joel Skousen Has To Say?
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 19:46:06 +0200
From: Joel Bainerman <isratech@netvision.net.il>
I am arranging a visit to Israel of Joel Skousen, a conservative
columnist and political analyst from the US. Mr. Skousen is not Jewish
however is a stalwart supporter of Israel. What is different about Joel
Skousen than all the other political commentators and Middle East analysts
is his frame of reference. He claims the Oslo peace agreements were
concocted by the State Department and the elite group, The Council on
Foreign Relations (CFR), and that these two unelected entities aim to
weaken Israel militarily and strip the Jewish state of its national
sovereignty. As an expert on the mechanisms behind the State Department's
treacherous dealings with Israel and other nations for the past 50 years,
Mr. Skousen has a unique message to relay to the Israeli public that could
help Israelis better understand the forces of work that are against it in
the world and how to combat these nefarious elements... Joel Skousen is
coming to Israel to explain to us just how horrible our situation is, who
is responsible for this nightmare, and how the Israeli public can battle
these devious forces... More information is available on his website at
<http://www.joelskousen.com> [edited. AZ. More details, from Joel Bainerman
Joel Skousen will be visiting Israel from September 5th-15th. If your
group, organization, synagogue, or yeshiva would like to arrange a lecture
to hear his important message, please be back in touch with me. He is not
charging any lecture fees for his talks and is financing the entire cost of
his trip to Israel as part of his deep commitment to Israel and its
continued survival.
Yoel Bainerman, Zichron Yaacov, Israel 30900, Tel: 04-639.6673, Mobile:
052-867.113, Email: isratech@netvision.net.il

Two sites well worth visiting:


My book THE LAST DAYS OF ISRAEL is available through www.amazon.com,
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and just so you know...

The foreign troops are coming, which was the goal of Oslo to begin with. At
Genoa, today, Bush agreed to bring the UN-NATO troops to Israel. Tomorrow
he meets the pope to sanctify the end of Israel's hegemony. Tonight three
Arabs were murdered by "Jews," which is short for "Shabak." The troops, we
will be told, will protect both sides from violent murder. The New World
Order arrives in Israel and very soon. Barry Chamish

From Arutz-Sheva IsraelNationalNews.com- July 18, 2001

Margalit Har-Shefi Receives Pardon

"Better late than never." So said Dov Har-Shefi today, only minutes after being informed that President Moshe Katzav had signed a pardon for his daughter, Margalit Har-Shefi. Margalit is serving a nine-month prison sentence for "not preventing" the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin. She has claimed all along that though the assassin Yigal Amir had told her that he wanted to kill Rabin, she informed him that if he appeared to her to be serious about this, she would report him to the police (see for details). Many judicial experts expressed their strong objections to the conviction and sentence for judging her thoughts in a crime of omission

Margalit's father told Arutz-7 today that the pardon is scheduled to take effect on August 10, 23 days from now, but that he hopes that she may be able to be released earlier: "She may have some vacation days in reserve, and the like, and we are hoping that these can be taken into account. I would like to give a big Yasher Koach (kudos) to the President; as they say, 'better late than never,' and we are very grateful to him." Speaking later with Arutz-7's Yosef Zalmanson, Mr. Har-Shefi wished to express another special thanks: "I am very thankful to the Arutz-7 public, which was very active in sending letters, faxes, and e-mails to President Moshe Katzav and Justice Minister Meir Shetreet... Every drop helped, and we are happy to finally know that she will be home no later than about three weeks from now..."

President Katzav noted in his decision that Margalit did not have a hand in facilitating or planning the murder, and that she has in fact expressed her strong condemnation of it. He also noted her young age, the fact that there is no religious wing in the women's prison, and the fact that she had suffered in many ways throughout the long five-year period preceding the sentencing. The President said that he had consulted with various judicial elements, noting that State Attorney Edna Arbel and former GSS heads Ami Ayalon and Carmi Gillon had supported the decision to pardon Har-Shefi. Justice Minister Meir Shetreet said afterwards that though he disagrees with the decision, he can understand it: "It is not an unreasonable decision, considering the fact that much more dangerous criminals receive the same 1/3 off for good behavior, and her behavior was perfect." Left-wing politicians such as Rabin's daughter Deputy Defense Minister Dalia Rabin-Pilosof, Knesset Justice Committee Chairman Ophir Pines, and Meretz leader Yossi Sarid strongly criticized the pardon.

July 13, 2001 - PRACTICAL IDEAS

"Okay, I believe you but what can I do?"
"Even if you're right, there's nothing we can do to change things."
"Fine, you identified the problem, what's the solution?"

Yes, there are ways. With lots of flair and imagination, we CAN change things.

