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May 12 - Pete's interview on "Revelation Ready" with Dan Duval, discussing the identity of the Antichrist as put forward in his book The Second Coming of the Antichrist. This interview focuses on the many ways in which the Antichrist is the "dark reflection" of Jesus Christ through their type/anti-type relationship.


February 10 - Pete's interview on "The Sharpening" with Josh Peck, discussing the New Exodus. Jesus is the prophet like Moses, leading God's chosen people out of the wilderness of Babylon and into the promised land of the New Jerusalem. From Deuteronomy 30 to Isaiah 40-55, to Revelation 17-22.

Listen to Pete with Dan Duval (2 hrs)

with Steve Coerper (1 hr)

with Radio Preacher Man (1 hr - starts at 63-minute mark)

with Steve Eastman of "Faith Issues" online magazine (30 min.)

Tim Bence with Rob Skiba of the Revolutionary Radio Project ( Part One - 2 hrs)
Part Two (2+ hrs)


The Iron Show with John McMahon:

Look for Pete on Iron Show 7 and Iron Show 10

and also...

   Peter and Lori Goodgame

Iron Show 28
 Peter and Lori Goodgame

John McMahon says:

"Kick back and listen deep to part one of the new 3 - hour session with Peter Goodgame and his wife, Lori Goodgame!! 

Peter Goodgame along with his wife Lori take us on a journey from Peter becoming a world famous Anti-Christ researcher, end times scholar, author of Red Moon Rising, The Giza Discovery and founder of the sixth seal model and Red Moon model to becoming a spirit-filled faith healer, healing people in Jesus name.
Listen while Lori Goodgame tells her side of the epic journey.  You wont want to miss this IRON SHOW!!
So download or listen right here in your browser.  Kick back and listen deep to Peter and Lori Goodgame!"

This  IRON SHOW was recorded at the IRON SHOW STUDIOS.

Download the show

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