1. A Law To Revoke - In November, 1993, the Rabin government passed a law
retroactively legalizing meetings between Israelis and members of the PLO.
Until then, such meetings were illegal treason. The law saved the likes of
Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Ron Pundak, Yair Hirschfeld and Uri Savir from
prison for illegally meeting the PLO.
     Let's revoke it. From a jurisdictive point of view, we have all the
high cards. Numerous legalists have explained that there is no precedent
for a retroactive law protecting criminals from high crime. One can no more
retroactively legalize treason than murder or rape.
     Many, many people have tried to have the Oslo Accord repealed because
the PLO have broken its clauses thousands of times. But getting rid of an
internationally sanctioned treaty is not simple. Rescinding the retroactive
meeting law is, legalistically speaking, a snap. It is an unbelievably
non-binding piece of legislation. A few good arguments to the Supreme Court
could do the trick.
     And imagine the fine results after: No one, not Sharon, not Peres
could meet any PLO leader until a new law was passed. And we'll fight that
one as well. And best of all, the Oslo criminals could finally be prosecuted.
     So where are a gutsy attorney or two?

2. Get the CIA - Now that the Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer
has acknowledged that the CIA trained the PLO death squads, with agreement
from Shimon Peres; and now that a wide range of "experts" have acknowledged
that the CIA trained numerous PLO "policemen" in the fine arts of advanced
snipery and sundry deadly operations, let's get the CIA and hard.
     Why says the American taxpayer would have agreed to foot the bill for
the PLO's training in sophisticated murder techniques? Who says the CIA had
any legal right to train these squads, which have murdered over 100 Jews
and maimed five times that number, even with the permission of Peres?
     Investigate George Tenet's direct role in the mass murder of Israeli
citizens. Prosecute him if he overstepped ANY law.
     And while you're at it, you may as well expose the further training of
the PLO at Lackland Airforce Base in Texas. My sources assure me, the
"policemen" are there right now taking courses in the slaughter of innocents.
     American lawyers, where are you?

3. No Place To Hide Anymore For Yoram Rubin - Yes, the State Prosecutor
found a trick to drop one of the two charges against Avishai Raviv. Yes,
the ploy is to delay his trial until the statute of limitations for
indictment on new charges passes. So let's open a new front. Rabin's last
bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, testifying to the Shamgar Commission, lied that
Yigal Amir shot a bullet in his arm while he was protecting the prime
minister. We have his clinical report; he got caught in his lie. Rubin
testified at Amir's trial that Rabin jumped head-first into his car. We
have the "amateur" murder film; he lied again. Rubin was the one who
murdered Rabin but there's no point going for the home run ball. Let's get
him on deep perjury. It's like shooting a fish in a barrel.
     So far, Rubin has evaded scrutiny. He DID have a most unlikely car
accident two years ago that almost killed him but that's internal Shabak
diplomacy. Now it's time to have Rubin stand trial for perjury and let's
see where it leads. I'll provide all the official records anyone could ever
need to prove the charge.
     He must be made to know, he will not escape his crimes. Journalists,
researchers, truthseekers, lawyers and the interested public, here is how
to reach him. Yoram Rubin's work number is 09 8611122; fax: 8625831. His
work address is the cellar of Herzl 53, Netanya.

4. Gillon's Huge Mistake - It took a lot of e-mailing, but it worked. Carmi
Gillon's role in the Rabin murder made front page headlines in Denmark's
largest circulation newspaper this past Thursday. Simply, I exploited an
opening. Gillon's appointment as the Israeli ambassador to Denmark is
causing a huge ruckus in that country. Now, of course, Danes will be Danes
and the issue is his rough treatment of Arabs while head of the Shabak.
     Now that the Danes are in the mist of Gillonmania, let's spread the
word about who Gillon REALLY is. Go to your favorite search engine and seek
lists of influential Danes in all fields; journalism, academia, government,
diplomacy, then copy and paste your version, the real version, of who the
Danes now have as their Israeli ambassador. With enough letters floating
around the country, even the
princes of modern humanity in Denmark, will get the message. If the Rabin
truth can't be exposed in Israel, well then, let's go through the back door
of Denmark.
     Here is what I sent out. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder for your
own messages to the Danish people.


     The coverup of the Rabin assassination reached new and even uglier
heights of deceit in yesterday's (April 14) Israeli newspaper media. Both
Yediot Ahronot and Haaretz published long interviews in their weekend
magazines with former General Security Services (Shabak) legal affairs
director Shabtai Ziv. My, what a coincidence, two papers, same obscure
character. And just a few days before Yediot Ahronot, as was emblazoned on
its front page headline, would publish two chapters of former Shabak chief
Carmi Gillon's new book on the Rabin assassination in its Passover magazine.
    You can just feel the terror in Shabak headquarters as the fumbling
high officers mapped out a full media blitz to quash the widespread and
accurate perception that Gillon was one of the conspirators behind Rabin's
murder. In fact, Ziv admits that the current Shabak chief Ami Ayalon did
not try to prevent the trial of Yigal Amir's partner in provocation and
crime Avishai Raviv, because, "He was tired of hearing about the conspiracy
     What is so useful in these media coverups, are the facts that don't
get cleaned out of the final copy. Ziv told Haaretz, as he did Yediot
Ahronot that, "I can state that all the activities of a judicial character
in connection with Raviv were done in consultation and full transparency
vis-a-vis the state attorney and her department. A number of discussions
were held about him in which we gave the Justice Ministry all the
information we possessed about offences he committed..."
     This isn't new, I made the same claims in my book Who Murdered Yitzhak
Rabin. But then, I wasn't the head of the Shabak's legal affairs
department. Ziv's remarkable admission means former Justice Minister David
Libai and former State Attorney General Dorit Beinish and her staff were
apprised of Raviv's crimes and provocations and approved their
continuation. This justifies indictments against them all as active
accessories in innumerable crimes. Yet how does one issue indictments
against the people who issue indictments?
      And Ziv, as was clearly requested by his authorities, went out of his
way to compliment Carmi Gillon: "He is a humane and sympathetic gentleman,"
he insisted.
Well no, actually he's a bit off here. Gillon is a brutish and cruel
gorilla. He is also an inveterate liar which is why I am presenting a truer
picture of him than his own book will. Gillon will claim that the Rabin
assassination was a series of blunders and he felt so bad about it, he
offered to resign the next day. He will paint a picture of a murderous
anti-peace community that had to be infiltrated by the likes of Raviv to
protect Israel's glorious democracy. He may even claim, as he once did,
that he never even met Avishai Raviv. So before anyone has a chance to
believe this liar, permit me to paint a truer picture of the monster.

How He Became Shabak Chief

     In 1990 Gillon wrote an MA thesis at Haifa University on the dangers
the Israeli Right present to the nation. More than a few people have
insisted the thesis was written for him, just as post assassination
newspaper analyses on peace clearly were. At the time, he was head of the
Shabak's Jewish Department and he was utilizing Avishai Raviv to infiltrate
various borderline groups such as Kach and the Temple Mount Faithful.
     However, someone very powerful had bigger plans for him and after the
Hebron massacre of February 1994, Gillon became Shabak chief. Of course, in
a fair world that would have been impossible since, as Jewish Department
head, he had supposedly failed miserably to prevent the massacre. In fact,
he had succeeded but this is not the place to explain how Dr. Baruch
Goldstein was set up to take the blame for bloodshed planned by others.
     The one sticking point was Rabin, who opposed Gillon's appointment
vehemently. So, Gillon had Avishai Raviv organize a protest against his
home in Mevasseret Tzion to place him in contention and Rabin agreed to his
appointment only if then-Shabak head Yaacov Perry supervised his tenure, an
unheard of procedure. Rabin admitted that Gillon's lack of experience
dealing with Arab terrorism made him unfit for the post but he gave in
"because of cabinet pressure." Which in the cabinet of the day, meant that
Shimon Peres supported Gillon. Today Gillon is the chairman of the Shimon
Peres Institute For Peace. All in all, while head of the Shabak, Gillon was
a Peres plant.
      Now let us look at Gillon's activities and his central role in the
Rabin murder according to Israeli experts. We begin with Adir Zik writing
in Hatsofe:

"Carmi Gillon was the direct handler of Avishai Raviv for an extended
period. It was he who turned Raviv into the biggest provocateur in Israel's
"Even while Gillon's deputies directed Raviv, Gillon was in direct contact
with him. He ordered him to marry a Russian born settler as a cover for his
"Gillon ordered Raviv to undertake a long series of violent crimes against
Jews and Arabs in Hebron, Jerusalem, and at Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan
"Gillon ordered Raviv to make violent attacks on Knesset Members Tamar
Guzonsky and Shulamit Aloni on behalf of the Shabak front organization, Eyal.
"Gillon's hatred of the Right led him to utilize the services of a Shabak
plant in the Israel Broadcasting Authority named Eitan Oren, to film and
televise a series of phoney reports whose goal was to humiliate the
residents of Judea and Samaria...
"Gillon ordered Raviv to print a photomontage of Rabin in a Gestapo uniform
and display it a huge anti-government rally. Rabin called Gillon to his
office and demanded an explanation. Gillon told Rabin not to worry, Raviv
was under his authority.
"Immediately after Rabin's murder, Raviv told police investigators that he
had heard Amir threaten Rabin's life four or five times. Raviv had to have
informed his superiors, including Gillon about Amir's intentions and they
had to have deliberately ignored the warnings."
"Amir shot blank bullets at Rabin and Gillon's Shabak underling, Rabin's
bodyguard Yoram Rubin, actually murdered Rabin."

Gillon's Uncanny Predictions

     On August 24, 1995, barely two months before Rabin's murder, Gillon
told a group of journalists that Rabin's life was in danger from an
assassin. He described this theoretical murderer: "He doesn't have to be a
settler, he could be a dark-skinned Sephardic student, studying at Bar Ilan
University and living in Herzlia."
     What powers of precognition hath the prophet Gillon! Why Amir also was
a Sephardic Bar Ilan student who lived in Herzlia! Ophir Shalakh of Maariv
was but one of many of the attending journalists who noted, "The profile
Carmi Gillon presented precisely described Yigal Amir."
      And who can forget Gillon's classic reaction when informed of the
murder by phone while he was in Paris (Yediot Ahronot, 24/9/95): "It was a
Jew." However did he know?

What Was Gillon Doing In Paris On The Assassination Night?????

     Gillon's Shabak underlings were widely quoted claiming to have queried
Gillon why he was flying to Paris two days before the most
security-sensitive rally in the country's history. He refused to answer but
did order his deputies not to change even one detail of his procedures for
the rally.
      In previous articles I have traced the tracks of the Rabin
assassination to Paris. The goal of the murder was to place the French
puppet Shimon Peres in power. And Gillon was there pitching in. He was
later rewarded for his connivance and silence, when in 1999, Peres
appointed Gillon, at a huge salary, to chair his peace institute.

Trying The Wrong Man

    Mati Golan wrote in Globes (11/12/97): "Carmi Gillon is opposing the
indictment of Avishai Raviv because it would reveal Shabak operating
procedure. Perhaps he is right, Raviv shouldn't be on trial, his superiors
should be."
    However, the State Attorney General did finally indict Raviv on two
minor charges in 1999. When he announced the indictment, he added a strange
addendum: "We found no justification for indicting his superior, Carmi
    While the government protected Gillon, a good portion of the Israeli
people are convinced he was a   leader in the plot to murder Yitzhak Rabin.


My book THE LAST DAYS OF ISRAEL is available through www.amazon.com,
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The Tel Aviv region's water supply is poisoned with ammonia. At the
height of the panic, the national water inspector tells Channel Two evening
news that he is not ruling out sabotage. An hour later, a security guard
working at the National Water Carrier's pumping station south of Modiin is
murdered and his weapon stolen. The murder is not seen as worthy of note by
the Israeli media. A story is disseminated that agricultural runoff somehow
entered a small pipe whose one direction flow valve failed. And that
somehow tainted the water supply of two million people.
     Lies, lies and more lies.
     Two months ago, the families of the three soldiers kidnapped by
Hizbullah are at Ben Gurion Airport on the way to meet UN big chief Kofi
Annan. Coincidentally, so am I. I tell them, don't believe a word from
Annan. On a 40 km. road, your sons were kidnapped outside a UN outpost by
terrorists wearing UN uniforms and driving a UN vehicle. This was a UN
operation, probably coordinated with Syria.  A few of the family members
have read Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin and listen closely. They vow to
investigate further. In New York they tell the media the UN was responsible
for the kidnappings. This week a film emerges proving it.
      For the past 25 years. Shimon Peres has written and stated that he
had a personal talk with Yoni Netanyahu before he flew off to lead the
Entebbe rescue. At the anniversary celebration this week, another officer
says that Peres was lying. Peres admits he was "mistaken" and never
actually spoke to Yoni Netanyahu.
      More bald-faced lies from Peres and the Israeli media drops the issue
like a hot falafel... Just like they never followed up on an expose by
Hebron leader David Wilder published on the Arutz Sheva website.

"Please, listen to this carefully, because otherwise you will not believe
what you hear.
The date is Friday, July 14, 1995 several months before the assassination
of then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Rabin's Foreign Minister was none
other than the present Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres.
     "I was in the middle of writing an article when I heard an interview
on Kol Yisrael radio with Rabbi Nahum Rabinovitch, from Ma'ale Adumim.
Rabbi Rabinovitch had spoken to a reporter who interviewed Peres a short
time before. The reporter asked Peres, 'Aren't your worried about what will
happen to the 'settlers' in Judea and Samaria after the army pulls out?'
Peres' answer was, and I quote from that 1995 article 'I have no problem
with what will happen in Yesha. We will withdraw the army and then let's
see what happens. They (the Jews) will either run away immediately, or the
Arabs will massacre some, and then we'll see what happens.'
     "You are undoubtedly asking yourselves, "what did he say?"
      "So, I repeat, and again, please listen carefully. Shimon Peres: 'I
have no problem with what will happen in Yesha. We will withdraw the army
and then let's see what happens. They (the Jews) will either run away
immediately, or the Arabs will massacre some, and then we'll see what happens.'
That was Foreign minister Shimon Peres of 1995.

       This time, Peres did not lie. That is an oddity as you'll see if you
visit  www.afsi.org/shimon.htm

       Nothing makes sense about the Dolphinarium explosion, which killed
23 young revellers in a line outside a disco. Israel blamed Hamas or
Islamic Jihad for the bomb yet neither accepted responsibility or had
filmed the bomber before his mission, as is always their modus operandi.
Disinformation spreads throughout Israel that the bomber was sent by Osama
bin Laden. His original target was the American Embassy but it was too
heavily guarded. So he set his sights on the disco instead.
       Now why would the bomber want to explode his device outside a
completely deserted embassy on a Friday night? Why would he choose an
alternative target half a mile away, when the most crowded cafes were a few
steps away from the embassy? The bomber is a Jordanian residing in Israel
on a government visa. He would have been under heavy Shabak surveillance.
Now look at this detail, not surprisingly, unreported in the Israeli media:

      From the Sunday Times of London:

                          *    *  *

Disco bomber used Israeli mole as driver
Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv

A PALESTINIAN with links to Israeli intelligence unwittingly acted as a
driver for the suicide bomber responsible for the devastating explosion
that killed 22 people outside a Tel Aviv discotheque, it was claimed last

A senior Palestinian intelligence official told The Sunday Times that the
driver, Mahmoud Dahshat Rashid Al-Nadi, who made his living ferrying
Palestinians from the West Bank to Israel, was an informant for Israeli
police intelligence.

Al-Nadi, who is in his twenties, was arrested on June 2, the day after he
allegedly dropped off the bomber in front of the entrance of the Dolphi
disco on the city's seafront.

Brigadier-General Tawfik Tirawi, the head of the Palestinian General
Intelligence in the West Bank, said Al-Nadi did not appear to have been
aware of his passenger's deadly mission until it was too late.

Israeli authorities have not announced Al-Nadi's arrest - apparently out of
embarrassment at the close links they enjoyed with a man who allegedly
facilitated the worst suicide bombing in five years.

Al-Nadi was believed still to be in custody last week, although it was not
clear if he had been charged. The militant Islamic group Hamas claimed
responsibility for the blast.

"The man is under arrest," said Brigadier-General Ron Kitri, the chief
Israeli army spokesman, "but he is not a Shin Bet [Israeli secret service]

Tirawi claimed that Al-Nadi, who lives in the West Bank town of Qalqilia,
had been working with Israeli police intelligence since 1999, giving them
information about Palestinian activities in the area. In so doing, he said,
he was following the example of several other members of his family
suspected for decades of links with the Israeli security services.

In return, he had been given a special pass enabling him to travel back and
forth between the West Bank and Israel. He also possessed an Israeli
identity card.

                  *    *  *

     So what has our government been telling us about The Dolphinarium
blast? Lies, nothing, lies, nothing and more lies. Yesterday, twenty family
members of the victims of the Versailles Wedding Hall collapse
demonstrated. They want to know why the government is refusing to
investigate the disaster. They are getting increasingly frustrated by the
government's policy of lies, nothing, lies and nothing but lies.

                  *    *  *

   For the past five years, various people have told me that Jewish
worshippers in the Cave of the Patriarchs heard Dr. Baruch Goldstein
banging on the door begging someone to open it. Either because they
couldn't or wouldn't, no one opened the door. Instead they heard
Goldstein's screams as he was, we were told, bludgeoned to death.
   The government would not allow an autopsy to be performed on Dr.
Goldstein's body, even when his wife requested it. This week I found out why.
    An informant gave me the phone number of Itzhak Dov Reinitz of the
Jerusalem burial society which organized Dr. Goldstein's funeral. He added,
he also knows about the Rabin bodyguard who was buried on the night of the
    Of the bodyguard, Reinitz told me, "I have no personal information. I
just know that on the day after the assassination there was talk throughout
the burial society of a bodyguard buried the night before...But Goldstein
was something I'll never forget. His body came in a bag in tiny pieces. He
was decapitated, his limbs were torn off, his body was butchered inside and
    I asked what is needed to decapitate a body. He replied that a sharp
heavy instrument like an ax or butcher's knife was used. Now what was an ax
doing inside the mosque where worshippers must pass through military
inspectors and metal detectors?
    The government's Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry Into The Hebron Massacre
concluded that Goldstein was bludgeoned to death by iron bars, strangely,
handed out by someone who found them in a storage closet. Lies, Lies, Lies,
Lies and more Lies, Lies, Lies. I spoke to the man who prepared what was
left of Goldstein's body for burial. Dr. Goldstein was axed and butchered
to death. And the government must be lying because under honest
circumstances, axes and butcher knives would never have entered the mosque.
    Another informant, whose information has not been verified, knows the
true circumstances of the murder of Military Intelligence/Shabak Colonel
Yehuda Edri last month. She insists he did not die on the spot as we were
told, but perished in hospital a few days later. And apparently, the
reports of his bodyguard being severely wounded were highly exaggerated.
       Since this is early information, I won't vouch for it. However,
based on the previous verified facts, the official reports of Edri's death
will turn out to be lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies, then
some added lies and lies. Because, while our besieged nation is being set
up for its fall by death squads, bombers, sabotage and poison, our
government has been forced to remain passive, cover up the enemy's crimes
and lie to its people.
       Watch Sharon lately. He can't stop smiling while he lies.


Two sites to look at   http://www.geocities.com/freemasongoal    Take it
seriously. Tmima Levin's father, Thomas Rutherford, was the Sovereign
Grandmaster of world freemasonry from 1952-58 and his daughter, now living
in Israel, is an eye-witness to secret crimes on a planet-wide scale.

And for those who ask, the complete list of CFR members circa 1997 is found
at  http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/2807/CFR97list.html

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One by one, the information being sent out by this writer in the past
month is being validated. And it is now abundantly clear that the
information received from two renegade Shabak agents relayed worldwide in
the article called, They're Talking, was mostly, right on the money.
       Let's begin with the claim that the CIA, PLO and Shabak are running
death squads aimed at removing Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria and
Gaza. Confirmation came from Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer.



copyright (c) 2001 by the
Root & Branch Information Services
Root & Branch Association, Ltd.

YERUSHALIYIM, D.C. (David's Capital), Yom Rishon (Day One -- "Sunday"), 10
Tammuz, 5761 (Gregorian Date:  July 1, 2001) (Hijri Date:  9 Rabi Thani,
1422), Root & Branch:  Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer
acknowledged today that the United States Central Intelligence Agency
(C.I.A.) trained P.L.O. death squads in the United States with the approval
of the Barak Government and Mr. Shimon Peres, currently Foreign Minister in
the Sharon Government and formerly Minister of Regional Cooperation in the
Barak Government.

Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer made his remarks during a press conference
today at the Inbal Hotel (formerly the Laromme Hotel) in Jerusalem,
organized by the Foreign Press Association in Israel (F.P.A.).

Mr. Ben-Eliezer was responding to a question posed by F.P.A. member Mr.
Aryeh Gallin of the Root & Branch Information Services.

Mr. Ben-Eliezer did not deny that any of the alleged facts cited in Mr.
Gallin's question were true.

Mr. Ben-Eliezer simply said that the then Israeli Government thought the
C.I.A. trained P.L.O. death squads would 'behave themselves'.


"While Netanyahu was prime minister, C.I.A. Chief John Deutsch appointed
George Tenet to serve as C.I.A. liaison between Israel and the P.L.O.

While Barak was prime minister, then Regional Cooperation Minister Shimon
Peres agreed to Tenet's request that the P.L.O. send 40 quote unquote
"policemen" for advanced C.I.A. sniper, marksmanship and advanced weapons
training in Virginia.

Mr. Defense Minister, are not those C.I.A. trained P.L.O. squads the very
ones today inflicting such terrible casualties on so-called Arab
collaborators, the I.D.F., and Jews in Gilo and especially in Judea,
Samaria and Gaza?

And, Mr. Defense Minister, why was the C.I.A. request to train these P.L.O.
squads routed through and approved by a Regional Cooperation Minister, Mr.
Shimon Peres?"


'It's an easy question. We thought that they would behave themselves'.

*The Root & Branch Information Services will publish the verbatim text of
Mr. Ben-Eliezer's answer later today.


     Then there was the suggestion that the Versailles Ballroom collapse
was sabotage. Two days ago the government announced that it would not
investigate the disaster. The asinine compromise was a general commission
of inquiry to investigate local building practices. YES, the government IS
covering up Versailles.
     Now speaking of Versailles, we hop over to the claim that Shimon Peres
was in France two weeks before the Rabin murder promising the French the
total capitulation of Israel to Europe in return for approving the
assassination of Rabin. Amnon Lord, writing in Makor Rishon last week,
reported that Peres gave a speech at the Versailles Palace in Paris, to a
gathering of Technion professors and academics, about two weeks before the
murder, during which he shocked the assembled by not mentioning Israel even
     Finally, Peres is placed in France just when I said he was there
plotting Rabin's death.
     The recently reported CFR plan to promote Knesset speaker Avraham Burg
as the next Labor leader received a boost when the party's front runner,
Shlomo Ben Ami, announced his decision to drop out of the upcoming race,
thus leaving the way clear for the Burg takeover. To get a taste of what's
coming, a faithful Toronto correspondent sent an article in which Burg
insists that the Temple Mount is located elsewhere, so there is no need to
object to PLO sovereignty over the present site.
     Another informant reminded me of a frightening fact that I knew but
had refused to report because it is just too conspiratorial. Twenty minutes
before the bridge collapsed at the previous Maccabiah Games, causing dozens
of casualties to the Australian contingent, a Shabak Jeep drove over the
same bridge and a film of the event was shown on Israel television news. I
had long considered the possibility that the bridge, like the Versailles
Ballroom, was collapsed as part of an overall demoralization plan, in this
case alienating Israel from the Diaspora, but desisted from saying so lest
it neutralize, by going too far, proven cases of murderous intrigue. The
correspondent added that another dreadful Maccabiah incident at the games
this month could be in the offing.
     There I said it, and frankly I don't care about the consequences
because the New World Order plot against Israel is entering its final
phase. The Israeli people no longer feel they have an army nor a
government. They live day by day waiting for the next murder and wondering
if they will be a victim of the next massacre wherever it takes place. And
if they do die a grisly death, they know our government will not avenge it
and the criminals of the international media will justify it.
     And a few people woke up when they saw former Serb leader Milosevic
extradited in shackles to Holland. They put the pieces together, starting
with the BBC's Panorama program questioning whether Ariel Sharon should be
tried as a war criminal, and continuing with his possible indictment in a
Belgian court. It became clear that Sharon is under threat that if he
doesn't cooperate in the disintegration of Israel, the next Israeli cabinet
will be confronted with the nation's quick destruction if he isn't manacled
and shipped for trial to Europe. And now, after his performance with Arafat
at last week's gathering of the Socialist International in Portugal, even
Israel's far left are questioning the total lack of human morality within
Shimon Peres and wondering if he didn't set Sharon up for this upcoming
European humiliation.
     Feeling there is nothing left to lose anymore, that Peres and the
Shabak must be stopped and now, allow me to present the most devastating
crime ever committed in Israel, Peres's likely participation and
confirmation of still another Shabak murder.
     The agents quoted in, They're Talking, claimed the former head of the
Prison Services' Medical Department, Yaacov Ziegelboim was murdered by the
Shabak just before he was planning to report the torture of Rabbi Uzi
Meshulum. Today his son, Eddie Ziegelboim contacted me and in a long
conversation, confirmed everything.
      Paralleling the Shabak's covert war against all opponents of the Oslo
Accord, was an equally vicious battle against Rabbi Uzi Meshulum. In the
early years of the state, at least 4500, mostly Yemenite, infants were
kidnapped from immigrant transit camps, nurseries and hospitals. Two new
Hebrew books have thoroughly documented the fact that these kidnappings
took place. It is commonly believed that the infants were sold for
adoption, but Rabbi Meshulum, as I will shortly explain, reached a
different conclusion.
      Rabbi Meshulum's congregation lead the fight to have the kidnappings
exposed and the kidnappers tried. In the summer of 1994, his headquarters
in Yehud (the same city where two car bombs went off today) was attacked by
hundreds of army, police and Shabak snipers. They sprayed Meshulum's home
with dozen's of bullets in an attempt to murder him and his family but in
the end the sole victim was an eighteen year old congregant of the rabbi.
     Rabbi Meshulum was imprisoned and subjected to cruel medical
techniques aimed at destroying his will and his memory. He was released
from prison two years ago with almost a total memory loss. Those who saw
him at his son's wedding last month were shocked: he was in such pain he
couldn't even sit in his wheelchair. He lay prone throughout the ceremony.
     Not long after Rabin's murder, the head physician of the prison
Medical Services, Yaacov Ziegelboium, was blown to bits in his car. The
police and media blamed Meshulum's followers for the murder, claiming they
thought he was behind the rabbi's atrocious medical treatment. I was
reliably informed the Shabak carried out the hit...but who gave them the order?
     Eddie Ziegelboim called me this morning.

EZ - I'm sorry I called so early but it's urgent. It's about the
information you published from the Shabak agents.

BC - What about it?

EZ - I'm Yaacov Ziegelboim's son.

BC - Oh my. I hope you approve of what I did.

EZ - That's why I'm calling. I know the Shabak murdered him and I
want  justice done...My father was honest and he was stubborn. He came from
Russia thirty years ago and accomplished as much as any immigrant of the
time. It was he who had the most modern prison medical facility built. He
cared about his patients and had nothing to do with Rabbi Meshulum's
treatment. In fact, he told me, he was the only person in the prison
services the rabbi would speak to.

BC - Did he tell you anything else?

EZ - Hardly anything but his personality was changing by the end of his
life. He was complaining about the dirty politics he had to confront and
asked why he was being dragged into it. Just before he died he bought a
book called Only The Paranoid Survive, which was out of character for him
and told his wife, my stepmother, that she may not see him again. He was
obviously frightened but it wasn't like him to show it openly... He was
murdered two weeks before he was going to report Rabbi Meshulum's treatment
to a government committee. He was preparing his presentation the day his
car was bombed. But there's something else about the timing you should
know. The night before, there was the biggest protest rally over the
Yemenite children ever. The movement was gaining big ground. By murdering
my father and blaming it on Meshulum's followers, the Shabak killed two
birds with one stone.

BC - And you're positive Meshulum's people couldn't have done the deed?

EZ - Do you know how professional this operation was? It wasn't just that
the bomb was planted so no one saw it, the explosion occurred right after
he dropped his children off. It was radio activated and there were spotters
timing it. Not only that, the force of the explosion was perfectly
calibrated to blow him to death but no bystanders. Rabbi Meshulum's people
were shlemiels, they could barely get the microphones set up at rallies.
They didn't have the expertise to pull it off and supposedly a hundred
policemen were assigned to the case and they couldn't find the bomber.
There should have been no problem finding him if he really was one of the
rabbi's followers. I tried getting information from the policemen. They
were told to hush up everything and you could hear the fear in their voices.

BC - Did your father keep a diary? Maybe his secretary has his notes?

EZ - My father kept a diary and it was confiscated. So was his computer.
The police to this day won't return them. The secretary is too terrified to
talk. I tried to reason with her, however it didn't help. But do you know
who did try to get to the truth, the Police Minister Avigdor Kahalani. He
told the media to quit blaming the Meshulum people. It was obvious they
didn't have the means to organize the murder. And he was ruined after that.
He was accused of corruption and was only cleared of the phoney charges
last month. Anyone who touches my father's murder is in serious trouble. No
newspaper will investigate. Even the Russian papers I approached wouldn't
go near it. They all know it was a Shabak hit, just like Rabin, and they
won't even lift a phone to get to the bottom of the crime...just like Rabin.

BC - Why do you think Rabbi Meshulum was being maltreated in the first place?

EZ - I remember what my father told me. He said, politics wasn't supposed
to be part of my job. Rabbi Meshulum was threatening a political figure
powerful enough to have the army put him down and have my father murdered.

     I think I know who the figure is because Rabbi Meshulum told me who he
is. I was the last journalist to visit Rabbi Meshulum in prison. After my
early revelations about the Rabin murder made national news, he asked his
wife to contact me. She requested that I meet him and I agreed. On a hot
summer morning, I walked through a maze of corridors in Sharon Prison and
had a powerful discussion with the rabbi. He was still strong then and had
a vise-like handshake. He turned his tape machine on high so no one would
record our conversation with ease and blasted Haredi music.
      What he told me was utterly terrifying and I have refrained from
reporting the conversation in depth. However, a year later a Jerusalem
rabbi, David Savilia confirmed his most awful claims to me. Nonetheless,
even now, with my country being set up for ruin, I will qualify the
following charges: this is what he told me and I can't prove it and can't
stand by it. That said, our establishment mentally and physically wrecked
Rabbi Meshulum and there had to be one heck of a good reason.
      He got straight to the point and said he suspected his movement's
spokesperson, one Ora Shifris, of being a Shabak plant and asked me to take
over from her. I agreed but she would have nothing to do with the change
and prevented it forcefully. He then displayed a fine understanding of
world politics and a universally controlled media. He didn't know it but he
was describing the New World Order.
      I asked him the one question I had prepared: If you have the
information, why don't you reunite all the biological children with their
parents already?
      He pulled closer to me and whispered, "Because most of the children
aren't alive. I'm waiting for their parents to die before I release the truth."
      I still don't know why he chose me, but he saw something in me and
related the following ghastly history.
      "Back in the late 40s, the Americans still didn't understand the
effects of atomic radiation. They were conducting radiation experiments on
retarded children and mostly, black prisoners in the American South. But
the experiments were exposed and ended. The Americans needed guinea pigs
for their experiments and at the same time, Israel was determined to build
a nuclear reactor and ultimately bombs. The French knew how to build a
reactor but only the Americans had the secrets of bomb building. We traded
Yemenite babies to be experimental lab rats for those secrets.
     "The man at the top of the nuclear program was Shimon Peres. He got
the French to put up the reactor at Dimona and he is my number one culprit
in the kidnappings. He is a monster and he's after me. He's after all of us."

     That's all I can write for a while. There is only so much evil I can take.